Vacation No Car. New Girl

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Last night I was at a restaraunt and I I met this girl that is a hostess there. I got her number and we seemed to click. The problem is I dont know anything about this city I'm in, and I dont have a car. Im embarrased to ask her drive but I dont think I have choice. I also dont know what the hell to do. Should I let her make the decision on where to go.

All I have is her name and her number..

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Your question was: Vacation No Car. New Girl.

Pick up a newspaper, see if there's a town website with an events calendar - if you are going to ask her out, have a plan in mind. For a first date, I don't see anything wrong with meeting up at the location. She can driver herself, you can use public transportation..

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Would it be wrong for me to ask her to pick me up? Meeting there just seems immature/ juvenile to me...

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I don't think it would be *wrong*, but maybe give her the option.No offense to you, or any other man, but I personally wouldn't feel comfortable getting into a car with a man I don't know, or letting one into my car - particularly with the Kelsey Smith case so fresh - I think something like that puts women on edge..

The problem with winter sports is that follow me closely here they generally take place in winter.- Dave Barry..

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We are both only 19 though I dont think she frightened by me. But I do understand what you are saying. Giving her the option would probably be a good idea. I met her last night when would be the best tiime to call. Since you are a woman you would know how long after a man should call. I honestly cant keep her out of my head...

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Call tonight or tomorrow to see if she wants to make plans for Saturday or Sunday.I'm not a big fan of the supposed 3 day rule.If you're interested, call her. Don't play games..

The problem with winter sports is that follow me closely here they generally take place in winter.- Dave Barry..

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I don't see the problem in calling her as soon as you would like to call her. Waiting the ceremonial 2 days is kind of immature. I also don't see the problem with you just telling her that you do not have any transportation but would like to see her. She may offer to pick you up. You can also opt to rent a car, if you choose to do so...

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Yea I wish I could rent a car at 19 but unfornately I cant. Yea I think I'm just going to let her know that I dont have a car and if she wants to pick me up she can but I could also meet her anywhere if she would like. Any other advice that would help. Like what to do with her. I looked in the paper couldnt find much. I was think movies maybe.

What do yall think any more advice? Yall are great by the way...

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At 19 you can't rent a car? How is that possible?I agree, tell her about your situation with no transportation and see if she quickly chimes in "I can pick you up." If there is a delay, then you can offer to meet her somewhere. But being new to her town, I would think she would want to pick you up.Since you don't know her, I would think you would want to spend time talking to her. You can go to a movie and have something to eat afterwards. This way you can break any initial awkward silences with conversation about the movie. Or you can do dinner and drinks. Just make sure you tell her that you would love to eat at a place where it is quiet enough for the two of you to talk and get acquainted. The reason I say that is because you are not from her area, she may want to take you someplace "happening" with lots of noise or music, when you may want something more intimate...

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Yea I know doesnt that suck. You have to be 21 or some bull like that. I appreciate all the advice. ive never had this much trouble because ive never been in this situation. You have helped me alot. thanks to both of you...

Comment #9

<<At 19 you can't rent a car? How is that possible?>>.

Umm, because of insurance purposes.  You can't rent a car until you are 25.  I used to work for a consulting company that hired a lot of people right out of college.  Someone over 25 always had to rent the car because those under 25 cannot legally do so..

To the OP, why not call her up and first start talking about being new to town and you'd been wondering where the fun places are to go and what people do for fun.  See what she says about fun things to do and get the conversation going instead of just blurting out right from the get go "Wanna go out with me?"  When/if she says something that sounds like fun, say "Hey! That sounds really great, would you like to do that on X-day?"   Honestly, a movie on a first date using is not a great idea because it doesn't let you talk and get to know each other..

Then when she says yes, say, "My only thing is right now, I don't have my own car.  Would you like to meet there?"  If she says no and volunteers to pick you up, then go with that but volunteer to meet first to make her feel at ease and not pressured. .



Comment #10

What town/city are you in or near?Don't have to answer if you don't want to - but I travel a lot and there are people from all over the place on this board who could give you ideas..

The problem with winter sports is that follow me closely here they generally take place in winter.- Dave Barry..

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I agree that a movie on a first date using isn't the best idea.But you could do something as simple as go to the outdoor mall, walk around and maybe get ice cream or something. That way you could still talk and get to know each other.I also agree with offering to meet her first and let HER volunteer to pick you up if she wants to.I'm 39 and DON'T think it's immature to offer to meet. I've met some people through online dating, or other situations where I don't really know the person well, and meeting up has always made me more comfortable...

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"Umm, because of insurance purposes" how would I know this? I'm alot older than 25. Your "umm" sounds a little condescending, I hope you dont mind me saying. Not all of us rented cars before the age of 25 you know...

Comment #13

Sorry, I didn't know the law regarding car rentals. I never rented a car under the age of 25 before. I'm sure you will be fine and have a great time!!! Good luck!!..

Comment #14

So what happened??Did you call? Did you make a date?..

Comment #15

She didnt answer my calls twice. Then I recieved a text message from her telling me that she had to go to d.c for a week to visit her family. And when she got back she would call me. She said she didnt have her phone by her thats why no answer. When I texted her back no answer. Why wont she just talk on the phone.

My guess most likely not fully interested. Probably shouldnt waste my time..

Comment #16

I would just chill on it. If she calls you when she gets back, then she's interested.But the ball is most definitely in her court. I wouldn't call her again...

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