Uh oh a slight problem

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So I Met a guy 7 yrs ago..we hit it off immediatly I was 16 and he was 22 my father worked as a mechanic on his race car... when we would go to the races we were inseperable always together.. Him and my father suffered a falling out since their falling out in 2004 me and him have become closer.. We are both very attracted to each other..on several occasions he has said to me he wanted to hook up with me but no strings attached.. in all of his relationships they are now strings attached.. I think I want to be intimate with him but I am scared I am going to end up hurt and alone..

I just wish he wanted a relationship.. because we would be perfect together....

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Your question was: Uh oh a slight problem.

He is being honest with you so at least the man has some maturity. A lot of men these days are pretending to want a relationship, just to dump the woman after having sex...cowards. They would actually get laid more if they were just honest. This is your choice to make. You need to be able to do one of two things in order to handle dating (online dating with this guy:1) distance yourself a bit emotionally - but the experience wont be as good as it could be2) or have the attitude that whatever happens happens and you allow yourself to enjoy each minute regardless of it's outcome.You will have a much better time (sexually and emotionally) if you can swing #2, but if you have known each other for 7 years now and what you really want is a relationship (thru with him...I dont know how you are going to be intimate without getting hurt. Everyone has felt the "I'm afraid of being hurt and alone" at some point in their lives. never know where it could lead. But you have to take the plunge and that's the scary part.I wish I had a better answer for you. I have had no strings relationships and I have been able to have the attitude that whatever happens happens. But, I didn't know these guys for 7 years and already have an attachment to them so it was a lot easier...

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Dear Pink,I think you will only end up being hurt. The guy told you that he only wants to sleep with you, and you should accept the fact. Women naturally develop feelings with men with whom they are sexually active, so I wouldn't recommend to sleep with him. You will develop more feelings and would want more from him, but he can't give you a relationship...

Comment #2

Honey you are what they call, 'jailbait'. You are underage to be going out with an adult. If you love this young man, you will try to discourage him from dating (online dating with you. What you have is 'puppy love'. We all go through this stage.Does your father know how you feel about this guy? I know it's difficult to keep away from someone we are attracted to, and I feel for you. But take one day at a time, and one day you will find someone to love who will be able to love you back...

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Sorry I didn't read your post more thoroughly. Honey he has told you that he wants no strings attached to you. In all his relationships, there are strings attached.I wouldn't get entangled with him because you are going to be hurt. He is not free. A sexual relationship (thru will leave you wanting. Look for someone who wants you as a whole person and not just a sexual outlet. good luck..

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