Tips on doctoring Medifast brownies?

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Thought I would start a thread dedicated to the new brownie! I ordered a CASE and have made it 3 times already - twice in the microwave, once in the oven. In the oven, I felt it was more "dry" but I could SEE the choc chips..

My favorite so far was a FROSTED brownie. I followed the directions for the brownie but the second time I only microwaved for 1 min 10 seconds. It had a fudgier consistency that way which I enjoyed more..


Chocolate PB2 powder mixed with cold water into a paste. Added Walden Farms zero calorie Chocolate Dip to consistency of frosting. Spread on top of warm brownie..

This made it taste much better in my opinion. More fudgey, and had more representative of the real deal..

Does anyone else have ideas or tips about things you have done with the brownies so far?..

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Yesterday was very busy day, so when I finally made it home and had my L&G, I still had 2 Medifast meals to eat..

I made the brownie and frosted it with "hot cocoa!".

I took a packet of hot cocoa and mixed with a few tbs. of water until smooth consistency. Still a little thick. Then I spread the "hot cocoa" frosting over the warm brownie. I actually licked the plastic spatula I used to spead the "frosting" over the brownie!.

It is now my new favorite!! You could get creative and add PB2, SF syrups, splenda etc, if you have enough condiments for the day.

It does count as 2 Medifast meals, and yes I know you should drink the 8 ounces of water missing from a regular Medifast meal (just expecting someone to bring that up).

It was very good...I am going to order more of both!..

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I haven't even SEEN a brownie yet and you guys are already changing them up!!..

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New Brownie is will take a lot for me to get tired of these!! Texture is wwaaay better than shake cake and the chocolate is very flavorful. since I like my brownie plain these are just right. Followed the microwave direction and it came out very tender...I did let it stand for the recommended 3 minutes. This will mid morning or afternoon Medifast of choice for me!!..

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Cheesecake Brownie.

Mix brownie with 3 TBL water per instructions.

In a separate bowl mix 2 tsp. Light Cream cheese, 2 tsp. egg beaters,1/2 splenda packet and 1/4 tsp. almond extract.

Spread cream cheese mixture over brownie mixture and bake in 350 degree oven 20-25 min.

Delicious!! I thought the brownie was a little bitter by itself so, I tried a few different things and this was Fantastic !..

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I nooked mine 2 different times today and the first time I nooked it for 53 seconds and it came out a little on the dry side. So the second time I nooked it for 38 seconds and it had a warm gooey center and very good. Can't wait to have it tomorrow.

The cheesecake recipe sounds delish. And I am going to have to mix mine with some PB2...

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Here's one thing NOT to do: I needed to get caught up on Medifast meals, so I chopped up a PB crunch bar an mixed it into the brownie batter. Didn't workthe little crisps got kinda hard and the taste of the brownie wasn't improved. Oh, well!..

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These all sound interesting. I just started and the brownies showed up on line the day after I submitted my order. My next order I plan on buying some - and I will be in week 4. What exactly is PB2? Also if you mix in cream cheese how does that count on plan? I am not planning on playing with anything too much now = but by week 5,6 I might be ready and want to be prepared!..

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Coolicol, cream cheese is a healthy fat. Take a look at the condiments/fats list Success Tools tab (look under "eating right"); you will see all the things that can be used as healthy fats or approved condiments. Better yet, here is a link...

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The first time I had a brownie, I made it according to the instructions and really liked it. The next time, I decided to add a dash of cinnamon, and it was fantastic! Today, while at the grocery store, I found caramel flavored Splenda, so I bought it and added a packet to my brownie when I got home. Very good!..

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OMG!!! I have died and gone to heaven! Got my samples of PB2 today (only took a few days!).

I stirred 1 tbls into the brownie right after I took it out of the microwave..


Only 26.2 calories, 3 protein and 1.7 carbs in that 1 tbls.

The extra protein is a nice bonus....I put 2 of these brownies with PB2 on My Plan today and I am at 50% protein, 80 carbs and 833 calories for the day.

I am ordering 8 boxes of brownies for my next four weeks....... LOL :-).

I feel like I am cheating. So good...

