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I am only on day 3, and I am thinking about quitting. I have scoured the recipes and I honestly can't find anything that I like. I really don't like any of the foods. Tried making the chili twice, the oatmeal (to me) is horrible, the shakes have this weird smell and aftertaste. I made the cookies today and I just wanted to cry. The muffins last night were bad.

Until 3 days ago, cooking was my passion and with tons of flavor (okay, I suppose that is why I am here in the first place). I feel like the food on this diet is such a disappointment! I know that you guys have said that your taste buds change but I honestly can't see that happening. Do any of you really just dislike the food? It is so hard to read so many of you that love it, b/c I feel like I am losing my mind.

Do any of you do the 2 lean and green meals, and 3-4 shakes as opposed to the 5/1. I am thinking I might be able to do that. I made the vanilla shake today, with extra vanilla extract and cinnamon and it was pretty good.

Sorry to be such a Debbie D/img/avatar3.jpg, but I could really use a little advice Thanks so much!!!..

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I don't love the food plain, but then again I don't hate it. I can't STAND pudding, no matter what happens so I only use it for baking and in shakes try the vanilla pudding as a shake with lots of ice and Davinci syrup. When I started this plan, it was between this and nutrisystem. I did a lot of research and before I even got the food I had all the goodies like the Davinci syrups, extracts, spices, Molly McButter and Mc Cheese, etc. etc. I probably spent more money up front on all the salad dressings, and little goodies to doctor this stuff up than I did buying three months of food.

No, this is not gourmet eating. But I have to say that EllenKay's cookie recipe, DonnaAk's muffin suggestion, Orangeblood's culinary genius and all the others who I am forgetting to give credit to not only make it taste better but it's fun. I am sorry you are not enjoying this. Are you trying to eat it all plain? I know that there are some people here who get all ****-ish about not adding anything. I would die. Maybe you haven't given it enough of a chance yet? Like I love the chili now, but I doctor it up a lot.

Did you buy any of those flavors? They SAVE ALL THE SOUPS. TRUST ME ON THAT ONE. I wouldn't eat ANY of the Medifast soups without it. What else can we help you with?..

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By the way, I was not aware there was a version of the program with 2 L&G meals and the shakes? Is that true? Anyone else know anything about this. I guess if someone really hates the food, that's a good idea. But for me, the shakes are my least favorite besides the pudding...

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I hope you have good results this week. It might change your mind. Good luck!!.


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Thank you so much for your response...I think that I do need to order some of the syrups, etc. to doctor it up. I have been adding spices and flavorings, but not a lot b/c I don't want to add to the caloric intake..

I will say, I ate the cookies hot and didn't like them...I just grabbed a couple as I was walking out the door and they were pretty good! I am thinking if I could live on those and the shakes, I might be okay..

My husband loved the muffins (though he isn't on the diet), so I think that different people just prefer different tastes. The people on this site are AMAZING with their innovation and creativity. I hope I didn't offend anyone!!!..

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Yeah some people don't like the chili and minestrone. I must be crazy because after I get ahold of them I love them. Like I said, I don't eat ANY of them without Better Than Buillon. Ever, ever. And if you just play with them, they are quite good. There is one thing I love for the's from Instant Gourmet and it's the rustic italian spice blend.

And of course garlic powder, italian seasonings, etc. Do go to and try the Better Than Buillon. Some people find it in their supermarkets but online they have a wider variety of flavors. Oh yeah, the only thing that I will NEVER be able to do anything with is the cream of tomato soup. Everything else I can somehow get to work...

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I felt the exact same week the first few days. The food definitely won't be featured on Emril or Rachel Ray! After the first few days, I have found what I like and don't like. I started 10/24 and have lost 13 pounds so far and this has kept me motivated. Also, I didn't believe it would happen, but my taste buds ARE slowing starting to change and the food doesn't taste as bland anymore..

Bottom line, I won't eat anything that I truly dislike. I despise the Chili, Oatmeal and Pudding. Nothing I have tried make these anywhere near acceptable to my palate..

Maybe you will like some of my favorites. (Note: my best friend is my "Bullet" blender and everything I make gets blended.).

Vanilla Shake mixed with 8 ounces water, ice, 1 tablespoon peanut butter (Simply Jiff) and two packets of Equal. I blend it and it is yummy....really. I also like this recipe with chocolate..

Hot Chocolate I have this every morning and really like it....I make it very hot and also blend it makes it frothy.

