How late can I eat the last packet of Medifast?

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I eat 5 packets everyday. When I first started Medifast I would only eat 4 packets - less calories = more weight loss mentality! The more I read, the more I realized, I needed to eat 5 packets a day to "supersize" the weightloss. So I have been religiously opening and consuming 5 packets of Medifast for the last month and a half and of course I have stalled - that's ok, I am in this for the long run.

I need to learn the hows and the whys? What I am finding is that I am not hungry and have to remind myself to eat all my packets at the end of the day.

What I am most curious about; does it really matter how late I eat that last packet? Does it matter what time my L&G is consumed? How late that last drink of water goes down?.

Because of my stalled, I am looking at other reasons why, so soon in my weight loss journey..

I eat 5&1. No added anything, log all my food, weigh EVERYTHING! I drink about 112 oz of water a, DOES IT REALLY MATTER?.

Thanks for the input!..

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Yes it matters.

My trick for fitting in that afternoon meal which I really would forget on some days, is to mix a cold drink in 32 ounces of water (my water bottle that I fill multiple times a day). And sip that as my water intake and my meal. Sometimes I mix it with a Momentum lemonade and fill it while I am eating lunch, drink a few ounces at 1, 2 and finish it around that 3 hour mark. It works for me on days I know I won't get a chance to sit...

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Hi! They say it doesn't matter what time of day you eat. As long as you get all 5 in, and your L&G. I try to stop drinking my water at about 6 pm or so... so I'm not up all night with a full bladder.

You didn't mention exercise or how long you've been on the plan. I'll bet that your tape measure is changing, even if the scale isn't!..

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Eat every two to three hours. Late hour eating doesn't matter. If you do the plan correctly, you lose weight. The exceptions involve health conditions like thyroid problems. Call Nutrition Support if you want some one on one qualified support...

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Oops sorry-.

I meant to finish yes it matters.. that you get it in..

Doesn't matter late or if you have your L&G for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Spacing things out helps your metabolism in the long run. Use this now, because more is coming your way. Same goes for water, your body is saying, I can use this, because I know it is coming on a regular basis...

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The most important thing is to make sure you eat all of your meals. The plan is balanced to give you enough protein and carbs to keep your body from going into starvation mode, shen it starts to vurn fewer calories. You need protein to burn and of course the correct number of carbs keeps you in ketosis, so you burn fat. Water also helps keep your metabolism up..

You should add exercise slowly so your body gets used to the increased activity..

These "stalls" are usually followed by a good loss, so get ready!! And don't get discouraged - this program will work for you if you work with it!..

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MsDeb -This my second attempt at MF. I have been 50 days today 100% OP. I exercise 30-45 mins a day 3 sometimes four days a week. I move more today, then I have in over 20 years and it feels refreshing. As for my tape measure. NO such luck! Oh except that my engagement ring can move with ease -LOL It really is a stall! I guess when they say - where did you lose the weight? I can confidently say ... MY BIG TOE or MY RING FINGER! **Giggle**..

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