Trying to stay focused on Medifast

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Hello All,.

Well, My first and second weeks were great. I had lost a little over 9lbs. But this is week 3, and I've gained a pound and a half, and it's staying on. I have been OP and measuring and weighing every bite. I don't use the approved snacks, or any extra condiments so I'm confused.

I guess it could be the stupid DOT which is due in about a week. But I am a little scared because this weight (191-192) is the weight that I just haven't been able to get past for the past few years. With every diet I have tried, ironically, my weight loss has stalled at 191 lbs. and I haven't been able to lose anymore. It's crazy, but true..

I'm trying not to be superstitious here...but I'm getting that negative feeling creeping back up. I'm not about to cheat or anything by any means, I just don't want to get stuck again..

Back in January (thru May) of 2009, I was dieting (1200 cals a diet, following a strict diabetic diet - although I am NOT diabetic, my doctor just recommended it because it was healthy and pretty easy to follow). I was also working out 7 days a week. In five months, I lost 3lbs. I never could get past the 191 lb. mark. More importantly, the inches weren't coming off either..

So in May, I gave up in frustration. After five months and no weight loss, I couldn't see the point in the sacrifice. My weight didn't change until November/December of 2009. When I gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks and it wasn't coming back off..

That's when I started Medifast. So I don't know. I don't know what exactly I want to hear. I just needed to share my experience and frustration I guess. It's SO hard when you do everything right, and don't see results. I was SO excited to see so much weight come off the first couple weeks.

But now, being stuck back at this 192lbs for the past few days, well, it's triggering fear. Fear that again, I'll be stuck. And it won't come off no matter what I do..

I have had every test imaginable lately (hormone-wise) because I'm currently seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and he says that I am not insulin resistant, and all my hormone levels are within normal range. So as much as I'd like to blame it on something physical going on, I have doctors telling me it's not..

So anyway, I am trying to be patient. And give it a week or two and see what happens...but ug. I just needed to here if anyone else has had anything similar happen to them?.

Thanks everyone. Don't worry, I'm NOT about to go off-plan. Seriously. I just needed to get my fears out there I think. As irrational and odd as it seems.

Let's hope that I bust into the 180s within the next week or two. Positive energy!..

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I hope you can get into the 180s this next week. Sometimes we have a week with no loss. You can do it. It sounds like you are still focused so hang in there...

Comment #1

Hang in there, the 3 week stall is not uncommon,,it can just be your body wondering what the heck is going on and trying to hold on to the pounds. Kepp 100% on plan, and it will eventually begin to drop again. ( pounds already is great!!..

Comment #2

Try to let go of the past and not think about the fact you stall at a certain weight. That's not important. Are you eating food that are high in sodium? I have to be careful with sodium. Are you eating more of the slightly higher carb Medifast foods? Did you start exercising this week? Load up on water!.

Good Luck....stay on plan and the scale will tip in your favor!..

Comment #3

If you look through the boards, you'll find many posts talking about the "week three stall." It's very, very common. Don't let it get to you, just keep going! Stay on the program and you are absolutely going to push past those 190s!..

Comment #4

Thanks everyone. I went down a little bit this morning. 191.4. whew! let's hope I can make it into the 180s by next week. That would be awesome...

Comment #5

Keep pushing forward!.

Stop thinking about that number..and know you will get past that point and move on down the scale.

180's here you come!..

Comment #6

I had an experience kinda like that this week...tho I had lost 13 pounds in a week, I didn't lose any for 2 days. I knew I had been OP as I log everything but still it was a worry. The worst thing to do is get the mindset that Medifast isn't working and go off DOES work, there are tons of success stories here. We just have to keep going, stay OP, go for the lower-scale carbs and leaner meats, and wait out the plateaus.

Congrats that your scale moved down!..

Comment #7

Well, I did it! I broke out of the 190s! I am SO excited. This morning I was 189.8. Down 11lbs overall, and it will be officially 3 weeks since I started tomorrow. Woo hoo. Thanks for the support everyone. I didn't think it was going to happen so soon, but it did. Yay Medifast! And more importantly...yay me for staying focused and 100% OP...

Comment #8

Great news. I just have two pieces of advice from a (relative) newbie because I went through something similar.

First, you'll bounce around on the scale. If you're a weekly weigher you'll probably be OK since you'll loose a few more pounds by your next weigh in. But, if you weigh daily, realize tomorrow you could be back over 190. It doesn't mean you've really "gained" any weight permanently just we can all fluctuate daily by a few pounds. I know we all know this intellectually but psychologically sometimes it's hard to see it on the scale but it's just part of the process.

Secondly, to address the other part of your post.

I had been doing great on Medifast going from 225 down to 180. For me, I usually stall on a diet at 185 and stay there, in fact, I would call that my usual weight (I had gained only in the last year after several deaths in my family and stress). So, when I got to 179 one morning, I freaked out. For some reason I couldn't "see" myself in the 170s. What, that might mean I actually have to reach my weight loss goal and not be overweight? eek! So, what did I do? Went fabulously off plan. Luckily I caught myself after two weeks but just to note: I have to change how we think about myself and what my "normal" weight is to be successful.

You won't stall there. You don't weight that anymore. We both have to leave those women behind us they are weighing us down.

Good luck on this journey...

Comment #9

Wow hoolstress, I logged on this morning with a tremendous urge to post something exactly like you did because I am experiencing the SAME EXACT FEAR that you describe. I am mid-week 3 and I don't weigh in daily because I know the scale bounces around. I find a weekly weigh-in provides a larger net loss and gives me much more motivation. Because I don't weigh in until Saturday, the scale hasn't caused the panic but rather my physical feeling. For the first two weeks, I felt great because my clothes were fitting looser, my jacket wasn't tight around my midsection, and things like that. The last day or so, I am starting to feel hungrier than normal which I thought I was past.

I guess they were just tighter feeling because they weren't broken in yet. A couple of anti-NSVs like this and I am starting to feel that fear deep, deep down starting to rattle the cage door again.

I know that I have a long journey ahead and I need to take this one day at a time but I hadn't expected things to slow this early into the program. I also weigh and record EVERYTHING so that makes it even more deleterious to my resolve. I am so glad I read your post and I see that everyone on here has gone through the same thing..

Its also amazing that so many of us have a mental roadblock at a certain weight. Since 2001, I have honestly tried at least half a dozen diets in an attempt to lose weight. In 2001, I was able to get down to 266 on Atkins until I fell completely off the plan. For some reason, I have come close since but never been able to break it. I know that once I utilize Medifast to break that number, the rest will seem like a cake walk. Why do so many of us focus on a specific number and over time allow it to evolve into some insurmountable obstacle that we can never seem to overcome?..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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