How much Murad Acne Complex am I supposed to take?

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Its day 95 on 40mg now and I'm feeling massively low. My lips are crazy dry and they constantly hurt. I've tried just about everything and I'm pretty must ready to throw the towel in. I'm fed up having such an offensive pout and feeling ugly. I went through years of hiding away having acne and now it's finally clear, I'm still hiding because now I look like the joker with a horrible burn like reddness around my mouth. How much more of this am I meant to take? Any helpful suggestions grately appreciated.

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Carmex worked for me. and I'm on day 66after like 2 days of usuing it my lips r good again. n they were so chapped I thought I was gonna lose em.

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I love carmex ts so yummy, but it doesn't seem to be working for me *sob*. It seems to be worse around the edge of my lips, they look like they're burnt it's horrible and so sore. At night I've been slapping on germolene and it seems to have stopped them splitting in the night but during the day it's agony. Rah I hate this stuff sometimes..

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Could half your dosage to 20mg, and then double the length of it I use dermalogica hydrating booster - and then aquaphor.When I was on 40 it really annoyed me too haha - I used to peel my lips off with tweezers! eww.

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It sounds sick and wrong but so do I!! I spend so much chuffing time in the morning practically marinating in moisturiser and layering on the lipbalm throughout the day but by lunchtime (if I'm lucky) big massive sections on my mouth are literally peeling off a the sides it's sick and I hate having to talk to people looking so freakish right now!I've only just been upped to 40mg in the last 3weeks so really don't want to go back down to 20mg again and I dragged out that doseage long enough! (3 months) and I want this stuff over with!! I don't want to scare anyone as the results have been fabulous. But thsi cracking mouth malarky is making me feel like a massive freak.

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I use Kiehl's #1 lipbalm. I always use it even before I was put on tane. I'm half way through my third month by the way. At night I use Aquaphor and I put a real thick layer. My lips seem to be fine but I just can't live without lipbalm..

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Try CortiBalm. It was made by a derm specifically for Murad Acne Complex users. works wonders in like a day. you can order it online, and there are a few drug stores that carry it.

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Try Lucas Pawpaw ointment. Its GREAT. I had really dry lips too and couldnt even smile cos it would make me bleed but after about using the ointment twice, my lips look as though nothing ever happened!It comes in a red tube and you apply it with your fingers and massage it in. It doesnt feel like it works in the beginning but after a while it keeps and heals lips! but you'll have to keep applying it once in a while each day.

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If you have cracking and bleeding in the corners of your mouth go to your derm and be checked out for an infection. If you do have an infection that can prevent proper healing and keep the lips cracking and bleeding. Treatment will help. Still, call your derm and ask what you can do.Don't use anything with hydrocortisone in it on a daily basis, not even Cortibalm. Carmex has irritating ingredients in it. Apply Aquaphor every five minutes if you have to..

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Hey angelina,Have you tried vaseline? I plough that on during the day I it has helped me massively. I am 4 and a half months in to 60mg a day and my lips were exactly the same as youself. They felt like they were on fire, corners were cracking etc. Vaseline helped just keep them in control and helped sooth em. I think the green tub of vaseline has aloe vera in it. Good luck to youDanny.

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Hey thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I went to my derm as I was feeling so low. She's given me a mild steroid ointment for my lips which really has helped. Its only for a week though and I've cut down to 20mg for one week then 20mg one day 40mg the next for another week or so to try and get my mouth healed again. I know this stuff isn't meant to be easy but I didn't quite realise how bad I'd be feeling physically and mentally. I'm stressed out, tired and fed up of this crap now. Acne free but still feeling like a monster..

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I'm using Burt's Bees, still a little cracking, but I don't hurt and they aren't glowing red..

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