Trying the Medifast 2 week supply

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I just called the company to return my order.... I only tried the 2 week package.. It is my first day, and I am HUNGRY, and not satisfied cause the food is gross....

Did anyone else feel this way... I have about 10-15 pounds to lose, but dont know if I should be doing it this way......

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Hey there just saw your post and wanted to tell ya it does get better :-) Give yourself some time to adjust and take it one meal at a time :-).

Only you know what is best for you tho but I would try to give this plan sometime cause the food does grow on you and you can add spices and drink lots of water which will help with being hungry Hope this helps :-).

Hang in there and don't give up yet :-)..

Comment #1

I felt that way at first, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I lost 30 lbs in about 10 weeks! You could probably lose your 10 to 15 lbs in 2 weeks or a little more. I HATED the oatmeal at first, but now I crave it and enjoy it. I don't care for the maple flavor still. My favorite is the apple and I hate the peach. If I have those flavors, I add a lot of cinnamon to them and/or make cookies out of them.

The banana pudding is really good. Your taste buds will change. Before you decide to return the food, check out the boards and the different recipes that people make. The shake cakes are also very good. You do get use to the food and it does get better.

The first week is the hardest, but by day 5 I was feeling great and was not the least bit hungry. Good luck...

Comment #2

I hear people talking about cookies they make out of the oatmeal..., are they part of the plan..

Comment #3

If you don't like certain things- you dont have to eat them! Don't give up! If it's just your first day - your taste buds haven't even begin to develop- there's people that have been on plan for a long time like a year and haven't given up! You can make most of the shakes, pudding, and soups into anything- into shake cakes, truffles, brownies, cookies, and soups into chips!.

Everything can usually be made into something else!!!!! You came to the right place- don't return your Medifast yet!!!!..

Comment #4


I can't tell from your name if you are a male or female, sometimes men think they will never be able to do this, and poof, they get into it and shrink very quickly. Not fair!.

Before you throw in the towel, go to the recipe board. It can be a make-or-break deal for many. Some MFers were/are excellent cooks, so they find the food bland. You can "legally" add things, doctor it up, etc. The oatmeal can be made into pancakes, muffins, cookies. There is a shake cake that people love.

I add seafood from my L&G to the crab soup and love it. You need to really decide if you want to do this, it can be done. You can get that 10-15 pounds off by Thanksgiving..

Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do!.


Comment #5

Dont give up! Today is my third day - I HATE the oatmeal - it practically makes me gag! But I love the chocolate pudding, chicken noodle soup and shakes. I too have 2 week package too - I wanted to see whether I could make it or not. Bars are not bad but I eat them when I am most hungriest which is in the morning so I get to chomp down without thinking so much about how it taste.

Give yourself a few more days - you will be amazed at how your taste buds will change. I am already loving drinking water - before I hated drinking water and would only drink coffee and Diet Pepsi - now I love drinking water..

Comment #6

According to MyPlan when I started this a year ago, in order to MAINTAIN my weight where I started (and not gain, just hold it), I needed to take in 4100 calories a day..

So, the following:.

Made me really, really laugh. Um. Yes. I was HUNGRY. HUNGRY for several days. VERY HUNGRY.

Now, the grossness, depended upon what the selection was. Some I did not like (and being the way I am, I tried those first to GET RID OF THEM), and others were so-so, and I saved the ones I JUST KNEW I'D LOVE for later (and I was right, on that.).

But here's something: I was killing myself. I was beyond morbidly obese. This wasn't "I need to lose 15 lbs to go from a size 8 to a size 6." This was, "I need to lose nearly 2/3 of my weight to get into the healthy weight range.".

So: It was important. It was the most important thing in my life - if I wanted a shot to keep living, that is..

I'm not saying that your weight loss is not important - but you have to decide: how important?.

Medifast works. You're worth it, you're worth achieving your goals. But, if it's not something that is the most important thing to you (or darned close), you aren't going to work past the speedbumps, and it will take longer than it should, and you will simply make yourself miserable. Don't do that to yourself..

Decide how important this is to you, and stay on that path...

Comment #7

I think this is a pretty radical diet for someone that doesn't need to lose that much weight. The way I look at this diet is it is a life style change. It helps me lose steadily with an abrupt change in calories/carbs while supplying me with the nourishment I need. Meanwhile, I change my attitude/addiction to food while working on eating 6 smaller meals per day. This will be an ongoiing process for me even as I go into transition. I know I will never be able to just eat whatever I want...ever..

