Tips on making Medifast pudding?

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Hey all, wondering if someone has tried this and how it worked. I really like the pudding taste, but can't get over the texture, it's always gritty and lumpy no matter what i've tried and i've tried it all....shaker jar, handmixing, blender, magic bullet, my jedi powers.... Anywho, i'm working if you can prepare the pudding with more water and drink up like a shake? Any help is appreciated...

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I haven't tried it as a shake but have you tried putting it in the frig for 30 mins? All I do is stir mine in a bowl and put in frig for a little while to get cold and set up a little more. I really think this helps...

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I know you said you tried everything, so maybe this didn't work for you, but just in case - have you tried using a whisk, and then putting it in the fridge?..

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Just the other day someone posted that they add a cup of water and do it like a shake. They really liked it. I'm trying that myself today. Mine isn't usually lumpy, but I'm still never overly fond of the texture. Although I will say the banana pudding, for whatever reason, seems to have a better texture than the others....

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I put 6 oz of water in a shaker and an ice cube. The ice cube helps with the texture and temperature. Then I shake it for about 30 seconds and haven't had any problems with lumps or the pudding setting up. Hope this helps!..

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I'm thinking of freezing mine sometime in a popsicle mold to make a "pudding pop." Maybe that way you can bite off frozen chunks and maybe not encounter the texture so much. This would work esp. if you added more water as you said...

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So my question was if you could use the pudding mix as a shake? Has anyone used it that way or ideas there?.

(thank you for the tips anyways)..

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Hi Mizzy! I have had the pudding as a shake and it's great. I do it in a mini blender and put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes. It's thick and delish!.

Also when having it as a pudding I use very cold water. I add the pudding mix to the water and use a small whisk to mix it. I had trouble with lumps at first but as soon as I started using the mini whisk it was great!.

Good luck and enjoy!.


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What about using it as a pudding cake?.

In a cereal bowl with a fork whisk an egg white (just 14 extra calories and lots of protein).

Add 2 tablespoons of water.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking power - whisk with a fork.

Add your packet of pudding..

You can add any kind of capella drops you'd like for a different flavor.

Place it in the microwave in the very same bowl for 1 and 1/2 minutes..

Cake.... Voila! Yum yum yum.

I just made one for the first time. DELICIOUS and a nice change..

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Hey MizzyMabel... over here {waving} I'm short, look down... I do-I do!!.

I use only pudding for shakes and love them! I no longer buy shake packets. I use the shaker cup, add 8 oz water with an ice cube or put it in the freezer if I have time. The pudd-shakes are creamer and thicker! Mmmmm! I love all three puddings as shakes...choco, vanilla, and banana everyday!!.

God Bless and Ride Safe....


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I put it in my tallest magic bullet cup with 4. ounces water, tons of crushed ice, and flavoring of my choice. Whirl it up until it's smooth and pop in the freezer for 15 minutes. Tastes like soft serve ice cream. Love to do the vanilla with 1/4. tsp coconut extract and 1/4 butter extract.

I imagine rum extract would be good with the coconut, too!..

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I love the puddings as well... I've found that if I put 1/2 cup of water, a pudding pack, and some smaller ice cubes in the bullet and blend for 2-4 mins... it comes out cold, creamy, and very tasty...

Hope that helps..

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Hi MizzyMabel,.

I'm make shakes out of the puddings, too. My fave is banana but the chocolate is okay, too. One of the secrets for getting a better texture (and this is true for shakes, puddings, soups and oatmeal) is to let it set after you've mixed or blended it.

With regard to mixing the pudding (not blending it as a shake) I just bought a teeny-tiny hand blender (not the same as the Magic Bullet blender) that's more like a battery-powered "stirrer." You use an oversized container (i.e., a 12-ounce container for eight ounces of water) put in the WATER first, then the pudding. Place the business end of the blender into the container and then turn it on. It works suprisingly fast and blends everything with no lumps. Whoda thunkit?..

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Yes! I add 1 cup of water instead of the 1/2. I blend it in my MB, but you can use the shaker bottle too. It is thicker and more filling than the regular shakes...

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I was having this same problem. Today is day seven and I had enough. I said, I either have to find a way to like the pudding,, or I am never ordering it again. The taste is good! Its the texture.

Solution! I did mine in a small cup magic bullet. The trick is. to stop and tap it down to the botom again. when it whipps/mixes, it throws it all up in the cup. so you have to take it off, beat it on the counter, get everything to the bottom again. and do it again.

I probably did it like four or five times. It was perfect! I looked at my boyfriend and said FINALLY! ITS SO GOOD!!! He was impressed with it as well. Try your bullet again...

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I never use the shakes - always pudding with more water. They are much creamier and don't have the grittiness to them that the shakes do...

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When I tried the puddings the first time I all but gave up. Could not stand the texture. Then someone said to put them in the fridge overnight. I did & they are wonderful! Give it a try..


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I actually never have consistency problems. I've always used a deep ceramic mug (20oz) and whip it with a fork. The mug has a smaller bottom then the top. Its perfect every time. I got at a store Crate and Barrel. Not sure if just local in IL, but sure they have a website.

So good in fact that I went out and bought six more to keep in the storage closet (in case my 2 break and they don't carry it anymore)..

Here is the item on site..


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Very cold water, use a whisk and begin with 1/4 cup water and whisk then slowly add water whisk and refrigerate, add alittle vanilla and cocoa powder. Or use 1 pack pudding and Add 2-3 Tbs sugar free syrup, I use vanilla, mix and make 6 little balls and freeze. great fudge. Check all the recipe threads that's where I found this and there are lots of great tasting recipes...

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I just used the vanilla pudding and added a little strawberry/kiwi crystal light @ 1/2 tsp..

I like the chocolate & banana puddings as pudding and I mix as recommended with a whisk or shaker and then put in the freezer for about 30 minutes. I was an ice cream addict so this sort of fills that void...

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Hi mizzymabel, We use the pudding almost daily as a shake. Since we are two, we use a pudding and another shake together. If I was one, I would still blend up a pudding and a shake and save the other half for the mid morning. I start with almost 2 cups of cold water, blend it, then add almost a cup of ice and blend (remember this is for two) If you are bothered by the chalky taste, soak it overnight in water then add the ice. Can't tell you how amazing the hot choc. (which I really didn't like) is when you soak it overnight.

Shakes for the morning drink..yumm. The other (I think) good thing to do with the pudding is to make the custard, just a different thing...

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I take the cold water, and add 1 packet of Splenda to the water and mix. Then I pour in the pudding mix and stir. I've found the Splenda helps with the weird aftertaste. Then I mis it up really good and put it in the fridge for at least half and hour before I eat it. I have also put it in the freezer too and that helps..

And don't laugh but the way I get by with the texture is sometimes to just eat it with the tip of my tongue where you have less taste buds. LOL I look weird eating it (using the tip of my tongue to lick it off a spoon and then somehow swallow it while bypassingf the middoe of my tongue)...but it tastes good this way...

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I could not get the banana pudding to firm up so I blended it as a shake and it was fine. The other night I had 2 Medifast meals left to eat for my evening meal and made the banana pudding and a brownie, they say it's like a mcflurry? Never had a mcflurry, but this was good. DG..

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