The Cream of Broccoli soup tastes much better in the blender with pepper, salt and a couple of peices of real broccoli. I heat the broccoli in the microwave (plain, frozen) then put in in the blender with hot water and the mix and seasonings. Not as good as the realy thing but gives texture..

I do eat a bar a day and have only tried Peanut Butter and the Chocolate not as good as a Nestle Crunch or Resse's but satisfy my sweet tooth and tastes better a glass of ice cold water..

I also like the soy crisp snacks (White Cheddar and Ranch)..

I hope this helps give yourself a couple of weeks and see how it goes...

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I too am on day 3 and you wrote what I feel!!! I just keep telling myself that I am in food bootcamp and that this is good for me to do. I WILL loose this weight, I will read all the posts about how the first few days are bad and I WILL stick it out! Ok, so I want to cry too.

I think I am going to try tomorrow to eat 1/2 my L&G meal at lunch and the other half at dinner with the 5 Medifast meals.

Hang in there!.


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By the way, you have to go look at the freebies you are allowed each day. Like up to 4 TBSP of the sf syrups. As some smart person said, Medifast would not ALLOW them if they MADE YOU FAT. If they tell you you can USE something, then do it and feel good about it. The shakes are NASTY NASTY SICK MESSES without that syrup. I bought 23 flavors.

Look on the boards at all the flavor drops (new one posted that people are seeming to like), extracts and spices that people are using. If you like peanut butter, USE your 1 TBSP in a shake or in cookies. Make the cracker that Petlady posted. It's really good too. I make pancakes out of the oatmeal or else muffins.

I also am one of the ones that uses flax seed meal in everything. Totally changes the texture of stuff. You get to choose what you will use or not use. But I am WAY on the side of getting creative and using whatever help you are allowed. If I did not have the help, I would have quit the first week..

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Hey there,.

Try to hang in there. Don't be afraid to season, the calorie additions are minimal. I too am a big fan of Better than Boullion. Didn't think that I would, but I love the Chicken Noodle Soup, but have never tried it without the addition of btb. I absoultely despise all the Banna stuff and simply refuse to eat any more of it - the most god-awful stuff I have ever tasted, ick. I really don't mind the oatmeal, thought the peach muffins were a nice change.

Not an expert at this only been on a week (lost 5 pounds!!),but it has been a god send for me. If you have been used to groumet rich lucious food then yeah, this will be quite a let down. I am trying to learn that as much fun as food can be the main purpose is fuel. Gourmet food will still be out there when you get done and Medifast is just a tool for keeping the weight in check..

That said - if this program is not for you don't feel guilty. There are a ton of programs out there that might better suit you. Look around for it. Weight Watchers is great if you have the time. You need to sit down and figure out what is best for you.

Best of Luck!!!..

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By the way, many or at least most of us are here because of our love of food, too much of it and getting into trouble. I keep trying to tell myself that our bodies are like little cars and we need FUEL to get around. That's what food should be fuel. Healthy fuel. Nothing else whatsoever. Not obsession, passion and something that makes us fat or replaces emotional needs, etc.

I am laughing as I say this and then bite into one of EllenKay's cookies, which are beyond sinful. But you get the point. Yes, we all love food. We're FAT and we didn't get that way by starving. Time to make changes...

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By the way, it seems that everyone pretty much hates the chili. Hmmmm...I have never tried to eat it, not even once, without Better Than Buillon Chili Base. I really think that if everyone used it, added 8-10 oz. of water, some southwest seasoning like Mrs. Dash's, etc. and cooked it on the stovetop or let it set enough to let the beans and stuff soften that they would change their minds or at least find it palatable. Try it!..

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The first 3 days were absolutely horrible. It was hard for me -going from eating anything I wanted to eating what was on the Medifast plan. It was kind of a weaning process-yes I cheated when the mood hit-but then I jumped right back on and didnt beat myself up about the extra snacking. Before you quit you should give yourself a one month commitment-do your best to stick to it and see what the scale does. I am absolutely astonished at how easy it has been to lose weight on this plan-everything else I have tried has failed. The food-has really grown on me-I have taken many suggestions from the community and molded the meals to fit my taste.

I think the first war we all fight during our weight loss journey is the battle with our thoughts, when starting out always second guess your negative thoughts and motivations-Why am I thinking this? Why am I eating this? Soon you will be in control and happier about the way you look and feel. I am a little over 2 months into this journey and 30.5 pounds lighter- I wish I had started this program sooner. Good luck and dont give up!!..