If you were trying to lose your weight quickly, this will work. But you will need to go into the transition program after because you are slowing down your metabolism by eating this few calories per day. If you back to eating a regular diet after you lose, you will regain your weight and then some..

I think it's great that you want to lose, but this may not be the diet for you...

Comment #8


That is great advice. I thought in the beginning (after the ad stated lose up to 20 lbs in 30 days!) I'll do it for a month or so, get the weight off and go about my life. Well, not exactly how it all worked out. Started the July 4th weekend, am still trying to get to goal, although I lowered it after 20 pounds. But the best thing is that I have: learned not to starve myself, learned to like water, lost a ton of inches - 14/16 to a baggy 10 tight 8's and have made such wonderful friends. Is this for everyone, I don't think so, but for those who stick it out, it is an education in eating and living, oh and loving exercise, what a hoot!.

Starbunny - You are amazing, enough said!.

Hugs, Patti..

Comment #9

The thing is that I have lost 20 lbs with WW 5 years ago... This is what came back, and I,ve tried to get it off, and it wont budge.... I am going to stick with it. I know 10-15 lbs may not seem alot , but it is important to me to fit into my clothes, and not have tight waists......

Comment #10

Well, go luck, if you stick with it, drink lots of water and if you already exercise, continue to get some in each day, the weight will come off and inches too. You will do fine...

Comment #11


Welcome and as the others said, DO NOT give up! Yes, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU! So hang in there! I had a bit more to loose than you (30-40). I've seen people with much more than me, do INCREDIBLE things. It's inspiring to watch them! The first few days are tough. Are you drinking your water? Chug as much as you possibly can. Then chug more! I was not a water drinker when I started, now I do between 70-120 oz. a day.

I make Cream of Tomato soup bread. You can use any of the cream soups.

I use egg beaters in it so I take the protein off my lean and green portion..

One pack of COT (Cream of Tomato soup).

1/8 teaspoon of baking powder.

3 Tablespoons of Egg beater (Costco sells 6 containers for $6.99).

Mix well.

Take a glass pie plate spray with Pam.

Pour in mixtureit will NOT fill the entire bottom.

My microwave is pretty powerful, I nuke for 2 minutes. Pull it out and eat it..

I personally don't do the muffins, but others do..

I blend my shakes and puddings in a Medifast healthmate blender with a bit of ice. LOVE THEM! Chocolate is my favorite.

Medifast is simple but not always easy.

Hang in there! We are here for you!..

Comment #12

I think it is a very personal and private matter with yourself about the amount of weight you want to lose. You want to feel good, period. That is all any of us want in the long run. There is no need to think it is unimportant, or to preface your posts with that. Your feelings are yours and other ideas can stay with others! So, I am congratulating you on your decision to fit into your clothes! I wish I had done that when mine first started getting too tight, but I didn't and had about 80 to lose instead! Good for you for thinking enough of yourself to take care of you! I am glad you are here!..

Comment #13


You can do it! There's lots of support here. You will find that as you go through this you will learn alot about yourself. So think of it as a journey..

You will read many people's posts that the first few days were awful but as they stayed on the diet, they found it to be easy, almost seemed too easy. But the first week is the biggest hump. I think some of us have to get to the point that we need change ASAP. That's why we can tolerate the food initially. then our taste buds just get used to it. I almost quit after my first bite of my first food,.

Scrambled eggs..

Hang in there!..

Comment #14

Today is my 4th day. I'm still getting used to the food - I've found a few that I like. The water is very important so you're not so hungry. I need to start exercising now!.


Comment #15

Just a notation for new members - Fruit is not an option on the 5&1 due to the high carb content. Once you hit transition, fruit is then worked back into your diet..

Karmel - By not eating 5 Medifast meals per day plus your L&G, you are shorting yourself the nutrition your body needs while on this very low calorie program. You may very well send your body into starvation mode and stall your weight loss...

Comment #16

Gotta disagree, sorry. The recommiters board is full of stories from people who "modified" the plan to work for them - it doesn't, for most people. The Medifast plan as written (by physicians and nutritionists) has helped thousands of people lose weight for 30 years - I see no reason to modify a plan that has that sort of success rate.

