Do you eat out of the Medifast packets or make a recipe?

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Got another question for you you have proceeded along the Medifast journey have you all found that you do better when you eat the food right out of the little white packets or do you find you do better when you use some of the recipes like muffins, cookies, cakes, granolas, icecream, chips, etc.?.


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I didn't notice much difference either way, my main reason for jazzing thigs up was needed a change...

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I made the muffins with my peach oatmeal, because I usually don't have time to make oatmeal in the mornings, and a muffin is "grab and go". I found the muffins to be plain, lacking in any flavor, but I guess I could've added a bit of sugar-free syrup to punch up the flavor..

I've added syrups to the shakes (I tried Root Beer in the French Vanilla shake yesterday), but I find that they're so sweet on their own that when I add syrup, they become cloying. Perhaps the Capella flavor drops would be a good move since they don't add sweetness on their own, but I haven't sprung for any of those. I see a coupon advertisement from Capella every now and then, so perhaps I'll give them a try sometime..

I made Italian flatbread with the Cream of Tomato Soup just to see what it was like, and it was glorious. So I suspect I'll be doing that from now on, turning it into a pizza, rather than eating it as soup, since the soup is just "blah", and I really miss bread. I'm a carb-o-holic!..

Comment #2

I went in streaks. I love the simplicity of the program to just "grab and go" and that's what I mostly did. But when I got bored or needed to chew more, I'd do some "baking".

Whatever fits in your life and helps you be successful... that's the right way for YOU!..

Comment #3

In the beginning, I tried a lot of the recipes. I stuck w/a few of them mainly to have meals-on-the-go when I was on the road.

I used FitDay to log EVERYTHING in & all those spices, baking powder/soda, Splendas, SF syrups, etc. really do add up. I found that using a few of the recipes each day meant that I had to choose lower carb veggie selections to stay well under 100g carbs/day. I opted for packets & water so I could have my beloved broccoli, baby bellas & green beans...

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I doctored things up a lot. Some things I ate plain, like choc pudding, dutch chocolate shakes, bars, hot cocoa. But most everything else I added extracts, s/f syrups, diet soda. I also made the banana bread a lot from the oatmeal, and I add cinnamon and a little salt to oatmeal everyday; and a bouillion to all the soups. I added a little onion and tomato to the chile..

I've done just fine..


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I have "my own rule" and that is I can only jazz up or add extra to one packet a day!..

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