Today I cheated on Medifast!

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Ok, so today was the day. I gave into my PMS cravings and temptation and eat more than I should have. Today while I was at school, my mom made really yummy traditional Nigerian food. She made Jalof rice (which is a yummy rice dish), plaintain porrige wih spinach and fish and the greatest of them all....baked chicken and goat meat in tomato stew. So I came home to a house smelling like a Nigerian restaruant and my cravings kicked up 1000X. As soon as she opened that oven and I saw the chicken I knew I was in trouble! so I took a peice that only had white meat and it was sooooo good!! One of the hardest parts of being of MF, as much as I love the food, is that I can't really have traditional Nigerian food that I love, becasue they have more carbs than allowed even though it's very natural food.

So then I drank my shake hoping it would stop the craving...NOPE! 10 mins later I took 2 1 inch peices of goat meat and 2 more peices of white meat chicken. And my mom was relieved that I was eating a non Medifast meal that she did nothing to stop me!! Plus she kept me in charge of watching it in the oven and making sure it doesn't burn! AHHH!!! By the end I ate like five 2 inch peices of chicken. I felt bad but I kept telling myself it wasn't ALL bad becasue it was white meat chicken as apposed to the Oreo's sitting in the pantry. But cheating is cheating and now I'm freaking out. For the past couple of days I have actually seen myself get smaller, but with the stress of a summer class and PMS, I got sooooo hungry!.

How badly can extra chicken throw of my ketosis??? I made it through a WHOLE MONTH with out cheating, but for some reason my PMS got the best of me, I don't know why! I can ususally fight it but this time...I lost...

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Chicken alone (don't know about the sauce) should not affect your ketosis state at all. Carbs are the problem there. No need to beat yourself up just hope back on the wagon and get back to being OP!!!..

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A little chicken ain't gonna kill could have done much worse and carb loaded. First I don't think mom was being very supportive by not questioning you and then forcing you to stay in that situation even though she knew you were struggling....not good! Second - PMS is tough, but if all you had was a few extra ounces of chicken, I think you'll be fine. Just try to understand why it happened - triggers, what thoughts were going through your head - and try to plan for the next time this might happen. If you have a preplanned response you'll be more likely to resist......

Get right back in the game and you'll be fine. Let it go, love...

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Pick yourself up girl, be grateful for your strong mind and healthy body...and just start again. Forget about falling OP, it happens, but it doesn't have to happen again right now. You can do this. Start a new fresh day, and keep on going. we are all there with you...doing it one dayone week at a time, sometimes falling off, but getting right back up and keeping on....just keeping on. You, we can do this...for sure we can...believe it.

We can lose weight with Medifast and exercise, we can acheive goal, we can transition and maintain for life. So don't dwell on if you fall OP once or twice or more...up we go, onward we go until we acheive our goals. refuse to stop, refuse to let this incident get you down. You don't really need to know why, just keep moving forward. I write this because I've learned.

That energy is much better used speaking positive..yes, I can do stories. Here's to us all getting up when we fall :-)..

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The problem is less what you had - which was a lot of lean (hard to tell about the sauce, but chicken is lean and goat meat is as lean as venison) - and more your attitude of "I cheated." You've decided you cheated, instead of working the lean into your L&G meal..

I'm an ex dog trainer, and I sometimes go with the simplest way of looking at things, but... people always asked, "if my dog lies down when I put him in a sit, is that a problem?" Which, if you're going to show your dog in obediences is "YES!" but if you're not... it "It depends on whether your dog thinks he got away with it.".

So, if you lose weight, and think you cheated & got away with it... well, heck. For me, that would be a HUGE problem. I'd have problems not cheating after that. If you lose weight, but really, you'd worked the lean into your L&G numbers (even if you went a little over the posted amounts for lean for the day), it's probably more accurate, and less likely to cause problems..

However, if the chicken and goat is cooked in sugar & honey... there are other problems to deal with...

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Just be thankful PMS only last a short time. Else I would cheat everyday!..

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I think for cheating, just like everyone else has said you didn't jump off a cliff. You could've thought after eating the chicken- oh hell I might as well just eat the yummy rice and then wolf down 1/2 a pack of those oreos in the pantry and go into a sugar coma. But instead you felt guilty- I think the sauce is the only thing you have to worry about and honestly- just get back up on the horse! Don't kill yourself about it.

