Tips for the Medifast Shiritaki noodles

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Ok I am really cinfused about all of this stuff I finally found an oriental store in my area and bought 2 bags of shiritaki noodles. The 1st time I made them I listed to all the post and washed them about 20 times and then boiled them added some olive oil and garlic and they looked really good, until I went to take a bight and the fishy taste made me gag the whole thing wnet in the garbage I was so dissapointed!!!!!!!!! The next day I decided to take theother bag I bought wash them a billion times they did not have any fishy smell at all put in 2 tbls of dressing and then let them soak for a few hours to make a pasta salad and again same fishy taste almost threw up and they got tossed..

So now I am thoroughly confused about how people are eating them when they taste fishy they were the yam ttofu brand same as you can buy on line but what a disaster..

Anyhelp on this would be much appreciated I am afraid to but another package to have them go in the garbage but I do like noodles...

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I looked in three grocery stores and can't find them. Sorry I can't help you. I never saw them or ate them. where can I buy them?????????????. what type of "sauce can we make to put on them?.

Here is a forum, not MF.


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I couldn't handle those either, my problem was with the texture, I don't remember a fishy taste..

Zucc Curls work for me when I want noodles, it's not bad even though I'm not a big fan of zucc. I've added both chicken and shrimp to this recipe and cook it till just barely tender so I get some chewing out of the zucc.

Zucchini curls.

2 large zucchini.

Chicken broth.

Cream cheese (light or garlic herb).

Using a veggie peeler, peel the zucchini into 'ribbons'. Start by running the veggie peeler over the same spot from top to bottom. Continue up to the seeds to make thick ribbons of zucchini.

(Don't acutally peel it first) I toss the "core" out or the dish will get mushy..

Place 1/8c chicken broth in a frying pan.

Once hot add zucchini ribbons and cook until just soft while stirring (about 3 minutes ).

Add 2 tbs cream cheese & salt & pepper.

Stir until cheese is melted and serve immediately...

Comment #2

I wish I could help and hope someone posts something useful. I bought the noodles at sprouts and there was a delish sounding hungry girl recipe on the back of the bag that I made a few small tweaks in. The noodles tasted funny, were all stuck together sort of, and generally I don't see how they could remotely compare to regular pasta. Any guidance would be appreciated!..

Comment #3

I love the shiritake noodles. I buy mine at Publix, but Whole Foods also has the same brand. I rinse mine and then boil them and there is no fishy taste. Believe me, I hate fish and wouldn't eat them if they tasted the least bit fishy. My DH loves them too. They do have a higher water content and that tends to make your sauce watery. My trick is to pat them dry with a paper towel...

Comment #4

Try the wildwood brand from whole foods. they are not as fishy and you don't have to rinse forever...

Comment #5

I use to buy mine from Dierbergs, but the stopped carrying it, and then I found them again in a Global market. They have never tasted fishy to me either. I love them and a fantastic way to have noodles (sort of....LOL)...

Comment #6

Thanks for all the tips, maybe there was somethign wrong with the bags I bought. I don't have a whole foods near me so I may order them on line and try them again.

Simba you can look on line for asian grocery stores in the area if you don't have a whole foods and you can buy them there.

I didn'thave troub;e with the texture it was just so fishy even after washing and washing probably for 20 minutes and then boiling them I was so grossed out. I may stick to spagetti squash with some icbinb and garlic for a while I am a little nervous about trying them again..

As for sauces ash you can do just butter and garlic or if you go under the recipes boards I remeber seeing a fettucine sauce with laughing cow cheese that looked pretty good. I try to stay away from all the extras so butter and garlic or olive oil and garlic would work for me but I know there are some asian recipes as well with terriyaki or soy sacue and veggies in a stir fry..

Hopefully we can all find a better resolution unfortunately I no longer have publix where I live so I may have to find another asian grocer or order on line from fresh market anyway thanks for all the advie, hope you all had a great 4th...

