My first Medifast cheat

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Hi Guys!.

Wanted to post this here because when I first started thelast thing I wanted to read about was somebody going off plan!!!!.

I am in my 9th week and have done well - no problems at all and as of this am los about 36lbs - delightful ......

But today is the day we are having a huge 50th anniv party for my inlaws!!! It is costing me way (or should I say weigh) too much not to enjoy it!.

Discussed it with coach and he said do everything by the book until the party - go enjoy myself even have a drink then get back on plan. ( I will have a drink- I am not even a drinker but the drinks alone are $18 per person!).

So just looking for a little reassurance I guess- I am kind of anxious.....

I will try to avoid carbs..

Thanks for listening,.


P.s. I feel I've come so far ....and don't want to wreck it..

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I can only speak for myself. I was always too afraid that I wouldn't be able to get back the right mindset to actually get back on plan, so I vowed to NEVER go off. No matter what the occasion. I don't know how much weight you have to lose, so maybe you are not in the same dire state that I was in. But I just couldn't trust what I would really do if I ever fell out of ketosis, because I always knew that it was the ketosis that was helping me stay focused. If I were in your position, I would figure out how to stay on plan for this occasion.

But that's me. I knew my journey was going to be a long one and there would be many special occasions that would be a part of it. My journey was life or death. And my only priority was me, every step of the way. No amount of money was worth the risk to me that I would return to my old ways..

Many have been able to go off and easily get back on. Many have not. This isn't the reassurance you were looking for, probably. But I will wish you strength and luck and continued positive focus on your journey. And however you decide to approach the party food-wise, enjoy yourself!..

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Sorry. I'm not going to encourage you to go off plan and I can't believe you have a health coach that did. I can only assume that he's not a certified tsfl coach..

If you truly don't want to undo the progress you've made, then stay on plan. Who is going to be hurt if you don't eat cake or drink alcohol? It WILL hurt you and your progress if you do..

Ultimately, the choice is yours. No one can make if for you. But ask yourself these questions. Are your in-laws happy for you and the progress you've made? Will they be proud of the changes you are trying to make in your life for your health? Would it make them happy that you went off plan when it isn't necessary?.

The choice is yours to make, and no one elses. Good luck with whatever you decide...

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Hi Margaret, there are many people who have had such wonderful occasions such as a 50th wedding anniversary and have stayed 100% OP. There are many ways to do this.

Have your L&G with your in-laws.

If you want to enjoy a drink, have a drink that's on plan. No, alcohol is not on plan. I, personally, find it shameful that your coach has encouraged you to do this, but I digress. During the socializing, have a diet soda or a club soda. Besides, do you really want to spend $18 bucks for 1 drink? AND, on top of that, throw yourself out of ketosis? Even low carb beers and other alcohol have extra calories and provide no nutritional value. Also, by having alcohol, you're more likely to go off plan because alcohol can stimulate your appetite.

The reason for the celebration is because your in-laws have been married for 50 years and you should celebrate this fact and enjoy this time of being around your loved ones. Our society places so much on these special times of occasions to be surrounded by food and alcohol. One of the most rewarding things I've learned since being on Medifast is that I can truly enjoy the company of my family and friends and actually have a better time without the overindulgence of food and alcohol.

As De pointed out, the decision is ultimately yours and you are an adult and will choose to do what you want, but just remember there are options available for you to stay on plan while enjoying yourself...and saving a little cash, too!..

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I went off plan(last time) for Memorial Day weekend. Everytime I go off plan Its harder to get back on it. Unfortunately every single time I go off plan I end up sick to my stomach and sitting on the toliet. Just remember moderation is key. Enjoy yourself at the party...

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Thanks you all for your replies - I REALLY appreciate it! I think I did quite well! Made it my L&G for the day!.

The whole money thing was that we had to pay $18 per person for the open bar for the party- so it wasnt even an option-.

On the other hand - I feel that this is an expensive meal plan for me- but when I get on the scale I realize it has been worth every cent!.

Thank you so much!..

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Congratulations, Margaret. I bet you feel great today. And probably much happier than if you had indulged in "forbidden fruits" yesterday. BTW, did you enjoy yourself?..

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Congrats on staying on plan through this event..

You know, you see very few people say "I regret staying on plan.".

You're doin' great!..

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OK, Joanne, back atcha - I agree with that 100%! I have never heard anyone come to the boards and say they felt bad for NOT cheating, but boy have I heard from people who regret going off plan because it derailed their progress for weeks or even months afterward.

Congrats to the OP for finding a way to celebrate and still stay true to yourself and your goals...

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This is motivating to know we can stay op no matter the occasion...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.