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I just started Medifast and well mostly everything is okay but I cant stand almost all the shakes except chocolate. Chocolate is the only one I can drink ( cause the chocolate mask the protien powder taste) but everything else doesnt taste odd... maybe cause I have a problem with protien powder which I can always taste. It's even worst in Vanilla. So I was wondering is there anything I can do to change it ... or is there some chocolate flavor/ powder mix I can add?.


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I know what you mean about the shakes, I only get the chocolate. A lot of people are using the flavor drops. I have ordered some but don't have it yet. People ontheboards are very creative and can give some great ideas...

Comment #1

I would be gone from this plan if I had to drink those shakes plain. The best thing is the Davinci Syrups. And the Flavor Drops. They are A MUST with the shakes. You can also use extracts, crystal lite, flavored waters, diet sodas. There are a TON of things that you can do to make them much, much better.

Just try something new with them. Do you have any of the above things?..

Comment #2

I kind of enjoy my shakes. I have one every morning. I always blend mine in the blender with a cup of water and 6 ice cubes..

The chocolate of course is the best tasting one.

As for the orange and banana, I use a cup of the crystal light ornage sunrise juice instead of water (You can still taste the powder in the orange, but it's much better) and I will sometimes add half a pack of the to go packs of crystal light raspberry ice. Then it kind of makes it into a tropical shake. I've heard of people adding diet cream soda, but I have yet to try this..

I just got the DaVinci Chocolate syrup and I have been adding that to my shakes lately. Mainly in the strawberry, vanilla and banana..

Good Luck on trying to drink your shakes, I'm still trying to learn to eat my oatmeal. Yuk!..

Comment #3

One of the yummiest things is Diet Chocolate Soda in the chocolate shakes. I don't know if everyone has this in their store...but the best is Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge. You can throw that in the blender, some ice and the shake and it's really good...

Comment #4

Thats sounds so good! I don't think we have that in AL..

Comment #5

The diet Chocolate soda sounds awesome!.

But I doubt i'd be able to find it. I'm having a hard time finding diet cream soda...

Comment #6

Well, if you DO find the Diet Cream Soda, it's awesome in the Banana Shake...)..

Comment #7

I was looking at the Da Vinci syrups but the bottles are huge and normally used for coffee shops. I wouldnt have a problem since where I work has a coffee shop but since the semester is ending... thats 1 month of no free syrups..

So I was looking around for places that sold syrups in smaller bottles and possible in little gift packages and I came across this site -

Problem is the price is kinda high for 3 small bottles of the syrups. I was wondering if anyone else found a place that sold small bottles of syrups for cheap?..

Comment #8

Well if you do find a place that sells smaller bottles tell me, Because I find it really hard to take syrup with me on the road..

Comment #9

After doing my inventory for the Beta thingie, I found I have a LOT of choc & vanilla shakes. Probably because I don't care for them and the DaVinci syrups didn't help the taste out for me.

This week I have been making my breakfast shake in my personal blender the night before (definitely makes them more creamy) and last night I tried adding some maple extract to the vanilla shake and it was pretty good. Rum extract in the choc shakes was pretty tasty too. So I am going to try using extracts and maybe get some of those flavor drops that everyone is talking about.

Oddly enough, I love the banana shake and like the orange & strawberry shakes as is! Go figure!!..

Comment #10

I love the shakes. To me they are one of the most satisfying meals. I always blend in my magic bullet with ice and some sort of flavoring. With strawberry I use a little (like 1/2 tsp) Crystal Lite Strawberry powder. With banna I use banna extract and a tsp of sf ff banana pudding. With chocolate I use a T of Davinci's chocolate syrup, chocolate flavor drops, and coffee sometimes.

There are so many things you can do with the shakes. Just minor adjustments that don't add much in the way of calories or carbs. Just be sure to log everything and enjoy.

Oh, I forgot, the vanilla, my fav, there are sooo many things. My current fav is the butter pecan recipe off the Healthy Eating seciton in the Library. Just add coconut extract and maple extract to your vanilla shake. Very good. I also add a T of caramel syrup. Cinnamon, apple pie spice, and caramel syrup are also yummy in the vanilla shake..

Another thing I recently found is pumpkin pie spice, a shake of powdered ginger, and a T of sf gingerbread syrup in the vanilla shake. Hope all this helped...

Comment #11

Torani Syrup and Sauce Sampler.

Torani 150ml (5oz) 4 Bottle Sample Pack.

I found it! Sample bottles. and they arent that expensive. I just wish there was more flavors in the sugar free...

Comment #12

Sorry for the double post... I hit enter by accident. More links....

Organic Coffee Syrup Sampler Pack (Top 6).

Thing is I'm not sure if it's sugar free and all..

Torani Mini Sugar Free Syrups..

Comment #13

I use a TB of Davinci Sugar Free Caramel syrup in my vanilla shake for breakfast and it makes it yummy!!..

Comment #14

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