Tips on making Medifast brownies?

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Does anyone really make the brownies with 3 tablespoons of water? I can't even get all the mix moistened with that little water? I'd appreciate any suggestions...

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I just had my first brownnie a few mins ago...and wasn't as impressed as I hoped to be..just tasted like a shake cake to me which I wasn't impressed with either... Good thing I only got 2 boxes... I wasn't expecting it to be like a real brownie I know it's a diet but still had higher hopes. I did it in the microwave with the 3 tbs. water for 1 min & 15 sec... my next one I'll do in the oven to see if it makes a big difference... who knows maybe I'll grow to love them like the

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Yes I make mine with 3 tbsp of water and mix it thoroughly with the back of a teaspoon, ensuring I scrape the sides and bottom of the tray to ensure it's all mixed. I only nuke it for 1 min and it comes out nice and moist, not as sweet as most Medifast foods (yay)...

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I make my brownies with 1 tablespoon eggbeaters 1 tablespoon sugarfree chocolate syrup and 1 tablespoon water. It is amazingling good. I wiil eat these forever...

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Yes, I only use 3 Tablespoons. Are you using measuring spoons and not a regular spoon? If you are, are you sure you are using the tablespoon measure and not the teaspoon measure? 3 full tablespoons makes it very liquidy...

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Yes I make them too with 3 tbsp of water. They come out like brownie batter. Then I lick the spoon and nook for 35 seconds. I like it to be moist in the center. I love them...

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I add a few Cappella drops and 3 tablespoons of water and micro for 1 minute. I had been eating them warm but today I ate it cold and it was much better than warm. I found that warm it was a little bitter but cold it was just right. Maybe it's similar to having to soak the soups and oatmeal prior to cooking them...

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I do 3 TBSP of water with no extra but cook slightly longer than recommended.

Hummm I have never thought about using some of the capella drops...

Comment #7

I will have to let mine cool next time. I just dive into right out of the microwave =)..

Comment #8

I use 3 TBSP water and 1 TBSP whipped cream cheese and nuke it for 1 minute then stick it in the freezer for about an hour. It makes it more brownie like and it brings out the flavor and sweetness better.( IMO). I also like to eat it uncooked out of the freezer. Its like eating cookie batter. So Yummy..

Comment #9

Hmmmm...I do mine differently I add one packet of splenda, a little vanilla extract, and more ends up looking like brownie batter. My microwave nukes things at SUPER power, so I literally only cook it for 25 seconds! CRAZY, I know...but it ends up being like a real brownie and it's SOOO good!! Not at all dry!..

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I do 3 TBSP and micro for 1 minute exactly and let them rest for about 5..

I don't have a hard time mixing them... I just make sure to scrape down the sides. Its definitely thick but no different from a real brownie recipe...

Comment #11

If you make it like someone suggested w/SF syrup and Tbs. egg beaters. are those still counted as condiments?..

Comment #12

I eat mine raw :-) Tastes like good old fashioned cake batter that I used to eat as a kid!!..

Comment #13

Yes, although the egg beaters are deducted from your lean for the day, not the condiments. You should be counting everything you eat...

Comment #14

Agreed. I definitely enjoy licking the spoon after I mix them..

Comment #15

I have to say that I am so glad to see someone else eating their brownies raw! I love it raw. Tastes just like cake/brownie batter and you can chew all the little chocolate chips. Yum!..

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I started mixing mine with 3 tablespoons of diet coke instead of water. I think it tastes better and they're a little more moist. Seems to take out that slight bitter taste...

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I make the brownies as directed and find them really yummy. Sometime I'll make PB2 and add it to the top of the brownie to make a PB frosting on top - to die for! I LOVE the fact that the brownies are not as sweet as the other Medifast foods. I wish I could add PB2 to everything just because it cuts the sweetness down and taste good...

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For a change, I use 3 tablespoons of coffee instead of the water. Sometimes add a dash of cinnamon. Sometimes a tsp of peanut butter swirled in (still with 3 Tablespoons coffee), with another teaspoon on top and bake smooth out the peanut butter like a frosting when it's still warm...

Comment #19

I wasn't as impressed as I'd hoped I'd be with the brownies. They are okay, but I think I like the shake cakes better. I even tried baking in theoven, rather than the microwave. Having a little FF CoolWhip did help!.


Comment #20

I like the brownies, I use the 3 tbls of water. I am gonna try the coffee thing tho. Yesterday I was short a fat serving, so I made them with 1 tbls water and 2 tbls half and half (healthy fat). But remember I was short a fat and needed to add it. Most of the time I make them like normal. Oh my, oh so rich.

I do lick the spoon tho, and yesterday dh laughed at me, cause I sat there just smelling it for a bit and then very slowly savored each and every bite...

Comment #21

What great ideas! You are all so creative. I want to try them all!! (-:.


Comment #22

I think i'll grow to love them like the oatmeal too. And I do use a little more water. What are capella drops and where do you get them????..

Comment #23

I have yet to grow to love the oatmeal but I have learned to love the brownies. well more like, like the brownies. I don't have a microwave so I cook mine in the toaster oven on a lower heat and not for as long as suggested. Then I let it sit for a bit then eat and I do enjoy it much better. I did run out and did not reorder them but maybe next go around I will...

Comment #24

Hey Nakia! They may sell them in the supermarkets in your area, but you should check out their site:

Side note, swirling in a tsp of peanut butter definitely sounds like a great idea like a Medifast funny bone... Can't wait til my shipment gets here so that I can try it!.

- Nini..

Comment #25

I did not like the taste of the brownies, so I decided to play around. I made chocolate muffins instead. I mixed one package of brownie, one package of pudding, and one of scrambled eggs. Than I added 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup and 1/2 cup water. Mix it altogether and spray three cups in a cupcake pan with Pam. Divide the mix up.

They are great, each muffin is a meal. I cover the rest with a wet paper towel and put in the fridge. To reheat, I cover the muffin with a wet paper towel and microwave for 30 seconds.


Comment #26

How do you count the cappella drops? Is it a condiment? How drops = 1 condiment. Thanks for the help...

Comment #27

Some of these sound great! I love the brownies, and have been making them as directed, in the microwave, and enjoying every bite. You do have to stir, stir, stir to moisten all the powder...

Comment #28

I do that too!.

I find that after they sit for a while they...settle, I guess?...and become more fudgelike..


Comment #29

I make mine with 3 1/2 tbsp of water and use a real measuring spoon. I only put it in microwave for 55 seconds and afterwards put it in the freezer for 10 minutes or so. I didn't like them at first either but after these modifications they are much better...

Comment #30

The brownies are my favorite. When they are right out of the microwave they taste just as good as a regular brownie to me. Give it another shot. Maybe your microwave is over/undercooking so just play with it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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