To call or not to call?

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Ok.  So here's my problem..

I was asked out by a nice guy, we went out and it was great.  He repeatly stated that he wanted to go out again.  He asked me to call or text him or he would contact me to set up a second date.  He even texted me that night to thank me for going out.  I thought this was an exellent sign of several dates.  So back to my problem...It has been a week and I haven't heard from him.  Should I make the next move or no?..

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Your question was: To call or not to call?.

Yes.  Since he asked you to call or text him to go out again (and you apparently agreed), the ball is in your court...

Comment #1

Text him a breezy message asking what's up and wait. If he texts back, but doesn't set a plan for a date using it'll be time to move on...

Comment #2

No don't think you should call.

If he had only said "Call me or text me." And he didn't text you that night. I would have said that after 2 days give him a call and thank him for the date. Make it a brief call and don't suggest a date. Just say "I wanted to thank you for dinner." But, now it's been a week so calling him is out of place. And he knows you like him b/c he texted you after the date. He hasn't forgotten your number or how to text you.

You are worth that. Remember you want him to want you. If you call him then he will know that you want him. He won't try as hard to get you b/c he will know "Oh she call me anyway." I ALWAYS regret when I call a guy b/c I hadn't heard from him. I already knew where he stood before I called but my impulses took over and I called.

So we've all been there. Just find something you love and keep your mind busy with that. He may just be really busy at work. It happens. But wait for him...

Comment #3

~~He asked me to call or text him or he would contact me to set up a second date.~~This is your answer. Call him. I don't buy into a man will call if he is interest so women should NOT make the call. Maybe he is thinking your not interested in him? He asked you to get in contact with him and it appears you didn't. What harm is a phone call or text message?I'm not advocating that you should call repeatedly or appear to stalk someone, but men can be insecure about the women they date using too..


Comment #4

Him asking you to call or text him to setup the next date using was inappropriate to me.  Why doesn't he call you?  What is he, just lazy? lol  But I'm very traditional and am used to the guy calling me.  In my experience, that's the way they prefer it.  They like doing the chasing, otherwise they lose interest.  But that's just my own personal experience.  You'll get a bunch of different opinions on here.  I know many think women should be more proactive, but in my own life it has not been necessary for me to do so and if it aint broke, don't fix it.  To me, even if he told you to call, him not calling you may be a bad sign.  If he was so so interested, he wouldn't be able to help himself.  He would have called you, even if you didn't call him.  Not trying to be negative... but anyway, you deserve someone excited to see you again...

Comment #5

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