Tips on improving Medifast shakes?

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I've been on Medifast for aboout 5 weeks....

On my first order I did the pre-made ready to drink shakes in Dutch. I couldn't drink them alone so I would empty in my bullet + teaspoon of instant coffee + cup of crushed ice and drink it on the way to work... I loved them! I sometimes even added SF caramel syrub= carmel frap!.


I decided on my second order that since I don't drink the premade drinks by themselve. I'll get the packets. Well... I just tried the packets yesterday and HELP!.

Yesterday morning I did packet of dutch + 8oz of water+ crushed ice + SF caramel syrup +teaspoon of coffee... Well I could tell by the color that it was wrong....

So I read on here about letting it sit in the fridge.. Today I shaked it together mix + water and let it sit in the fridge for a good 4+ hours... I put it in the bullet (look like the same color as premade + there) added my ice +coffee+ syrup... It tastes a tad better but still bad... I'm drinking it very slowly at the moment (been like 30 mins) it's gone down in size (soy reaction I figure) but still tastes bad....

I pre shaked the mix + water tonight and it's going be in the fridge over night to attempt again in the morning before work... I think I might try to mix ice + water+ instant coffee+syrub in bullet and then pour into the shake and stir... keeping my fingers crossed!.

I've read about baking powder but I don't understand how that can make it better..

Please any help on to make it taste like the ready shakes and be blended?..

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I drink at least two shakes per day, every day...I love them. I am not sure what you are saying the issue is...(?) Is it that you don't like the taste, the consistency, or it's just "different" than the premade shakes? I make mine with 8 oz cold water, the shake mix, and a bunch of ice in a health mate blender (similar to a magic bullet) and there is no need to pre soak them, refrigerate, or add baking powder. Maybe you have a bad batch?..

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I have a shake every morning. I put mine in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes and it gets nice and thick. I pour it into a plastic cup first and if there is any left I drink it right away but I don't like the grittiness. That goes away after being in the freezer awhile. Just be careful not to spill it in the freezer - creates quite a mess..

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Here is my suggestion for something else to try, even though I have absolutely no idea whether or not it will work..

Try mixing the packet + water + coffee + syrup in the magin bullet tonight, and then put that in the refrigerator over night..

Tomorrow morning, try adding the ice and shaking until it's well re-blended. I would try NOT blending it again, just drink it over ice like iced coffee...

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No success today! But the shake before I put it in the bullet was the right color this time tasted more like hot chocolate than dutch choclate but better than chalk!.

The texture is not so bad over taste. I just taste chalk or protein.. The packets come out to be light color when in the blender versus premade drinks are still dark color after I put it in the bullet. So that just a little odd..

Tonight I think I am going the idea to try mixing the powder, water, syrup and putting in the fridge or freezer and have it sit over night. I hope it works! If not I think I might just return my 2 boxes and get the premade ones.....

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I don't use any water in mine. Just make it with cold coffee and ice. Yum...

Comment #5

Cold coffee instead of water? maybe I should try that too..

Comment #6

This won't solve the problem of what to do with the shakes you already have, but I vastly prefer the hot cocoa made like a shake. I put in crushed ice and water, dump in the packet, and blend it up. It tastes a bit like a Wendy's Frosty to me. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I can't say how it would be with coffee added..

Even though I feel guilty spending the extra money, I only like the shakes if they're the RTD version. It's one of the few Medifast meals I actually *like*...

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I'll try the hot cocoa and I'll try chocolate pudding while I'm at it too! If it takes me like 10 times to figure it out. I will.. :-)..

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Have you tried using less water? I use just 4 oz. of water if I am using ice also otherwise the shake is too diluted...

Comment #9

I've used less water or more water, less ice, more ice, freezing. I made it this morning with chocolate pudding but it's okay not the best. I drank maybe 1/4 or a half? I figured I will just crave and get my ready to go drinks.....

Comment #10

Yep the ready to drink tastely vastly different from the powdered. I like both, but the packet shakes do taste like protein shakes, whereas the ready to drink taste like yoo hoo...

Comment #11

Thanks for all the useful tips girls!! I just got my food today- starting tomorrow at least I know to buy the RTD next month! I'm new at this so I'm reading all these threads to know what to expect tomorrow...

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Wbc3904- recommend RTD 500%, I love them in the morning with a teaspoon of instant coffee + Sugar Free Carmel Syrup and some ice... It's like a carmel frappicno(sp?).

Good news about my many boxes of these powder shakes... I threw away a the physical box but had 7 boxes and they accepted it for refund!..

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Interesting. I love the shakes - they're my favorite meal item. I do add 1 TB SF coconut syrup, and make with 1/2 cup water, 1 cup ice. Its funny though, the strawberry mixes up more than the chocolate or swiss mocha (need a bigger glass for it). No idea why..

Thanks for the suggestion on the hot chocolate. I'm almost out of shakes and I'm not fond of the hot choc. so I'm going to try that and see if it helps..


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I just found my new favorite thing this morning. Take instant hazlenut coffee and put in shakes or hot choc. Party in the mouth!..

Comment #15

I'm new to MF....where can I purchase the ready-made shakes?..

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IMO the dutch chocolate is awful!!! I really like the Dark Chocolate antioxidant one. that is the only shake I can drink. I really like the hot cocoa and cappuccino too. I can drink the shake Ice cold or room temp. but only if it is the Dark chocolate...

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The next time you order, just put the item in your shopping cart. They are all listed on the shopping page of either Medifast or TSFL (whichever you use to place your order). If you phone in your order, just ask for them to be added...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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