Comment #7

I rinse, rinse, rinse and smell them periodically during the rinsing. I only stop rinsing when the smell stops. I 'dry' them too, either on paper towels or in the microwave before preparing with sauce or whatever...

Comment #8

I have been using shirataki noodles for well over a year. My husband is diabetic and cannot have pasta, so we use these. You have to rinse and rinse and rinse. Then squeeze them dry , not just pat, with paper towel/regular towel. You can boil them like pasta or nuke them in the microwave. I use them as a base for stir fried vegetables or make shirataki Alfredo.

Mix it all up and enjoy..

Is it fettuccine Alfredo like you have in a restaurant? Far from it. BUT....if you can never eat that again, this is a good substitute...

Comment #9

I just ordered online at I was able to get two 9 oz bags of spagetti for $3.50 plus $5 S/H. I usually won't pay more for shipping than what the item is, but I don't want to but a lot in case I don't like them. I'm hoping they'll be in tomorrow and I will post how it goes...

Comment #10

I bought them and I still get the creeps when thinking about them!!!..

Comment #11

I don't use the dry ones. The ones I found (at Safeway) are packed in a bag of water. I just run them under the tap for about 3 minutes and then add them to what I am making..

When I make them I (since they actually count more as green) I add a few more veggies and add some lowfat protein of some type and then add a little low carb marinara..

Tastes good, but for all of that trouble, it's easier to just shred zucchini or use spaghetti squash for that whole pasta feel...

Comment #12

I loved the shiritake noodles! I would make a few "batches" of meals at a time. I would rinse the noodles for a couple of minutes over cold water in a strainer and then boil for about 3 minutes. I would add to a ground turkey and stewed canned tomato mixture and divide up into individual meals. They didn't freeze well so I would store in the fridge up to one week. Sprinkle a little grated cheese on top and I felt like I was eating spaghetti with meat sauce! I even brought my concoction to a spaghetti dinner at the church one night and people just thought they missed the crock pot with the meat sauce as they stared at my plate! I've also sauteed them with shrimp and broccoli. Love them!! Lots of spices are key I think.

Good luck!!.

Btw, I get them at Whole Foods or Publix..

Comment #13

I finally tried them and they were just OK. They did have a fishy smell, but that rinsed off easily. They tasted fine, but the texture was odd. I think I'll try boiling them a little next time and see if that helps...

Comment #14

The texcture you won't be able to get around. They are kind of rubbery, but hey... it's noodles...

Comment #15

The texture is what it is, but the fishy smell/taste you can get rid of. Dump out the package of noodles into a colander, leave them under running water for a few minutes, and then heat an empty skillet and dump them in. No need to grease the skillet, the noodles are already wet. Toss them around in the hot skillet for a minute or two to dry-toast them. If they start to stick, they're done. This cooks off some of the mucusy jelly-gunk.

You can then boil them or just eat them as is I like to add them to broth, along with some chopped greens, and slurp it up like pho...

Comment #16

I remember a similar product someone brought in for sharing when I was doing weight watchers. I don't remember if they got it at Giant, Nature's Garden (a health food store) but I was also thinking, could we find it at Trader Joe's? we don't have whole foods here...

Comment #17

So I have been talking about this product with our pin up group. How do you work this into the plan- is 1 pkg considered a leanest or something because it's made with Tofu? You could put zucchini and mushroom and tomatoes and a bit of olive oil, garlic and lemon for like a veggie stir fry?.

It sounds really good as long as you cook them......

Comment #18

Actually, shiritaki isn't made with tofu... it's made with yam technically, it's part of the green. I've seen it discussed in the FAQ's on the main Medifast site....

Can I have shirataki noodles?.

Yes. You can have shirataki noodles serving size 1-1/2 cups (12 oz). This would be considered the Green portion of your Lean & Green Meal..

Its the last iten under the title Using Medifast..

Comment #19

Oh nice, but I thought there were 2 different kinds of those noodles- some made with yam and some made with Tofu? If it's "yam flour" then is probably on the higher end of the carb scale.....

