Tired during the day from Medifast diet

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Am soooo tired at some points during the day...Am not really hungry and or craving anything just physically tired..What do y'all do to keep going, a nap is out for me, what can I do to stay on track?..

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Do you have any infusers? I tend to get the same way, and they really help...

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I've been having days like that too.......then I noticed that most of my days were around 850 calories so I bumped it up to more like 950....that has helped some. I am pretty active during the day and I think I just wasn't getting enough...

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If you get a chance, check out the Junebugs threads (not sure what day, sorry).....A few of the them have been battling that problem too. I believe they found that if they ate some of their Lean & Green earlier in the day, like w/ their lunch, it helped w/ fatigue. You can also call the Medifast folks or sign up w/ a health coach. There is one w/ the Junebugs, Kelly. Whatever you do, don't give up!.


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I was SOOOOOOOOOOO tired to the point I felt like I had mono or something for the first few weeks. Now I feel so much better and am alert- although I do get tired right around 930. I'm such an old lady now...sheesh. I would just make sure to drink your water and stick with it- it'll pass...

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Just checking: has this been since you went into ketosis?.

The reason why I ask is that (except on days when I know I didn't get enough sleep) I don't have that problem, now... but I sure did a couple of years ago before I got my sleep apnea treated..

Now, sometimes I don't wear my mask all night, and I still get enough "real" sleep to feel good...

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Yes- HELP- I am having the same problem- I don't have the energy to get up early to exercise and by the time I get home I am out of energy too- I have an hour commute and I think that is making me more tired. Any suggestions for an energy booster?..

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Ok so I tried an infuser, it seem to work so am thinkng the caffiene helped....

I think when I do my shakes I'll add some instant coffee in and blend it all up, T-bone I'll let ya know if that works....

Am on day 8(op) not sure if ketosis but I have been doing my meal at exactly 3hrs apart......

Anyways thanks for all the sggestions..

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I soooooo had that problem when I started.... for several months, actually. Part of it was the amount of weight I had to lose... in denial about how big I really was. Also, I finally figured out I was spacing my meals too far apart. Make sure you're not going more than 3hrs between to give your body the fuel.

After I got some significant weight off, my enegry levels zoomed...

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I highly recommend the infusers. I am bedridden and take lots of meds for pain control. I get up with the kids in the morning, but as soon as they are off to school or day camp, I can't keep my eyes open and spend most of the day sleeping, which drives me crazy. I started using the infusers last week and WOW! I am awake all day with no problems at all. My energy is so much higher and I can tolerate being up for longer periods than I've been able to do in years..

If you use them, I recommend using a lot more water than they suggest. They are very sweet tasting. I have a 64 oz. water jug and I put 2 infusers in that each day. I love them!..

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I have days like that, well had so now I save my bar for 3 PM when I feel tired and the extra carbs peps me right back up. I also drink the infusers now...

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I been tired the past three days but pretty sure most of it is because I went from lots of caffeine to near none. should pass in a few days. I am hoping. I am starting day three...

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I'm on Day 7. Day 3 was definitely my toughest. And I was so sleepy and mentally dull! If you can nap, do so! It helps a bit.....

Day 4 you start feeling like you can emerge from this fog! Day 5, th energy starts coming back..

Don't overdo anything! You can't anyway...body feels too dull and won't let you.....

You'll be fine!..

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Yes, I find the infusers do perk me up and I also split my lean and green into 2 meals (only eat a half at a time) It really helps and does the trick. But sometimes we just need to lay down for a few minutes and take the well deserved break we need..

Infusers are drinks sold by Medifast. Check them out on the website, they come in various flavors and are delish!!..

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I am tired too..but I have been the whole time..the energy some ppl. experience..seems to have passed me on!!....i usually read a book or stay a little quiet when I get tired....i also drink a lot of water...hydration helps...and as lisa said your meals..i actually sometimes break my L&G to I eat 7 times a day.....

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I am in the same boat, I feel like I have no energy. Then when I get started I seem to start feeling shaky and light headed. Maybe I will try to add another shake to the day. I also notice that I can't seem to get past the 10lb. loss. I get to this point and I have stayed this way for three days.

What could I be doing wrong? I was on vacation and went off the program but the first week back on I lost everything I gained plus more, now I am stuck again. Any suggestions?..

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One other question, how do your goals and weightloss to th threads? New to this stuff!..

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