Fruit is not allowed, nor is the occasional "treat" you mentioned, and I am guessing your "good but healthy" meal once a week is probably not within the guidelines of a lean & green. Plus, you are only eating 3 Medifast meals per day.

The diet you are on is NOT Medifast - it is your own plan which happens to utilize some Medifast products. I am glad it seems to be working for you, but it is NOT the plan that is being followed by 99% of the people here or the one that is spelled out in the Medifast Quick Start Guide and supported by the nutritionists on this board.

I wish you luck as you go forward, but you need to be clear when dispensing advice like this on the boards - it is NOT the recommendation of Medifast and will most likely result in failure for most people who try to follow it...

Comment #17

I agree with Vie & dherschelberg- You need to stick to the Medifast Plan 100%..

As for the original poster. I think you need to clear your mind of all your previous attempts at dieting and look at Medifast in helping you achieve your GOAL of losing weight and getting healthy. Sure the food is not going to taste gourmet. You have to give it some time to make the adjustment. I HATED the food and found myself after the first week wondering if I was able to put up with it. Once I saw the lost pounds and increase in energy I was hooked...

Comment #18

Just a thought... some of the meals you think are gaggy actually turn out decent if prepared a certain way. Oatmeal is best if you mix it ahead and let it sit in the frig for an hour before you heat it. Soups are my favorite, but I make them in a small personal sized crockpot and cook for 2 hours. I used to add tons of water to the soup (to make the portions larger) but it took me countless months to realize that adding only the 8oz suggested made a much better soup..

To be totally honest though... when I started the diet, the food could have tasted like cardboard (quoting another medifaster here) but I was ready to do what it took to lose the weight I needed to. Maybe that's what you need to determine. Are you willing to do what you need to lose the weight on Medifast?..

Comment #19

Today is my second day and today the oatmeal tasted better than yesterday! :-) I hope it'll be the same for the Creme of Tomato soup... I don't like it!! :-) Come on, we can do it!!..

Comment #20

Yes the food gets better tasting!! somethings I still will not eat. cream of tomato soup makes delicious bread. as a soup I don't care for it. the cream of broccoli sample pack of soup they sent me will probably never see my mouth.

But the shakes are delicious. the bars are great. I don't like chocolate that much but th echocolate pudding is delicious..

So yes you can do it.? Do you want to? If you do, you will stay on it more than a couple days and then start experiencing diminished or no hunger, and a beautiful burst of energy..

Do the plan exactly as written for one week, if you don't like it after that, don't do.

What has helped me a lot is the determination I made, not to FEEL deprived, not to FEEL sorry for myself. Finding a program this healthy and fast with the extra perks is a dream come true!!..

Comment #21

Just a short note to anyone who is grossed out by the packaged food .....

Hey, you don't have to eat any of it. All you have to do is have 5 shakes and one regular food meal....(meat, vegetable and salad). The shakes are really very good...I mix banana creme and dutch chocolate together! This is an easy and not to expensive way to go. There is very little to think about....just a shake every 2-3 hours and then a nice dinner. I happen to like the bars, so I save one for an evening snack. Now that I have learned that I have to drink the water, I think I will see success very soon. This many people can't be all wrong!..

Comment #22

I think most of us felt the same way but in time it disappeared and what I hated I now love. I am so thankful a friend asked me to do this with her..

Better go for now..

Good luck and only you can decide how bad you want to remove the weight and keep it off...

Comment #23

I'm just curious if you are still on the plan? I hope so - I learned within a week to love almost every thing I tried- YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!..

Comment #24

When I first started Medifast I thought OMG this stuff is so bad. Ummm but it really wasnt it was me wanting all of the same stuff I had been eating. One of the things that kept me pushing forward was the fact that I just spent the money, bought this huge box of meals and there they were. I couldnt waste that kind of money and I knew that if I couldnt do it would be yet another failure. I just couldnt bare that. SO I toughed it up and made it through week one and have been enjoying Medifast foods ever since..

It was all a matter of making up my mind to do it and doing it...

Comment #25

I understand.. Really.. I have only done this a month and almost a week ( On friday). It gets tough..because I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweets. But it's really how bad you want it.. It gets better when someone you know says "hey skinny" or "omgosh you have lost so much weight" and Especially when you go jean shopping and you go down a pants size!!.

Its very rewarding..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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