Comment #20

Shiratake comes from the root of the Konjac plant. It has been used in Africa for many years. They would eat the root. It is a very interesting plant..


Comment #21

I buy the House brand tofu noodles, which after a year of having to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Whole Foods, I am stoked to say my Lowes Foods has finally started to carry them. Yes!! I have purchsed the Yam shirataki noodles before, but MUCH prefer the tofu variety..

Here is what the House brand Tofu Shirataki noodles look like. They are not translucent like the yam ones..

I never ever ever boil them... eiw! They are already soft, I couldnt imagine how mushy they'd be if I boiled them. I throw them in a colander, rinse them quickly and thoroughly in cold water and let them sit there to drain while I prepare my add in items..

Tonight, this is what I did:.

Rinsed noodles, let drain..

Chopped up fresh brocoli..

Peeled shrimp..

Heated wok on high with sesame oil. Tossed in noodles first to evaporate a bit of the moisture, then threw in the brocoli along with some garlic and 7 ingredient japanese red pepper. Tossed around a bit then threw in the shrimp with a splash of light soy. Tossed some more and presto, done..

Served on a plate with a bowl of tsuyu (japanese noodle dipping sauce) and a saucer with wasabi mixed with light soy..

Only fish taste was from the shrimp itself. The noodles dont have a flavor of their own, being made of tofu, so they absorb the flavors of the stuff they were cooked with. It was delicious, and a whopping <300 calories..

Here is my dinner from tonight. Mmmmm!..

Comment #22

Ps Daphne youre right...they come in Yam *and* Tofu varieties. the yam ones are translucent. The tofu ones look like normal pasta. The official sayso from Nutrisystem is 1/2 cup Shirataki noodles = 1 serving green. The bags I showed above have 2 servings (8 ounces) so I use one half cup of whatever other veggie I feel like, plus my lean. I usually use zuchinni like in the below pic, but tonight, I wanted brocoli..

Comment #23

Well, the ones I buy do. they have a springy texture to them that pasta does not have. I am not sure why other people are talking about washing their noodles til the smell goes away. my noodles smell like nothing. they are packed in water and it's just tofu noodles in water. not sure what the smell is or why folks are washing and washing and washing. maybe it's a different brand, but with House brand TOFU shirataki noodles, they smell and taste like nothing...

Comment #24

So do you count the tofu noodles as part of your lean than, since it's not a veggie?..

Comment #25

Nope, it counts as a green, per Nutrisystem guidelines. 4 ounces (1/2 cup) is one serving green...

Comment #26

I'm going to have to go check this stuff out!!.

I'm not sure I'll find it in my lil town but I should when I move to OKC..

Thanks for all the info and recipes!!..

Comment #27

Wow I just found these at whole foods. there is no whole foods where I live but I was out of town. just had em. yup! felt like I had spaghetti!!!! I put in cream cheese and then sprinkled with parm. cheese. I forgot about the garlic.

Only bought 2 packs and I wish I bought more. no idea where to buy these where I live. but this was a great treat!.

I had the tofu ones in th epic on page 3 of this post...

Comment #28

I ordered 2 packages from this place online: They are the shirataki noodles fortified with tofu. That is why some people have different reactions to the noodles, besides individual tastes. Adding tofu is suppose to make the texture and taste much more appealing that the plain noodles. I also found on a vegan website that the some of the brands do have fish oil in them (hence, the fishy taste), but not all of them. I think the woodlands brand is one that does not have the fish oil so it can be considered vegan.

The website I was reading mentioned that the fish oil had not been placed in the ingredients list and there were a lot of folks really upset because they had consumed the noodles. My point is that I wouldn't look too much at the ingredient list for the fish oil, but for a stamp that says Vegan.

I ordered from the above website yesterday and I've never had the noodles before. When I get them, I'll try to remember to come back and rate the noodles and the company I bought them from. The shipping was $8.95 flat rate for several items. You can keep the flat rate for orders that are less than 40 or so packs of noodles and not much glass (like the davinci syrups), so it was a pretty good deal on shipping for what I ordered!..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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