What are GNC substitutes for Medifast food?

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I debated where to put this thread but I thought Medifast verterans may be able to provide the best advice and guidance. I leave in a week for a 6 week work trip overseas. I was reading the customs information and discovered that you can only bring in ~10lbs and ~75 USD equivalent worth of processed food into the country without applying for an import permit. I have not yet researched that option and do not know if the limited time before I leave (or cost) will be an issue to get it done and if it will even be approved. I will begin researching that option shortly..

I would like to stay on the 5&1 and worst case 4&2 plan during this time. Also the 4&2 on non work days if I am wind up with hours of walking/sight-seeing. I know Medifast support recommends 3 L&G when food has run out, but I know I would not stay OP doing that..

Assuming I don't apply for the import permit or I do and it gets denied, being 100% on Medifast is not possible with the above restrictions. Dollar wise that means about 35 meals in total whch would last 1 week only on the 5&1..

From past travel here, I know there is a GNC, and I can only assume it contains the same products as in the US. My thought it to bring as much Medifast as I can and then substitue the rest with equivalent GNC products (I know no product will be a 100% match) and continue on the 5&1 or 4&2. Is this a good plan of action to take? Do you recommend something else to try during this time?..

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Hmmmmm. I have no idea about GNC equivalents. Maybe someone will come along who does. I know some EAS products are similar. GNC may carry those. What about having someone (or yourself) ship you a box? Would that work???? You know like you won it on Ebay and they ship internationally?.

Or you could do a 4&2 plan. Call Nutrisystem and ask them for the exact numbers you would use..

I hope the trip goes well and you figure something out! And lose weight while gone!..

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Thanks for trying to help and for the encouragement. 4&2 plan will only help me for about 1.5 weeks of the 6 weeks! Based on the allowed $ amount to bring in, I would be able to bring at most 1 meal a day and most likely not even that much. Not ideal at all..

Shipping a box would still require customs, using an importer, permit and more time to get to me. I have started to research this and it is seeming quite a daunting task in research alone. But I'm not going to give up. I've come to far to fall back or attempt to keep the weight I am, I want to continue the weight loss during this timeframe..

I have also discovered that the GNC does not carry (at least on the website) the same products as in the US which is disappointing. I did find a shake that would be as equivalent as I probably could find (EAS Myoplex Original Chocolate) but 1 EAS shake would equal 2 Medifast meals (and still be a bit higher in calories). It did have 27 vitamins/minerals so I think that would be good too. Doing this I could attempt to do 2 EAS shakes (e.g. 4 Medifast equivalents) + 1 Medifast meal I bring with me a day. I do 2 shakes a day now.

Any other thoughts?..

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You will have to be very careful of the products that you use as replacements (If you can't get things worked out with the Medifast food). Read labels carefully and try to find things that are equivalent to Medifast in calorie, carbs and nutrition. Something else you ba consider exploring is that if you can get a prescription from a physician, you may be able to take what you need. I would call the airport and ask them if the reules apply to prescribed weight loss food. Just a thought. Don't know if it will work or not, but I have heard of the liquids rule being overlooked for the RTD shakes because the traveller provided a prescription from her doctor...

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The EAS Carb control Advantage shakes are only about 110 calories and 2 to 4 grams of carb,,,the Myloflex ones are higher. See if you can find the carb control ones somewhere over there. Otherwise, take some products, as many as you can, and eat more like the phase 1 and 2 of maintenance. At least that way you can maintain, and not gain any back. Hope you can figure something that will work for you!..

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Thanks for the ideas. I will have to research the physician's note idea! As for EAS it is the one's that are 280 cal, 24 g carbs, 42 g protein, 3 g fat, 10 g fiber + 27 vitamins/minerals. Not a perfect match and would be 2 meals based on carbs, protein, fat, a little high in calories but better than anything else I've found online and better than giving up! I really want to do my best to stay on plan. I originally thought my only concern would be L&G and I was not even too concerned about that as I have done that many times at restaurants already. This is a whole new ball game that I'm not ready for mentally...

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Wow, what a struggle. I wish you luck. Sorry I don't have a clue how to help!..

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Lean Body shakes might be better than these. Way fewer carbs. and taste about 100 times better as well. Hope the physicians note will work for you. What a headache!..

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I would say get Medifast to ship your next box with a month supply to the hotel or location you will be staying at. Then just take two weeks worth. Or even have Medifast ship all of your meals for that time to you location. Be sure to do it a couple of weeks in advance(or however long they say it will take) and also to inform the hotel...

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