Medifast recipe for Tomato soup?

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I tried the tomato soup last night...YUCK! Anyone have suggestions how to make it better? I'd hate to wast the other 6 packages! HELP!..

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Bettina created this recipe using the Cream of Tomato soup.

I have made it a few times it's great. You may want to.

Consider trying it, also helps any cravings you may have.

For pizza!.

From: Bettinav.

Okay I just made something that I really liked. I took Petlady's recipe.

For making a crust and did it with cream of tomato:.

1 cream of tomato.

1 Medifast robust tomato snack soup.

1 tsp. baking powder.

1/4 tsp. baking soda.

Mrs. Dash's tomato basil garlic.

Grated parmesan.

Garlic powder.

Mix the dry ingredients and then add water until it is very stiff batter.

Spread on baking sheet and bake until edges are brown. Flip and bake.

Until other side is brown.

Okay so maybe I can tolerate the hideous cream of tomato now.

It came out really brown and crunchy and firm. I then brushed the.

Top with a tiny amount of olive oil, spread some lf mozzarella and.

Broiled it for a few. I didn't add tomato sauce because it was.

Tomato-ey already with the crust. I thought this was delish...

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I think the weakest area of all the meals is definitely in the soups...

Comment #2

Re: The soups...have you guys tried Better Than Buillon in all the soups? Or at least one of those little Buillon cubes? I love the soups (OK I actually love the chili and minestrone ) but would not eat them without some HELP!!!!..

Comment #3

Where do you find Better than Bouillon? What kind of container is it in? Thanks!..

Comment #4

Most people find some flavors of Better Than Buillon in their supermarkets. It's in a jar in the soup aisle by the powdered soups and other buillon. I order from because I like the lobster and clam versions which I have never found in a store. They have mushroom, beef, chicken, lobster, clam and chili base. I wouldn't touch the Medifast chili without the chili base. From day one I used these in all the soups.

I use 8-10 oz of water and a tsp. of the buillon. 1 tsp. added 5 calories and I think .5 gr of carbs. It's the best tip I can give anyone for the soups...

Comment #5

I agree with Bettina, I love all the soups. The Better than Bouillon is great, and if you have some time to spare, here'a a tip for your soups.

I put my ingredients in a mini-crock-pot and let it cook on low until I eat it. I love the soups! I couldn't stay on this program if I didn't have.

Such a variety of products to look forward to!...

Comment #6

Hi Kathleen, do you use the regular amount of water when you use the crock pot? I have to get a mini one by the way. How cool...

Comment #7 do you account for the added ingredients in you Meal Plan? I've only been doing this a couple days...but I've found that there are such fabulously creative folks that make the food so much more interesting. I'm just not sure how to count the additives..

In the Chili, I added the half cup of chopped raw tomato (it part of my L), and 1/2 a tsp of Better than Boulion, 1/2 tsp of chili and cumin,...then just before eating it...I threw in 1/2 a bag of White Cheddar Soy chips (I miss my oyster crackers ) and stirred it up and let it sit to cool a bit. Those chips really bulked it up and I could hardly finish it all. However...I wasn't sure how to count all that extra I counted a whole bag of chips even though I didn't use them all...and what about the boulion?.

I'm making the "pizza bread" tonight when my DH comes home and bakes his Papa Murphys and eats it in front of me.....

Comment #8

You should be able to send the unopened soup packets back to Medifast for a refund or exchange. I plan to send back the minestrone packets that I have left because I think it's gross. I like the chicken and wild rice the best and the chicken noodle comes in second for me. There is a return form that I found on the web site that you can print out with all of the instructions to send something back. One of the selections for why you are returning the item is "taste"...

Comment #9

Using boullion in all the soups instantly makes them better. Also, if you can prepare them on the stove it also makes a huge difference. With the cream soups I let it heat on LOW, whisking constantly for about 5 minutes. Any longer or hotter than that and it gets gritty. I like the Better than Boullion Beef in the tomato (I got mine at Wal Mart) and Costco has a chicken base in a plastic tub with the spices that's very good. The non-cream soups you can heat over medium stirring frequently let them boil and simmer 10-15 minutes.

I couldn't do Medifast without the soups. I couldn't drink all the sweet drinks all day every day...

Comment #10

Hi Bettina-.

Yes, I usually put in what is called for, except for the chili. I almost always add additional water to that unless I add.

Some canned tomato. I love my mini-crock pot. It thickens up the soup and softens everything.

The new Beef Stew was delicious cooked in there...

Comment #11

Thanks Kathleen. I'm going to get one. I have a huge one that I hate dragging out unless it's for something big. I guess you can just get the mini at a Target or the like...

Comment #12

You can get them almost anywhere. I've seen them at Target,.

Walmart, etc..I purchased mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for less than $20...

Comment #13

Oh cool. Will go to Bed Bath and Beyond...And come out with two carts of stuff I didn't need. Love that place...

Comment #14

I think that the tomato soup crackers are the best! I take the soup mix, a pinch of baking powder, some herbs (whatever I have on hand and looks good) mix with just enough water to get it to just past paste, drop onto baking sheet sprayed with butter spray and bake at 400 degrees for oh 6 - 10 minutes depending. I watch them carefully. Just before they look ready I take just a tablespoon of low fat mozzerala (sp?) and broil for a few seconds. OOOOOOHHHH tasty!..

Comment #15

What I meant was I take the cheese and distribute it to the crackers (that wasn't obvious in my post, though I am sure most figured that out)..

Comment #16

I hated the tomato soup. until tonight I took 7 pgk and put them in 4 cups of water.blended them with a wisk..

Took 3 small tomatoes put them in blender with some yellow and orange pepper and 1/4 onion blended them well. added to soup mixture adding some sea salt, pepper, garlic salt, seasoning salt mind you just a liitle of each of the salt. add to taste and simmered for 2 hours. divide into 7 bowls and frezze. it was great the soup took on the flavors of the peppers and seasons I added..

I know I can eat it now..

I count each one as 1 Medifast meal and 1/2cup of green..

Hope this helps you...

Comment #17

I was never a tomato soup eater before so I have nothing to gage the Medifast stuff on, but so me it tastes like ketchup soup. It's not bad, it just needs ... something. I'm going to try a heavy dose of Mrs. Dash tomorrow and see where that gets me. I may add some veggies to it if that doesn't do the trick. I'll report back...

Comment #18

Reporting back: Mrs. Dash helped a lot, but still needed a little kick. I tried a couple dashes of Tabasco sauce with it and that did the trick. I like spicy flavors, but am kind of a spice wuss if it gets really hot, so add more to suit your taste...

Comment #19

Tomato soup tastes great with some salsa in it, and some Taco Meat. Like ground turkey with taco seasoning. keep some in refrig and put about an ounce in with your soup and some fresh salsa and it's great. Just subtract the protein from your lean and green later, so like have 5-6 oz protein at dinner and a hearty Taco Soup for lunch..

I love it, but came across this idea because I didnt' like the tomato soup either...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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