Tips for spicing up Medifast soups

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Hi folks!.

As a newbie, I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaated the soups. I could never get them to rehydrate properly, nor did I have the time to mess with trying. Then, while at a support group meeting, someone mentioned that they put their soup, along with a little bouillon (the tomato/chicken from Knorr is amazing!) and two cups of boiling water in a small thermos each morning and by lunch time it's perfect..

Let me tell you, I've been eating the soups every day since learning this trick! And, if I want to feel a little fuller, I add a little flax seed as well or bring a container with a 1/2 cup steamed vegies to add just before eating. My boss saw me eating this the other day, sniffed it and said, "Oh. Not doing the Medifast thing anymore?" It really does make a huge difference!.

Happy souping!..

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This sounds like a great trick. Do you do this with the chicken noodle? How much bouillon do you use? Is bouillon the little cubes? I'm brand new and pouring over the boards to find tips and tricks, i'm starting on Thursday..

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I've done it with both the Chicken Noodle and the Chicken Wild Rice. I'm really looking forward to my next shipment with Vegi Beef now! I get the Knorr cubes. The full size cubes I cut in half. They also make these awesome little flavor cubes (garlic, onion, cilantro) that are perfect for single servings. I found those in the Mexican food section..

The more Medifast friends I meet, the more tips I come across. So, I know that if I encounter a food I really don't like, I just need to look around. SOMEONE will have a tip to make it fabulous...

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Thanks a million for the reply! I'm just making a big ole list so I have options if i'm disappointed with taste! I'll be picking up some of these for sure..

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Just remember these adds count towards your limitation of no more than 3 condiments...

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MT's right. You have to make sure you're watching your intake for other meals if you make these additions. I learned that the hard way and kicked myself right out of ketosis...

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Ok so bouillon is considered a condiment? So when they say you can have broth or bouillon during meals it's part of the condiment count? I'm glad you added that because it was my next question..

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I figured it out. Thanks for the help everyone!..

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I tried this today with half of a Rapunzel bullion cube and the MD crab soup. It was great! I couldn't believe what a difference it made. The best part was not worrying about exploding the microwave at work! Brining it in a thermos is SUCH a great idea, why didn't I think about it earlier?..

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I put chicken noodle in the thermos with water and I love how it comes out a few hours later. It is so thick and chunky. Give it a shot without the condiments and see how you do...

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One of the benefits of adding the bouillon, is that I can double the water amount and feel so much fuller.

Just finished my Chicken Wild Rice soup with the tomato/chicken bouillon and a teaspoon of flax seed. Definitely a favorite and now my tummy is nice and full...

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That's what I was figuring. That extra cup of soup is really keeping the afternoon hunger at bay. I don't mind giving up a condiment for it!..

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Bouillon has fat in it that's why you need to watch it..

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That's why I like the tomato/chicken flavored one. No fat...

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This is an awesome tip! Tried it this morning with just boiling water. Put it in the thermos with the soup, and shook it up. When I opened it at noon, the soup was hot, thick and creamy, the noodles were real noodles! Thank you so much!..

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You're welcome! Ever since I learned this trick, I've brought soup to work every single day. It's nice to have something hot and "semi-normal" to sit with the rest of my team with...

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Thank you! I was just doing a inventory count and I freaked out that all I'm going to have left to eat is soup, pudding and hot chocolate. I'll try this trick tomorrow (after I go to the store and get the boullion)..

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Becks I was about to order the crab soup. What flavor boullion did you use? How would you rank the crab soup?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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