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Enter your email address below and we'll send you the latest coupon codes to save on Medifast every month. We'll even give a lucky person a month supply of free food. posting on here. My first was placing an order for Medifast today. In the next few days, while waiting for my order, I'm just going to try to mentally prepare myself for starting the program. I feel so ready to do something about my weight, but I'm apprehensive too - battling bouts of self-doubt. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and start my journey here. I'm lucky to have a supportive husband, but something tells me this site will be invaluable!! I've already learned so much from lurking!.

So, hello everybody!.


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I, too lurked a bit before receiving my first shipment. What keeps me going is picturing myself several pounds lighter.

You can also practice before starting by beginning to get your daily water intake starting now. I actually lost almost 2lbs while waiting for my shipment..

Good Luck!..

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Welcome Denise. This forum really is a wealth of information, inspiration and support! I did so much reading before I posted and actually started as well. I'm on it around 5 weeks now, and I remember being in your very position waiting for the food, gearing up for it. I made myself commit to at least one month no matter what. It's tough in the beginning, but being determined and having the support here, I was ready for the challenge ahead.

Best of luck and see you around!..

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Hi Denise! Congrats on making your 1st steps to a healthier you!! I am new to Medifast too (just over 2 weeks) and have found these forums to be so valuable. When I first found the forums I spent time looking through the success stories and found them to be great motivators for me! Also read the Things I wish I'd known When Starting Medifast thread, it has so much great information..

I look forward to getting to know you more!.

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Thank you! I'll get on the water - I'm trying to drink more now that I'm cutting way down on the Diet Pepsi. Not easy! Ironically, I'm a Diet Pepsi addict. I'm a little concerned about the coffee issue, too. Then again, if I cut down on coffee AND Diet Pepsi, I just might sleep through all this making it quite easy!.

One month! 30 days! I can stand anything for 30 days, right? Gah! I'm just so sick of....everything that everyone else on here is/was sick of. Now that I've ordered, I just want it to get here NOW!!! All this anticipation/nervousness is killing me!.

I have a lot to lose - more than 100 pounds. Geeze - it was hard just to write that out loud. I know I need to set small goals, so that's something else I want to think about before I even start...

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You know...I was apprehensive, and have tried several different diets prior. I have been on Medifast for two months and have lost 20 lbs. It's not hard. It really isn' is an adjustment, but after the first couple days (a few headaches going into ketosis...) it has been a breeze for me.

I love food, love to cook, and show my love with food-but it is not difficult if you are ready to do it. I still watch food network, Diner's Drive-In's and Dives, Cake's still not hard. It's fun to try new Medifast Foods, and then try the recipes on the boards if you want to change things up. I mix a lot of the shakes (1/2 and 1/2) together for an endless variety. The food is not will have fun deciding what you like and don't like.

I don't post much, but I have read a lot of these board posts. It seems that some people worry themselves into a frenzy before they even start! I think that you may find this to be easier than you anticipate. You won't be hungry, your cravings will diminish, and you will most likely have dramatic first week results. Those things will keep you going after that. You may also find that this site is invaluable....

Good luck to you!..

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Hi Denise,.

Failure loomed so large from my 9,000 previous weight loss attempts, that I was really scared to try again. But my daughter had such great success & that I went ahead and made the commitment. I just completed my first month on Medifast today and weighted in 22.7 pounds lighter. I too have a good 100 pounds to lose, but 28 days in, those 100 pounds no longer seems impossible. The first week was TOUGH, but I truly haven't been hungry since. Yes, the See's chocolate spoke to me over Easter, but I stayed 100% OP and lived to tell the tale.

I wish you great success!.


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Welcome! Congratulations on taking your first steps. The next couple of steps might not be easy but think of them as growing pains and after a week OP you'll settle in and be good to go! This board is GREAT for support or when you just need to distract yourself from giving into temptation...

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Hi Denise! I am also new and started the plan on the 2nd. I've not made it to my first weigh in yet even! With that said, this is kind of how it went for me - everyone is different.

Day 1 - oh yea I had the hungries, but I kept drinking my water and stuck with it..

Day 2 - I had the headache and muddled my way through the day.

Day 3 - by the end of the day the hungries had disappeared and I had to watch my pop up timer to tell me it was time to eat!.

As for the food - I committed myself to eating them AS IS for now, and if needed utilize one of my veggies or leans if I wanted to add something (like tomatoes and mushrooms to the eggs, etc.). I also committed myself to not doing the extras - just the straight 5&1 so I can really jump start this thing..

As another with over 100 pounds to lose, I figure I have plenty of time to try recipes down the road when I get tired of the same foods over and over again. If I get tired of them, you know? I will cross that bridge when I come to it. For now - foods as is.

Coffee is something I want every morning as well so I take my large mug (I believe it's about 12 ounces) and fill it with straight black coffee and add the cappuccino. This gives it the sweetness and lightness I used to enjoy with sugar and half and half. When I've consumed half my mug I refill it with straight black. Sure I lose the sweetness, but eh - sacrifices. I will eventually drop down to just the single mug, but I'm not ready for that just yet.

Above all - keep an open mind. Everyone has different opinions on the foods. I've enjoyed the ones I've tried so far without issue. I did not get the variety pack so my choices were limited, but that is just how I chose to do it.

Above all - read the forums, read the blog, and go down and especially read those success stories in the lower forum area! Get that inspiration to dive right in.

Oh and WELCOME!..

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Thank you, everyone. This is so encouraging and comforting already. I feel much better today about starting. I read some of the "What I Wish I'd Known..", and I'll make time to read the rest of it..

It's just great to hear things that I can relate to (9000 previous attempts! - lol - me too!). Just honest to goodness observations and advice - I really need that now - from people who know, are going through it, too, and are willing to share!!.

And I started to feel a little overwhelmed when reading about all the "recipes" and that sort of thing. I'm glad to hear Sandy is just eating right now AS IS. I think that'll be my plan to begin with, too. Part of the appeal of this for me is the structure and that things are figured and done "for me".

Boy, you guys are GOOD! You're answering questions and lending comfort in specific ways BEFORE I've even asked!!! I might be on here 24 hours a day that first week just to get me through!!!..

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Welcome! You will do great! These boards are the best and so full of encouragement, information and inspiration. Don't get overwhelmed by the recipes. I pretty much do the meals as is. Sometimes I add a little more or less water, turn hot drinks into shakes, etc. I'm on week 6 and still have yet to make a recipe that requires extra ingredients and it works great for me!.

Good luck and congratulations on taking the first step to a new you!!..

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