Medifast recipe for Vanilla Pudding?

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Does anyone have any good vanilla pudding recipes. The stuff makes me gag..

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I have this SF Apple drink powder (kinda like crystal light) that I got at walmart. I sprinkle 1/2 of one of the single serving packs and a ton of cinnamon. It tasted like a cross between applesauce and apple pie a la mode...

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Hey that sounds interesting. is that powder the apple cider powder? because I have that..

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Remember all the holiday recipes last year using the Medifast Vanilla Pudding? Yum!!! I'll post some of my favorites:.

BT's Egg Custard.

1-vanilla or banana pudding.

1- egg white.

1 pkt Splenda French Vanilla Flavor Blends (or 1 pkt Splenda and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract).

1/2 c. water.

Mix all of the above with a hand mixer until well blended and nuke for 1 min at 50% power and stir the cooked "custard" a bit. (like slightly folding).

Then another 60 sec or until the "custard" is "set", stirring every 10 seconds..

Sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg and refrigerate for 15 minutes..

The possibilities of adding different flavorings are endless!..

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BT's Christmas Cookies.

1-Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal.

1-vanilla pudding.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

2 pkts Splenda.

Mix the above in a bowl and it you really want a real sugar cookie texture, place the dry ingredients in a Magic Bullet or grinder until it is a fine grind texture..

In measuring cup add.

Scant 1/4 cup water.

1 tsp vanilla extract.

1/2 tsp imitation butter extract.

1/4 tsp almond extract.

1/4 tsp coconut extract.

2 TBSP SF Cookie Dough syrup (SF vanilla is also good).

Mix wet into dry ingredients and then scoop dough onto plastic wrap and roll into a.

Long tube , like the refrigerated cookie dough..

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes and unwrap dough and slice..

Bake at 350 on Pam sprayed cookie sheet for 6-8 minutes..

You don't want them overdone..

Remove from sheet and cool.

They can be frozen or refrigerated before or after baking..

Want a more holiday feel, add a couple of red and/or green food coloring drops unto the dough and barely fold it in so you get a "swirl" in your cookie..

How many cookies does this make?.

Depends on how many slices you get. Simply divide the number by the 2 Medifast meals to get the accurate serving number..

For example, I got 14 slices or 7 cookies per serving this morning..

I made them smaller because it takes longer to slowly and mindfully eat more cookies...

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Omgosh that sounds so good!! i'm making that tomorrow...

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Cheese cake! am I cheating? by EllenKay.

Ok guys prepare yourself because this is yummy. So I ordered the new vanilla pudding and it's just ok by itself so I was thinking what I could do make it yummy and I remembered my brother who doesnt eat sugar came up with cheese cake recipe using sugar free vanilla pudding and non fat cream cheese... so here is what I came up with....

(I knew I was going to like it so a made a large amount but you can cut it in half to try)2 pkg Medifast vanilla pudding1/3 pkg of FF cream cheese ( 2.7 oz/1.35 oz per meal) OR half a brick of FF cream cheese and counted 2oz per meal1/4 cup lemon juice OR BettinaVs suggestion to make it more legal: one True Lemon packet3 pkg SplendaBlend it all together with electric mixers so it's nice and creamy with no lumps. Usually it would be 2 Medifast meals but I think I only ate maybe a fourth of it. I spooned some in a bowl and added 1 tbsp of sugar free cool whip (about 1 carb) and crushed like 3 cinnamon soy crisps over top for my "crust." I might be cheating a tad but I think it's ok as long as I dont eat it everyday and log all the extras. It didnt push me over my carb or calorie limit yesterday so I dont feel guilty.

BT2006 added: Ellen's recipe is for two meals. I went and divided the recipe and logged the pudding as one Medifast meal and an oz of cream cheese as part of my lean...

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OrangeBlood's Peanut Butter Cookies.

1 pk Medifast maple brown sugar oatmeal.

1 pk Medifast vanilla pudding.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

2 pks Splenda.

1 tbsp Davinci sf peanut butter syrup.

1 capful vanilla extract.

1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter.

Good sprinkle of cinnamon.

Mix wet/dry ingredients separately, then combine to make a VERY thick. Roll into 6 balls and flatten. Bake 12 min at 350.

Counts as 2 Medifast meals and 1 snack...

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Forgot to add inChrysalis Medifast Mini Cinnamon Rolls!.

I am sure there are more and hopefully others will post their ideas too.

The Medifast vanilla pudding, while bland by itself, is great in a lot of recipes and can be flavored different ways using various SF Syrups, extracts, or flavor drops. Also, you can top the prepared vanilla pudding with a drizzle of SF Syrup such as chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, or whatever you like!..

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Vanillia Ice Cream.

1 pckt of van pudding..

1/2 cup of water.

1 cup of ice.

1 oz of FF cream cheese.

1 splenda pack.

1/2 tsp of almond extract.

Blend well in the magic bullet.

Taste just like soft serve ice cream..

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I like mine blended with tons of ice and marshmellow flavor drops and some scraped in vanilla bean. Tastes exactly like soft serve vanilla bean ice cream. I love it...

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I still eat my egg custard and cookies made with vanilla pudding!.

But, I've got to try the cinnamon rolls and dbbthreads soft serve ice cream!!!.

Those look awesome!!!!..

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Wow!!! I just had this for breakfast this morning...YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!.

Thanks so much for the recipe ..


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Another way to use the vanilla pudding is to add 1 tablespoon of SF instant pudding and 3/4 cup of water instead of 1/2 cup. Depending on what flavor you like, I have used pistachio, lemon, and cheesecake which are all good and increase the volume of the final amount. Of course put it in the refrig to set up. You can use up to 2 tablespoons of instant pudding which is counted as a snack...

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I forgot to add that a package of SF instant pudding has 4 tablespoons of mixture in it...

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Um, 2T of PB2 added into the prepared pudding. All I have to say. YUM...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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