Tips for dealing with cravings during Medifast

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I'm pretty new to Medifast, been on the diet for about 3 weeks now and have lost 12lbs (YAY) but I need LOTS of help/advice on how to get thru the rough times. My worst times are like today....I work nites (only 2 a week fortunately) and am the mother of 2 kids and wife of a 3rd year medical student.....which means on the days after I work, I get no sleep because I'm taking care of the kids since hubby is not home frequently....(my oldest child is autistic, so I can't just drop him at a random sitter while I take a nap....) and I am finding this is my worst time for craving food/carbs....and I have very little willpower because I am so tired. Any helpful tips/hints to get thru this? I've done ok so far today, I really wanted what my kids were having for breakfast (waffles) but I only ate 1 bite of it and went on to my usual breakfast (Cappuccino shake and oatmeal) I am proud of myself for that.....but I have the rest of the day to go.......

Thanks for any help offered!.


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Hi Laura,.

I understand how hard that can be! I work nights about three times a week and luckily I can sleep in the morning so I do not have to face the urges while being awake. fatigue definitley can make you weaker..

Can you have someone come over to your house to watch your eldest child? that way you can sleep but if something comes up that the sitter cn not handle you are right there.thats what I did when I worked nights and and my children were babies...I had a sitter come to my home to watch worked out great..

But if that is not possible, then I would just try to have lots of sugarfree gum, diet sodas, and hot tea, flavored with liquid splenda to tie you over. be careful of those little waffle bites, it could lead to "just one more"...or maybe you can have your meals a little closer together in the morning and then when you husband comes home you can take a nap (?).

Try to find something to distract you on those mornings while the kids eat working on the computer (keeps your hands busy) or any other kind of hand activity....knitting, or other craft??.

I think with time it will get easier and you will fiind a routine that works..

Sounds like you are committed and strong...I'm sure you will succeed!..

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Hi foxrn,.

Congratulations on your 12 lbs!! That is awesome! I only lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I am now at 12 lbs lost at 5 weeks and I have been 100% OP. I am sure there are some veterans who could answer better than I could, but I have been pretty obsessive about reading the boards and have learned a lot from those more experienced than I.

First, I can relate. I work about 60 or 70 hours a week at a university and so I really can relate to what you say about fatigue. Those are the worst times for me too! You definitely have some challenges, though, that I don't have and so I am feeling for you.

As far as getting through the rough times, here is what I have learned...for me, I wouldn't have even been able to do the one bite of waffle (especially considering it probably had butter and syrup). The carbs are too close for me if I have my bar everyday and even that one bite would probably kick me out of ketosis. Also I am an "all or nothing" kind of gal. I find I do better if I just follow the plan and don't give myself any wiggle room. It becomes a no-brainer, which I really need.

I am assuming you are having two meals (cappucino and oatmeal together) because you are having trouble getting all 5 of your meals in? That would also make it tougher for me because spacing the meals out and eating every 2 or 3 hours keeps my blood sugar stable so I don't have those cravings..

Hang in there! You are doing the right thing by coming to the boards for support! This is the most amazing community I have ever found! Good luck!..

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I completely understand your trouble. My husband and I had the same arrangement when I had a toddler and a 6 year old and I couldn't afford a babysitter. I would bring my boys into the play room with snacks, toys, movies, etc. I would lock the door so they couldn't get out (I would be in there with them too) and take a cat nap on the couch while they played at my feet and watched movies. Just an hour of this would be such a relief for me. Sometimes they got so ingrossed in play that 2 hours would go by and I coult sleep and I was right there if anything went wrong, I would just wake up (very light sleeper) open the juice box, distribute the toys and then fall right back asleep.

Good luck...I know you can be creative and will find a solution...

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I have three sons 16,15 and 10. The 15 year old, guy hugging me in my picture, is autistic..

I did medifast for my big loss in 2006 - he lived with us then and it was rough. Part of why I did it though was because of him. My son is very low functioning and strong - picture a two year old in a 15 year old body. I HAD to get in shape to take care of him. 250+ pounds wasn't helping me..

I found an after school program for him and hit the gym. I lost weight then did medifast. I am back now two years later to loose a few pounds (still in my clothes from 2 years ago) and to get into a bit better shape..

I don't know where you live but look into what community resources there might be out there. Also hang in there - you can do this and a healthier mom is best for all kids. When you have a special needs kid, they need you all the more to be there and stand up for them.

My son has been living in a group home since August 2006 - something we had to do. I had him out at the beach yesterday and I am so great full for my gym and medifast. I can play with him safely in the water. He's also a roller coaster fan and I can fit without needed the special row seating so we can have that fun together..

Hang in there - By the way I used to work night shift - for the past year I work 3A-3P - my son was the reason I had to work nights for over 12 years. I remember those sleepless days - I so used to hate early outs from school - I'd have to get a couple of hours sleep then get up and try to function.


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Wow, Dorothy, you are my hero.....I know it must've taken everything in you to change your life for your boy...Aidan is getting strong, but is fortunately about moderate on the spectrum. He's not usually aggressive, but is mostly non-verbal. I haven't looked into a lot of support, probably because I want to do it myself. I usually have a hard time asking for help for anything, it's just how I am, independent.

It's good to know I am not the only one in the same husband pointed out to me late last year that we may well be taking care of Aidan for the rest of our lives, and that I need to be at my fittest and healthiest so I *can* be there for him. It really hit home, more-so than any other motivator he has ever tried (and trust me, he's tried practically everything). I guess I was basically in denial.....and he snapped me out of it!.

Thanks for your words of wisdom! They are much appreciated. And good luck on your new weight loss goals!.

And thanks for the other replies and advice so's been a long day, but my floors are clean, the kids are fed and in the bath now, and it's almost BEDTIME! and I haven't cheated except for that bite of waffle this am!..

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We aren't the only ones here with autistic kids. I have conversed with a few back in 2006..

When I read what you wrote in the prior post - I knew my situation wasn't the same but I know what it is like to raise an autistic child and try to make positive changes in your life..

Part of some of the reason I got as big as I did was dealing with his autism. I ate and made excuses. Now some excuses were valid - I couldn't go to the gym like other moms and use the drop off day care. Maybe I could have made other choices that were possible, I don't know. I was putting my husband back to school to - computer science degree..

I think knowing that I have to be there for Isaac has made this something I had to do. He needs me to be his voice (and I have had to do a lot of advocating for him over the years - some rather loudly I might add!) and I will have to do it till the day one of us dies or until there is a cure that gives him back what he lost..

If you would like to email me privately, I would be happy to respond..

Take care and I wish you all the success you are looking for in this journey. You can do this. There are lots of people on this board who are behind you and will help keep you on target..


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You are amazing! I have two nephews with Autism. It's a difficut road you are on. Please see if any the suggestions above might work for you with your son. As for the cravings, water. Drink tons of water. It helps to keep you feeling full.

We all get them one time or another. Another thing, while I know sometimes we have to, try to space your 5 Medifast meals out. Having two together, while gets the meals in, can actually leave you hungrier quicker, which opens you up to cravings. Have you joined a team? That's one way to get great support for whatever you are going through. You are welcome to check out the RED HOTS.

Have a GREAT OP day!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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