VitaminShoppe Complete Body Cleansing System-7 Days?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Complete Body Cleansing System-7 Days?.

My next question is: Heyup chaps,.

I am going to do my second cycle ... last one was couple of years ago now and looking to do the same one but my ex mrs !! threw all my paperwork etc etc out so want to double check I have it right or if anyone has any advise,.

Gonna do.

1ml sus & 1ml dec once a week for 12 weeks.

Winny oral for last 6 weeks at 50mg daily.

PCT of Comid & nolva which will be day 1 at 200mg Clomid + 40mg Nolva.

10days 50mg clomid + 20mg Nolva.

10 days 25mg clomid + 10mg nolva.

Will start this 3 weeks after last shot os sus/deca.

I remember I used to add .5ml of sterile seasame oil to the shots to ease the after pain as I suffered quite alot but if really honest am guessin at .5ml but sure that was what it was..

Would appreciate any advise on quantities esp the pct & winny as was a long time ago now but have very good results back then ..


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Your question was: VitaminShoppe Complete Body Cleansing System-7 Days?.

First off how is your gear dosed, mg/ml??.

Assuming it's 250mg/ml sus and 200mg/ml deca, only 1ml of each per week (250mg of sus & 200mg deca) are pretty low doses.

People usually run 500mg of test and 400mg of deca, so I would shoot 1ml of each on monday and thursday as follows. (sus should be shot every 3 days at the very least but am sure twice a week will be alright, anyone??).

Wks 1-12 sus 250mgx2.

Wks 1-10 deca 200mgx2.

Pct should start two weeks after last shot of sus, not sure where people are getting three. Your pct should run for four weeks;.

Wks 15-18 Nolva 40/40/20/20.

Wks 15-18 Clomid 50/50/25/25.

Also, as your running deca I would throw in some hcg last two weeks of your cycle and two weeks prior to pct, no more than 500iu per week. Dont see any harm in adding some oil, heard some people use cotton seed oil..

Good luck...

Comment #1

Thanks pal for the advise, yeah was gonna do 1ml of sus & deca once a week, do you think that is too little then ? what are anyones thoughts on the winny dosage I have down..

Thanks for your help...

Comment #2

Hey Mr D have a look at the mg per ml on the deca it could be that you have either 100mg per ml 200 mg per ml or possibly 300mg per ml so you can see there is quite a difference between 200 mg per wek and 600mg per week!..

Comment #3

Ayup Chris,.

Thanks for the reply... I have only just got my gear as dint want to do it over xmas, the sus is 250 & the Deca is 300mg... so not sure if I should do 2 shots of sus a week i.e. tues & sat but 1 of deca as 600mg a week of deca sounds alot to me considerring I was only planning to do just 1ml once a week but reading alot of the forums the guys tend to take 500mg of sus..

Any advise would be welcome.

Also can you advise on which pins to use & maybe the best source to get them from.

Many Thanks..

Comment #4

I use green pin to draw and blue to deliver and unfortunatley or fotunatly I work in a hospital so pins is not an issue for me.

I have however used my local needle exchange for pins and barrels in the past and have found these guys to be very helpfull..

In terms of gear imo sounds fine but every body is individual.

Dont forget your PCT.

For myself I have to run tamoxifen through my whole cycles as very prone to gyno..

Any more questions I wiil try to answer to the best of my ability..

Comment #5

Thanks mate,.

Yeah I sorted the pins thanks. got my pct sorted too, gonna run nolvadex & clomid..

Am just not sure now whether to just to do one injection a week of 1ml sus250 & 1ml deca 300 or to do 2 injections a week of the sus & one of the deca ?

What do you think as is 600mg of deca a bit much as I know 500 sus is ok..

Cheers for your help pal..

Comment #6

Imo I would do 2ml sust 500mg and 1.5 ml decca 450 mg.

That is assuming that the decca is in a vial not an amp..

Comment #7

Ayup mate,.

Yeah think I will do that, my gear in a vial so doin .5ml isnt a problem. I appreciate your help mate as dont want to stick too much in and suffer as know a few guys that just done stupid amounts ... in this case more is not always best..

Thanks alot..

Comment #8

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