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I am used to gourmet foods. I cook well and that's how I got to be this way (well that and stopping my heavy-duty weight lifting and aerobics some years ago). The Medifast foods, at first, were an incredible shock to my palate. But I got 5 wks of food with my first order and I was going to give it my best for 5 weeks. If I hated it so much after that, then I would look around for something else..

Fast forward 6 weeks and I have lost 29 pounds (next WI is Sunday) and just received my 3rd order of Medifast to take my thru the end of the year. I spent A LOT of time reading the posts here picking up different hints and tips on how to do things. Different ways to prepare things, different schedules, different ideas and picked out ones that sounded like they may work for me. And I continually work the program to make it work for me. And yeah, now with all the holiday food sales and ads I am a little nudgy not having some of my traditional seasonal goodies. They will be there when I am thin.

In other words, I keep trying. The vanilla & chocolate shakes are now too gross for me. I switched to something else and will save those for baking. However, I may like them again in a month or so. Different people have different tastes. Some like their soups, chili, and oatmeal thinI like them thick and use less water.

I figure if I try my best and it doesn't work I did not fail. It just wasn't right for me. It's WORKING though!!!.

Maybe give it a try for more than a few days and see what you think. If not, there are other plans to explore. Best of luck in your decisions.

Aside to Bettina: Nutrisystem has posted about a 4&2 plan4 Medifast meals and 2 L&Gs for those who require more calories...

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No, don't quit! Really just give it some time, keep trying until you find what you like!! A few things from my experience:.

Tastebuds changing: by my 2nd or 3rd week I was savoring my chocolate shake, swearing to anyone nearby that it tastes like chocolate milk.

Passion for cooking: I, too, was afraid that I would miss cooking. But, you can get creative with your L&G every day, and I really enjoy doctoring up the soups. My FAVE thanks to BettinaV: start with a "cream of chk/broc" soup, add 1 tsp curry powder OR 1/4 tsp green curry paste, a dash of coconut extract if you like, to get a really flavorful thai style soup..

Oatmeal: I really didn't have any luck even baking with the oatmeal. now, others swear by it so it is just a matter of finding that magic recipe (or don't order anymore if it's just frustrating you). have you tried making pancakes??? add 1/3C water and whatever spices you like, "fry" it in a non-stick sprayed pan. you can buy sugarfree pancake syrup for effect..

3/4 or 4/2 plan: if you are really seriously going to quit I would try a plan with 2 L&G. Is it that you're feeling hungry or just don't like the food? Maybe you just need some time to adjust to where WHAT you're eating just doesn't matter as much anymore. Look at it as fuel, not fun.

Good luck, it's all good after the first week..

Comment #14

Lots of people do the 4/2. If you think that would help you then do that..

As for the food, do you like any of it? Even just one thing? If so stick to those things this week. My best advice is to prepare things the night before (not the oatmeal). Thje soups are all better if they soak for several hours. And I think the shakes become creamier if they are prepared earlier..

My advice with the oatmeal, try the "best cookies ever" recipe on this board. For the chili, Better than bouillion chili or beef and some salsa or rotel tomatoes makes a huge difference. But if you hate send it back. I do mine as one huge pot, more like homeade chili, if you want that recipe, message me.

I strongly recomend the sugar free syrups. You can find the occasional ones at super walmart in the coffee aisle. Or order them online. I live on the caramel and the toasted marshmallow! I know the food isn't what you want to eat but it will help you lose the weight. Look at my ticker. I think you need to give it at least one more week, preferably a month..

We are here to help though if you need it. Message me anytime...

Comment #15

I think everyone was ready to quit by the third day! I wanted to crawl under the covers and suck my thumb. Loosing 7 lbs the first week made the food tase a whole lot better!!!.

One of the reasons I can do the diet is because the foods are not over seasoned. Alergies and digesive problems prevent me from using the prepared food diets. Lazieness prevents me from WW. With Medifast I can add the things my body will diet has ever been easier for me to lose weight..

You owe it to yourself to tough it out the first week at least. (put the cookies in a ziplock bag and refrigerate over night...huge difference).

Remember...we're all pulling for you!..

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I just finished my second day and I really understand where you're coming from...i've had a few bad things too, but some really good ones. I don't like oatmeal so I've made muffins with that and that was okay. Also I made the chocolate pie recipe someone (Sorry can't remember who) had on there last night and it was really good. I did the chocolate shake with coconut extract and almond extract and it was like an almond joy and I did the banana shake with the same two extracts and it was like a pina colada!...i had a disaster with the chili - the top came off my chili powder and I dumped about 3 T in there, so needless to say there was no savin that!!! I really hope that you stick with it even though it's hard. Let your creativity come out. Maybe you can come up with some great stuff that you really like!! Good luck!!..

