Veggie dip ideas for Medifast?

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I love veggies! Sometimes I like to split up my veggie intake... I'll have a small mid-afternoon veggie snack, then have the rest of my veggies at lunch. But let's face it, plain ol' raw brocolli is pretty boring. Does anyone have any dip ideas using our healthy fats?..

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I use homemade salsa for a veggie dip. Totally on plan, and there's nothing to keep you from adding olive oil if you need a healthy fat...

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How about something like this:.

2 tablespoons low fat cream cheese (2 healthy fats, so choose your lean from the leanest category).

2 teaspoons low fat sour cream (2 condiments).

1/2 tsp garlic minced (1/2 condiment).

1 teaspoon minced bell pepper.

1/4 teaspoon onion powder (1/2 condiment).

Black pepper to taste.

Let the cream cheese soften until you can mix it, then combine everything and chill...

Comment #2

Ooo, Raven, that sounds yummy! I will make that this weekend! Can we substitute Neufatchel (wow, probably totally butchered the spelling of that) in place of the low-fat cream cheese? I think it has lower carbs...

Comment #3

I believe Neufchatel is basically the same as RF cream cheese. I know I've used both when baking...

Comment #4

I asked nutrition support about cream cheese.

1 tbs low fat creamcheese =1 condiment.

1 tbs regular crean cheese =1 fat.

Dip sounds great..

Another idea is to get flavored low fat cream chees, safeway has agreat chive whipped cream cheese that is 6 grams fat for 2 tbs, Nutrisystem said 1 tbs =1 condiment.

1 tbs goes a long way!..

Comment #5

I am pretty boring, wal mart has a light buttermilk ranch that fits into the requirements for a fat. That's what I use..

Comment #6

I have found a KILLER Ranch dip that I use if I am JUST doing veggies and dip for my L&G. For the record I'm awful at math so I don't try to divide out my leans. I make up a whole batch and eat 1/2 at lunch, 1/2 at dinner..

1pckt of dry ranch dressing mix (i use hidden valley).

However much cottage cheese equals desired lean portion..

Mix them both in a magic bullet blender with the FLAT blade. It makes the dip as creamy as if you bought it in the store. I took it to the beach last weekend...and my chip eating/beer drinking friends were GRUBBING out on it...

Comment #7

I love the Hidden Valley mix. I will have to try this. I like to have veggies for lunch in the summer. Thanks for sharing...

Comment #8

I use Galeo's Miso Sesame salad dressing as a Veggie dip. Yum!..

Comment #9

These great ideas should go up into the google Medifast database!..

Comment #10

That cottage cheese and ranch mix sounds great!! I am going to try that one! I suppose you could add a Tbls or two to thin it out and make dressing (?). I really don't like the low-fat or low-carb bottled dressings, so I am always on the lookout for ones I can make at home..

Thanks for the recipe, Groovey!!..

Comment #11

I tried this. I didn't blend it long enough to get it really creamy, but I do like the flavor. Next time I will try it in the blender (instead of Magic Bullet) or I will need to thin it...

Comment #12

I use my homemade tofu salad dressing (usually without the water) if I need veggie dip. I usually use something like an Indian spice blend or Mediterranean blend instead of ranch, because I use ranch for my regular salads. The ranch dressing recipe is below, but you can sub other things for the ranch mix, like...mustard, other dressing or spice mixes (i.e. curry powder), fresh herbs, roasted red peppers...I just don't recommend balsamic vinegar. The taste is great, but grey dip is just so sad.


Sample recipe:.

Ranch Sauce.

1 pkg (16oz) lite silken tofu.

1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix.

Approx 1/2 water or other non-calorie liquid (to the consistency you like).

Nutrition (from

-Serving size 2 Tbsp.

Total cal 15, Total Fat 0g (no sat fat), Total Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 142mg, Total Carb 1g (Fiber 0g, Sugar 0g), Total Protein 2g..

Comment #13

Sad isn't the word. Grey food is just pitiful! Try white balsamic vinegar. Every bit as tasty, but not color. It's made from white grapes rather than red, so it is a little bit more mild, but still good...

Comment #14

There's always a Louisiana type hot sauce, orange is better than red, plenty of vinegar, and bonus pop of a little heat.....

Comment #15

There were members talking about roasting their veggies (broccoli and g.beans). While I was trying the recipe, I munched on the uncooked broccoli and it was great! Just toss with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. It's fantastic..

Comment #16

Thanks for all your suggestions! I tried the cottage cheese thing and it was pretty good. I have gotten pretty creative with it and so far my favorite is to add jalapeno and garlic. I use it as a dip or to top fish. To turn it into a salad dressing, I think it out with a bit of skim milk...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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