Tips for staying on plan during Medifast

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I've been doing Medifast for a short time and lost 5 lbs the first week but have had a really hard time staying OP. I cant seem to get the motivation to really stick to the plan. I've been reading through the bulletin boards and have read alot of great posts that gives me a boost but it seems to go away pretty fast. Any suggestions or tips?..

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You need to do this for you, and for your little boy. He needs to know you will be there for him, and I know you want to be there for everything. However, all of us on Medifast are here because we are unhealthy. We are all putting our health first, and taking care of ourselves so we can start embracing life more.

You can do this! It's so tough because it's not just about the food. It's about our mind, our emotions, and our habits. If it was easy...we wouldn't be overweight. Make a goal to do this for 4 weeks. If after 4 weeks you don't feel better, and happier you can choose to quit. Although I think you will really be so glad you hung in there..

You can do it! You are strong!..

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Hey Heather, I wish I had something profound or deep or inspiring for you. I guess the only thing I've got is that you have to be ready and you have to want it. Something within you propelled you to make your first order. What was it? Was it hope? That this, MF, could be the answer? It was for me. I was desperate, depressed and feeling so, so out of options. And then I thought, well, let's give this a month.

But I really did give it my all. I committed to the program and did not look back. Medifast really got me back on track. It really does work and the hunger really does go away. The only way through it for me was 100%.

You really can do this. We're here for you...

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You are worth it! Just do it! You have everything to lose by staying on plan!!!..

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Another bit of an afterthought of advice. Become obsessed with this site. Start by joining a team, and start reading the blogs. You will find a lot of our long time veterans struggled in the beginning too. I recommend reading amylonghorns blog. It was one of the first I read and really got me motivated.

Take each day as a success, and don't look back...

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I feel your pain and I have struggled on and off for 2 months - I did this last year before I got pregnant and it worked GREAT. I am on day 3 now - which - after 2 months of on again, off again, is pretty incredible ... what seems to work is "STICK TO IT 100%" I feel a little miserable today and sad that I have given up my comfort food - but I would rather feel miserable and sad for a few days to get on program then to be depressed about my weight for a lifetime..

For me I need to tell myself - there is no choice - it is Medifast or an early death/miserable life. It is hard but with the boards, the Grace of God, and following the Medifast program YOU / WE CAN DO THIS!.


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Thanks everyone, I've read through the boards today and it really helped. Also I weighed in this morning and lost 7lbs woo hoo! Thanks again...

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Congratulations on your continued loss. I'd also suggest checking out Dr. Judith Beck's "The Beck Diet Solution." It teaches skills we need to lose weight & to maintain that loss. It's really great, and is available at any bookstore or through most libraries, I believe...

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Good morning, Heather!.

Congratulations on the loss this morning!.

I too have no words of wisdom other than the best things for us, seldom are 'easy'. Even though this plan is very simple, very fool proof, it requires dedication on your part. You have the tools available to you to facilitate the change in your body. I would say my advice to you would be, right now, you might need to commit to the program at each meal, talk yourself out of choices that are not on the program and take it one meal at a time..

Now that you have had a great weight loss for this week, that might be another motivator!.

Congrats again,.


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The biggest thing in this journey is that YOU have to be ready to make it...YOU have to be ready to make the commitment for yourself. I started here originally in 08/2006 and lost about 40 pounds before the holidays came around and I fell off the wagon. Retried a few times but just could not get back into it. I quit and gained it all back..

I made up my mind and restarted again in January of this year. It was still difficult, and I struggled some, but didn't quit. After I reached the 50-pounds lost point and started to see and feel the differences in myself, things just took off. It seems that everything has fallen into place, especially my thinking, and I am more determined than ever..

I do visit these boards a LOT...there is always in inspirational story, and many tips and advice from those that have traveled this road. YOU can do this, if YOU want to. Best of luck to you!..

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Yay! Congrats on your loss. That is motivation, yes?? Go girl!!!!..

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Sorry you are struggling so with your plan..

I did not read thru this post, so I appologize in advance if someone already gave you these tips..

First Click on the links in my siggy. They are there for you..

Second Join a team. But since you are struggling to stay on plan, "lurk" awhile on the teams and find one that does not condone or coddle you when you even think of cheating. Sounds like you might need some tough love. There are teams that offer whatever you need to stay on plan. Just search for what will work for you. Oh, and by the way, typing and being on these boards, keeps you busy and not eating.

I know I have to change my clothes when I spew my water on myself. (HA) I've learned not to drink anything when I am on my Team thread, cause invariably I'll make a mess.

Third - There are some great books on weightloss from the "mental" side of this. I believe weight loss is more a mental struggle, FOR ME, than an actual physical one..

Linda Spangle has a great book called 100 Days to Weightloss. It used to be a pop up when you logged onto the MyMedifast site. She is very pro this plan and has some quick and easy suggestions to help..

Lastly, Pm me anytime if you feel the need. We are all here for each other and I believe you are worth it!.

Twincerely, Chatty..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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