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Don't quit, because if you do, you'll never know if you could have been a success!.

My taste buds change week to week with the chili, think I have a love/hate relationship with it! LOL.

But, seriously, it WILL get better if you truely give this program a fair shot...

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This may not be the right plan for you. If you truly hate what you're eating, you're probably not going to stick with it..

However, I would encourage you to examine the importance of food in your life. Whether the food tastes wonderful or not has very little to do with actually losing weight. Most of us are here because our lives have become centered around food..

Have other "food choice" based plans like Weight Watchers been effective for you in the past? Have you been successful losing weight/keeping it off with portion-controlled plans like Nutrasystems or Jenny Craig? Were you able to stick to Atkins or South Beach?.

If you have tried these, and they have not worked you will have your answer...

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Right now, you are used to the taste of carbs. This is definately going to be hard. After a few weeks on this, though, candy bars, potato chips, pasta and other trigger foods won't have the hold on you they once did. Trust me. I am generally considered a really good cook and baker too and used to very "satisfying" meals as far as flavor is concerned..

I was the queen of carbs until my doctor told me 3 years ago to stop or I would become diabetic. So once I took them out, or at least severly limited them, I stopped gaining weight. When I started MF, I really liked the foods, but that is because the carby food didn't have the hold they once did.

At about 5 weeks on the plan, I splurged on mini-candy bars...and they didn't even taste good anymore. I just had the mental need to satisfy, but the reality of it was that they were NOT satisfying anymore and in fact did not taste good at all..

This will get better, but like the others said, you need to find a way to stick with it until your tastes change. I didn't start cold turkey. I did low carb real meals with these as snacks and eventually did more and more Medifast and less and less "real food" until one day I realized I was actually on the plan..

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PLEASE don't quit! You have many, many friends here who are rooting for you - good folks who are pulling for you, and stand behind you all the way!.

Try to find something that is a "reasonable substitute" for what you are craving.

I blend my vanilla and chocolate shakes with coffee (6 - 8 oz) and add to them: SF syrups (Torani - I bought 12 different flavors), Walden Farms chocolate syrup (zero calories or carbs, found it at Albertson's of all places!), cinnamon, etc. I have posted my two favorite recipes in that section: "Starbucks" Dulce de Leche and "Nutter Butter Peanut Butter shake" for the vanilla shake. There are dozens of good shake recipes out there!.

During warmer weather, I add either Crystal Lite or Lipton Tea to Go packets to the fruit drinks and iced teas (and sometimes to the Strawberry shake for variety). Torani makes SF peach, black cherry, and raspberry syrups that are good with both the drinks and shakes.

The shakes and drinks are also yummy when made with Diet Soda (careful if using a Magic Bullet - let go flat first!). The various different Diet Dr. Pepper flavors and all the Diet Rite fruit flavors make a tasty difference with the shakes and drinks..

Chili - I am weird, but happy - I make my Chili with Diet Dr Pepper (much to the consternation of everyone at work!). I found the recipe on the boards - not my creation. You use 4 oz of Diet Dr. Pepper (I cook all soups in a 2 cup Pyrex to prevent microwave boil-overs) and mix in the chili packet. To that I sprinkle Shilling's Mexican Seasoning and cook 2 min 40 sec on 70% power. It has an almost "barbeque" flavor, which is one of my constant cravings, so eating this meal regularly helps me to stay out of trouble..

All soups need garlic salt in my opinion, and I also like the Better than Buillion pastes to perk up the flavor..

Let your creative juices go on the Lean and Green meals - that's where you get to do some real cooking. I'll add some ideas there in a later post; I need to go get my girls ready to play soccer in the rain..

Best wishes - I'll send you good thoughts all day today...

Comment #21

OK - easier to get this in before I forget:.

Family Lean and Green ideas from the House of SacBeagle and RiddleRob: A Double Medifast Family.

Our favorites to you:.

Thin sliced boneless pork chops, sauted in 1/2 tsp olive oil with salt and pepper, steamed green beans sprayed with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter spray, and lightly seasoned..

Chicken Breast (cut into bite sized pieces, marinated in a ziplock bag with juice of one lemon, 4 cloves chopped garlic, 1 1/2 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp oregano, salt and pepper) then either sauted in the marinade or grilled. Yummy served either on top of a salad or as a main meat on a plate..

