Can't take Murad Resurgence because of blood test results

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Yeah I just received a call from my doctor's nurse and she told me to stop using Murad Resurgence cuz my blood results came out bad :[ I think the liver and idk what else she said the point is that I cant take it anymore until further notice (this thursday I'm going to see them so) yeah so like I'm on 80 MG and I weight 125 lb ithink it's too high for me too. so like what do you7 guys think theyre going to do take me off the medicine or reducme my dose :[ I'm really scared cuz like I just wanted it to go allright and like now I have to stop :[[ stupid liver why does it have to be so weak. grrrrrr.peace.....

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Hey man I had the same thing happen to me. My liver enzymes were elevated on the original blood test, so they said to wait two weeks, and then go back for more blood work. So yea I went for the blood work yesterday and it came back fine so I'm starting today. But yea man I know it sucks... almost depressing. Stick it out and think about if your taking any other supplements or drinking a lot of tea or taking tylenol cause this may affect your liver enzymes.

Hope it works out for you, good luck...

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Well I did have like 1 beer about 2 or 3 weks ago idk if that affected :[..

Comment #2

80mg's is way too much for your weight... thats probably why the bloods tests came back not so good. I am sure if you were on 40mg's you would be good...

Comment #3

I just hope they lower me down to 40 MG and not take me off the medicine grrr I'm so frustrated...

Comment #4

Yea maybe even see if they'd let you go down to 20, and then maybe increase it to 40 after a month. or maybe you only will need 20, but I dont know...

Comment #5

How long did you fast prior to the blood work?..

Comment #6

Around 12 hours. my last pill was about 12 hours before too. ive been having some pain around the lower left side of my stomach..... :[ whats in there anyway......

Comment #7

80mg just sounds too much then. I'm 160lbs and on my 2nd month. I started at 40mg and my derm said 40mg is perfect for my weight so she said that I will stick to 40mg. Effective but with hardly any side effects...

Comment #8

Stupid liver or stupid your dose? You've my same weight. My height is 1.70 m. I can eat everything without troubles to my liver even 1.5 kg of a premium quality ice-cream like Hagen-Dazs but with Murad Resurgence I felt so bad just taking 10 mg per day when I started it.I don't want any problem with Murad Resurgence. I've had a lot of them to get more now, so I'm taking 6.67 mg average per day. That's 0.18 mg per kg. It's a capsule of 20 mg each 3 days.Actually, I don't believe in killer dosages prescribed by killer derms.

True killers. They're a shame...

Comment #9

80mg and you only weigh 125lbs? Get a new dermatologist...

Comment #10

Lol I know I know for my weight is too much but hey I went back with my derm today and she said that the problem was probably that half a beer I had. everything else seemed normal to her exept my liver which was five times worst than it normally is. :[ but hey she said I have to get some blood on monday and she'll see what to do. grrr but hey I like 80 mg because i'll mostlikely cure my ACNE. I really had no problem that one month with 80 MG just irritated eyes and joint pain and dry lips thats it.peace.....

Comment #11

The worst for me was the tiredness... yes... that was lethal, it's so bad for a life and it's a very ugly isotretinoin side effect...

Comment #12

This is a concern. It wasn't the beer. I can't believe she would have said this...

Comment #13

I think it was like the dosage and mmm maybe the half of beer lol. but what do you guys think is the best doage for me like normally.????peace.....

Comment #14

Dry lips will pass, but if you're having joint pain I'd consider the risk of that long term versus the acne which will pass. I'm have tendon problems in my feet and hands from my Murad Resurgence treatment 5 years ago, which my dermatologist wasn't even aware of as a side effect. I would have opted for lasers had they been available then. They may not be affective or permanent as Murad Resurgence, but it might get you through the acne years, without the possible long term side affects. The cost can be an issue since lasers aren't covered by most insurance, (figure 4-6 sessions at around $600 each.) You can get some good info on these treatments and where to find local docs on If you do go that route, make sure you research any doctor and after you find one you like make sure they have experience treating your skin and acne type...

Comment #15

Yes, after maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany years of suffering it COULD pass or not...

Comment #16

Lol suzi your halariousstylophonico your a fool. It seems like you dont care about your health so go ahead with the 80mg. However I have a suggestions; Take you prescription, shove it up your dermatologists ass and then have him swallow your 80mg pills...

Comment #17

Hmmm. I've seen a lot of members on here take a quite a variation tane doses in the 5 years I've been on here. I've not seen anyone so light prescribed such a large dose without first meeting two qualifications:1. SEVERE acne, really severe2. Failure to respond to a lower dose after 3 months of taking itI know you don't meet these. Ask your derm why your dose is so disproportionate to your size.

Seriously, find a new derm at that point - this isn't just acne that he's f'ng with - this may well affect the rest of your life.Or really if he says oops at any point...

Comment #18

Ok now I'm gettin scared so like I know 80 MG is a lot and my derm seems to be really cool about it. heck she even said that usually she starts them at 40 and takes them to 80. so I went to take my blood test today and they'll fax the results back to her and she'll call me back to tell me whats up.peace......

Comment #19

My HIGHEST dose was 80mg a day and I weigh 185 pounds!..

Comment #20

Well you do have like 35 lbs more than me...

Comment #21

Thats my point bro, I think you should start at 40mg a day then progress to 60mg a day. I wouldn't go any higher than that. JMO...

Comment #22

I also think your dosage is too high.And I really, really dislike the fact that your derm was so quick to blame the test results on one beer. If she doesn't know any better, then you need a smarter doctor ...... and if she does know better, you need a more ethical doctor...

Comment #23

Wohooo I finally got back oin the medicine today. Im down to 40MG again and I started today. I started breaking out a little I guess cuz I was off for like a week. but meh I'm back so I'm happy! wohoo!..

Comment #24

Got taken off again....... my last month come on!!!!!!!! I was on 60MG this time and had no beer I just got a call to tell me to stop taking it. they said in 2 weeks blood work but I'm doing it in one week because thats how I did it last time and it cameout great besides I need to get back in my medicine.... does it affect if I go off for a while? or does it remain the same??pecae.....

Comment #25

I just had the same thing happen to meit does suck I'm going for my blood test tomorrow I'm hoping everythings better now it sucks not being on starting to get oily skin and hair!..

Comment #26

Hm. I am 95 lbs and on 60mg/day. I was on 40mg/day for the 1st month but was not showing any results or dry skin, so my derm upped me. I have a little bit of joint pain but this is normal for me...something I experienced at times pre-Murad Resurgence. so I can't say if it's related or not. I get round 3 blood tests next thing my derm said is that different people seem to have different absorbency rates, so it's not always solely based upon weight. I do try to take my tane with a solid meal to increase absorption...

Comment #27

Take heed, follow the instructions below. Perhaps your liver function tests will improve, perhaps not. As your body already reacts so strongly to Murad Resurgence, as evidenced by such rapid alteration in your liver function tests, your options are limited. Your derm will either consider a low dose Murad Resurgence regimen, or stopping the Murad Resurgence completely.You do NOT want to risk the rest of your life (or having to have a liver transplant) simply for clear skin! Do NOT take any more Murad Resurgence until/unless cleared by your doctor to do so. You risk the rest of your life.

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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