I've told myself- this is an investment- and as much as I want to eat a piece fat piece of lemon cake with everyone else- I'm not going to remember what it was when I'm trying on some cute little outfit for my 30th birthday party....nope..

Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell your mommie to support you too!..

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Nothing will ever be perfect - ever. You are sometimes going to walk into the house with wonderful smells, you'll be in a restaurant that has a favorite food, you'll be at a party where there will be stuff off plan......

It's all a process - you've come this far, don't undo what you've done and the bottom line is - those moments are now in the past. Focus on the moments you have control over, the ones you are in right now!..

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When ever I have a rough day and need soemting I pick the proteins..that is the way to go if you have to go off plan........just forget it and move is the little slips that we let dictate the rest of the day........just keep going. :-) hugs..

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I was sitting here trying to think about what advice to give you, and I thought, OK, what would work best for me in that situation? And it just came to me.I would pick out a few pieces of clothing that I LOVE and am ALMOST able to fit into if I stay OP for another week or two. Then I think about how much longer it will take to fit into it if I have something I shouldn't. That would work for me. (This could also work if you're tempted to NOT get your exercise in for the day.) Of course you'd have to keep finding smaller and smaller items to keep you on track as you lose more weight! Not a problem!!! I'm going on a treasure hunt as soon as I get home. Good luck to you! And thanks for helping me to think this through.we will all have those tough challenges, so it's best to be prepared with solutions...

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Ugogirl, you have gotten A LOT of valuable advice here and tons of support! Get back OP, don't beat yourself up. You can do this!!!!.


Ht: 5'3".

Age: 39.

Start date: 5/24.

Month 1 (-7.9, -1.4, -3.4, -5.0) - 17.7.

Month 2 (-2.1, 0, -1.8, 2.4 ) - 6.3.

Month 3 (-3, -1.5 )..

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I love how all these people jump in to support you. Best part of Medifast if you ask me. I wish I had something more to add but they've said it all. This is a process, not a race. Life happens and you are in a much better place to handle decisions about food and choices about eating than you were a couple of months ago. Try not to be too tough on yourself and learn from this. Move on and keep on doing as well as you've been doing...

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Learn from it and move on, that's all you can do. Remember how you felt and use that as a tool next time you are tempted to cheat. The most important thing is to keep on keeping on!..

Comment #12

Ugo - You don't mention if you had your L&G previously to the chicken. If you did not, then there is no cheat at all! I seriously doubt that you ingested enough of the sauce to make a difference one way or another. Extra protein should not throw you out of ketosis. There are so many worse choices you could make! Try not to stress about it too much. Just consider it a lesson learned...

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It's the Mom thing, not the chcken. Find a way that "next time" she dcoesn't "need" you to do that really hard thing. Be prepared. f you don't agree to be put into those circumstances, it will not be an overwhekming temptation. Let's face it, it is cruel to try to be brave and put the hardest things in front of us when we are trying to do our best to change habbits. I try to think abount wasnting to become a runner.....why would I take on hilld before I got my strenght up to run short, then longer distances?.

In all cases be good to yourself, and gentle. ASK your Mom for help! Most likely she wants you happy and healthy. Next time have a strategya couple of REALLY huge glasses of cold water, a shake, sometimes a bar will do it, but don't wqaste a second thinking you cheated. GFuilt is one of those wateed good can come of it!.

Best wishes!..

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A little extra protein shouldn't hurt. If you had the rice, now that's another story because that is high in carbs and would probably send you out of ketosis. I don't know what kind of sauce was on the meat, but if it was just chicken & goat by itself, you should still be in ketosis. It's good that you got right back OP though...

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What really concerned me is the tone of deprivation I "heard" in your post. I think you should try and find a way to get the taste that you are missing. Is it a spice, a texture... ???.

I was really missing my curries, and while I can't have the rice, I found a way to use the chicken and wild rice soup with some cauliflower and extra chicken, plus curry powder, to make something that reminds me of the taste of the curry I love so much.

Maybe you should show mom the L&G list and enlist her help in preparing a taste treat that will satisfy that craving!.


Comment #16

I think you did great! I can practically smell the wonderful food from your description!.

Only eating the meat was very, very good-as others have said, you could have done much worse!.

Your mother didn't help, I'm sure she wants to feed you-nuture you, as all mothers do (my sisters do too!). And yes, the Oreos would have been SOOO much worse! Lol!.

You did good! Just a mile post!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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