Tips on improving Medifast ice tea?

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Does anybody know how to spruce up the iced teas? any suggestions?..

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I couldn't stand the teas. My hubby drank them for me It was too... thick and powdery to be a tea for me...

Comment #1

If by spruce up you mean make it more raspberry-like, you could add 1-2 Tbsp of Torani or DaVinci sugar free raspberry syrup as one of your condiment options for the day..

I always put mine in an insulated tumbler to keep it cold longer and then add crushed ice to it. That brings back something to chew, which I miss with a lot of Medifast meals. It also has the effect of slowing me down a bit..

Hope that helps. Bob...

Comment #2

I got the Raspberry tea and on Wednesday and had a hard time drinking it the first day.

Day 2 I added a Crystal Lite Raspberry lemonade water bottle mixer to the 8 oz water and it was still a bit gross.

Day 3 I added 2 Crystal Lite Raspberry lemonade mixers and it was way to sweet.

Day 4 (today) I added the 2 crystal light raspberry lemonade mixers but this time added another 8 oz of water (for a total of 16oz) This made it drinkable. The 2 Crystal Lites drowned out the flavor of the tea mixture and plus I got an extra water in!..

Comment #3

I mix the iced tea in 32 ounces of water and ice and usually a Momentum iced tea. I bring it with me and sip, it lasts a long time...

Comment #4

Blend it in MB with 1 cup ice, 1/2 cup water and 1/2 stick of raspberry (or any flavor) crystal light...

Comment #5

Haven't tried the raspberry yet but I just tried the Tropical Punch today. Very bland but tolerable. I added a bit of the Strawberry Lemonade flavor infusers and it helped a bit. I mixed it with lots of ice until it was almost a slushie. It was very good and filling. I think I will probably need to tweak the raspberry too. Trying cranberry mango tomorrow and I am all ready to add some cranberry pomegranate crystal light to that (I love that stuff!)..

Comment #6

I've never made this cold, only hot. I'm probably one in a million...but I think it tastes good. The weather's been cold lately and it really warms me up...

Comment #7

I like all the cold drinks! I fix them with SF flavored seltzers and ice...

Comment #8

WOW! I like it as is. I just whip it up in my little blender with an ice cube. I must be wierd! But I have mixed them with Crystal Light to make a larger drink...

Comment #9

I mix the Raspberry Tea with about 10 oz real unsweetened tea instead of water and add ice cubes to make a large glass. This tastes more like regular tea to me.

However, I have a problem mixing the tea because it gets all gloppy. The last time, I blended it in the Magic Bullet, then added more tea and ice. It was very good...

Comment #10

I just tried my first raspberry tea today and it was so thick and cloudy so I added splenda and more water. It is digestable but won't order it again. I find that if I only order what I really love, I stay on plan religiously and not suffer thru it. why should you eat./drink something that isn't appetizing. I love the recipes suggested and will try them with my next 6 packets. : )..

Comment #11

I actually enjoy the raspberry tea if I'm in the mood but, lately I can't get myself to drink it. I'd rather have something more substantial. I love the idea of having it hot though. I'll have to try that (since I'm freezing all the time!!). Been trying to figure out how to get those teas in so that I can use up all the food I have before ordering more. Thanks for the tip!..

Comment #12

I discovered that if you mix a chocolate shake and a raspberry tea in powder form, and then divide it into two plastic baggies (Saving one for later). THEN you add it to cold coffee with a few ice cubes and mix well (I use a shaker bottle). You end up with a iced raspberry mocha... reminds me of Starbucks.

Now I just need to figure out something to do with the blueberry shake...

Comment #13

That sounds soooo good!! I love raspberry and chocolate...and I love coffee. I'm definitely going to try that this week!..

Comment #14

When I first tried the Raspberry it was disgusting! I decided to mix it with ice though and blend it all up (ice and water). I also added a little sugar free raspberry syrup and actually just finished it! It can be a little frothy but definitely easier to drink than by itself...

Comment #15

I occasionally mix my raspberry tea with a small can of diet 7 up or sprite - adds a nice fizz to it!..

Comment #16

I just made the tea and yummmmmmmm I added the 1/2 cup water 1.5 cups ice and half packet of Arizona Pomegrante green tea and the Medifast tea and mixed it up, it's a slushie and so good. I got the Arizone Pomengrante green tea at Walmart in the coffee isle..

Comment #17

I like it on ice, or done with the ninja to make it like a slurpie..

Comment #18

Double the water. I cannot stand the raspberry flavor; it tastes like bubble gum, which I can't stand. HOwever, I drink the peach tea with double the amount of water and it tastes just right...

Comment #19

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