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I made the brownie mix into hot chocolate oooh, was that good! Just prep it like you would any of the hot drinks. The chocolate chips make it thicker and richer than the regular hot cocoa. You can doctor it as you like. If you like creamy hot chocolate, add some half and half or milk (check the condiments list for amounts), or if you like it spicy add a dash of cinnamon or cayenne pepper...

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Oh my gosh! This one is a keeper for sure! Thank you!!!..

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I eat the brownies raw....kind of like cheating with raw cake batter hehe..

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My hub and I also make the brownies into "cheesecakes" Make the brownies as directed then mix together a TB of low fat cream cheese and a little whipped topping and dash of sugar substitute. Spread the mix on top of cooled brownie. It was wonderful...

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Mine eventually turned up this week, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm heaven, love the taste, but not all that filling for me. I did try mixing a brownie pack with an oatmeal, may have something there, but think I overcooked the first one a little, had a great taste tough..

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Hey Everyone!.

Quick are you getting PB2? I ordered back in January and my order is still on back order. Countless emails to customer service and now they tell me it will be MAY!? Anyone have an inside connection?..

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Brownie muffins.

1 Medifast brownie mix.

1 Medifast cocoa or pudding or choc shake.

1 Medifast eggs.

1 tsp baking powder.

1/2 cup water.

1 Tbs sf choc syrup.

Mix well.

Makes 6 regular size muffins.

Bake at 350 8-10 min.

2 muffins =1meal.

Very tasty choc muffins with choc chips!..

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I ordered samples as I read that was in stock. I have also read that end of March early April for it to be back in stock for purchase. I have heard the customer service is really bad. I am not ordering from them once it becomes available as I have found a store that sells it locally.

They never bothered to email me or tell me my order was accepted on the samples. It just showed up yesterday.

A good product but a horribly run company. I don't see them lasting long given the poor customer service and the poor inventory/production management.

Ebay does have a jar or two sometimes but I don't trust buying food on ebay...

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What is PB2? I am lost, but thanks for the tip for the muffins!..

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PB2 is a powdered peanut butter product - made with real peanuts, just with all the fats and oils removed. It is great..

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What store have you purchased PB2 at ? I am in CT and have been searching Thanks ! Kate..

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I had my first brownie today, and I pronounce it good - as is.

I like to save my condiments for my L&G, so I don't get too excited about doctoring up the Medifast meals. That said, I may give the "cheesecake brownie" version a shot. That sounds entirely worth the sacrifice!..

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Boy pb2 must be GOLD. I couldn't find it available at any of the usual low carb sites. So I ordered it directly from Bell Plantation. Hope it comes soon!..

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I put a little FF Cool Whip on mine and I thought that made it much better..


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I save my condiments/snack up so I can use them on the brownie.

They are ok plain just dont over cook them..

I mixed PB2 INTO it and it was "ok".

******** my favorite way is to spread the PB2 ON TOP and 2 tbsp of the new cool whip lite in a can...i feel like i'm cheating too! quick easy and wonderful!.

I tired it in the oven and thought it was the same in the microwave (and 30mins faster!).

I can't wait to buy another box!.

Does anyone know if you can have more than one brownie per day? like they recommend you only have one bar per day...

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Patti, you can have 5 brownies per day if you like. For that matter, you can have 5 crunch bars (gold wrapper bars) per day if you like. The only thing that is recommended to keep at 1 or less per day is the maintenance bar (the ones in the green wrappers)...

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That just made my monday! browines for snack...brownies for lunch...brownies!!!.


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Mix the brownie mix with 3 T of water and 1 T of sugar free Hershey's. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes for a moist chocolate cake. (You'll have to eat it out of the container.)..

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I needed to double up to get in my meals so I made a brownie and vanilla pudding. I used the pudding like a custard filling and made a layer cake...

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Just thought I would say that I made the brownie muffins using the recipe posted by green tea drinker (on pg 3 of this thread) and they were amazing!.

I used a chocolate pudding when I made them (so 1 brownie, 1 chocolate pudding, and 1 Medifast eggs) and I actually only made 3 muffins instead of six, because it looked like my muffin pan would hold them- they baked up super huge- luckily no slip overs- but they deflated quickly once I took them out of the oven..

These were awesome- the chocolate chips melted in the center were heaven. I wrapped the other two up and then heated them up in the microvaze for about 10 secs.

I'm going to make another batch tonight! Thanks greenteadrinker for the recipe!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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