Chicken Taco Salad: saute chicken in 1/2 tsp peanut oil and add 2 tsp of Lawry's Taco Seasoning and cook until done. Top salad greens and tomatoes with 2 Tbsp of Litehouse Salsa Ranch dressing. Also yummy with ground beef.

Sirloin steaks, grilled or broiled, sprinkled with Montreal Steak Seasoning. Each portion is topped with 1/4 ounce blue cheese (weigh it, just like everything!)..

Frozen shrimp, thawed and then sauted in 1 Tbsp (per person/portion) of Ken's Light Caesar Salad dressing. Gives it a nice scampi flavor when finished off with a little lemon juice. Delicious by itself or topping a salad..

Lean and Green is the highlight of our day! Focus those creative talents on that - and then share, because WE ALL need inspiration from our friends...

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I posted this last night...but for some reason it didn't show up....

I didn't quit!!! I am still hungry, but managing. Last night I made my husband take me out to a mexican restaurant to which I was going to get a margarita and some fajitas (quitting). But, when push came to shove...I didn't do it!!! I ate some chicken soup and the steak from the fajitas with onions. I came home and went to sleep, waking up feeling like I could do this for another few days..

I am definitely going to take your wonderful advice. I am taking it one day at a time, setting small goals that I really can attain. I have always been a pretty normal weight until recently, so food was never really an issue. Whether it was geting married, starting my business, or being far away from home, I just started eating...and eating...and eating. I think that this diet, although not my favorite taste wise, will help me to get back to looking at food as fuel, not as fun. Anyway, I can't thank you all enough.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and all the luck to everyone!..

Comment #23

Hey, GOOD FOR YOU for hanging in there. Stay with us, we're a lot of FUN.

The little packets aren't forever anyway. Like Sarah says, focus on the good L&G meals and remember that in just months you will go back to real food with some new crazy cooking friends, but also with some new tools for living and a hot bod'...

Comment #24

I can tell you I was ready to quit the FIRST day... Third... not much different. I have had more than ONE third day due to travel, etc. But I have to agree, most everything Medifast is aquired taste. Find what you DO like and stick to that.

I find it hard to get in my last Medifast pkt when I eat a full L&G in one sitting..

I cannot have the soy protein based Medifast so no shakes, stew, pudding, oatmeal at all for me. I can only choose the creamy soups or the hot drinks-period. I have adapted tho and find them soothing..

I need more muffins and cookies with only the creamy soups or hot drink packetsCan you all help??.

I want to say how much I appreciate and treasure each of you. Everyone has something to contribute and helping each other enriches all of us. We are not alone... Don't TRY to go it alone. I am glad you posted and asked for help..

Finally, remember the best stuff in life is free, it isn't easy and it IS worth it. Keep skakin'!..

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I just finished week one (6 lbs gone!) and I too thought of quitting - Don't Quit!.

I agree about the foods (although I like the drinks), I absolutely can NOT eat the oatmeal and I've tried everything - cookies, muffins, added seasoning, etc. - even my dog won't eat it. Everything else I've tried so far can be improved with seasoning! Have you tried the Tropical Fruit Punch or the Mango Cranberry? It doesn't taste like mango or cranberry but it is yummy!.

I've decided to basically go liquid (maybe keep the bars) - I WILL NOT QUIT! I will make this work because my health is more important than my taste buds, at least for the time that it will take to get to my goal weight and then I can have "real" food again. Find what works for you and work it!.

YOU ARE WORTH IT! Hang in there!..

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This thread spoke to me. I am at the beginning of my third week. And the other day I said to my dh "I can't believe I am saying this but this is really good!!!!!!!!!!!".

Speaking of course about my medifast meals. Which three weeks ago I hated and couldn't believe I had to eat. Now I look forward to certain ones -beef stew, chix noodle soup, choc shakes - yum.

And the biggest surprise is that diet pepsi - my all time favorite thing in the world to drink doesn't taste so good anymore. I am not happy about that as I love diet pepsi!!!!.

So I guess my tastes are changing. I am ordering my next month's food this week and can't stop thinking about what to order..

That's what three short weeks on medifast can do to a girl - and take off ten pounds of fat!!!!..

Comment #27

Lisa. I got a reorder today and it's like Christmas. Funny how the LITTLE things in life can make us happy. I was sadly out of my FAVORITE thing, which is the vanilla pudding. I don't use it for pudding, make a shake out of it. MUCH better than the vanilla shakes IMO.

BUT now I am loving the cream soup crackers so much that I had to try again with the Broccoli. And even jumping up and down about my chocolate pudding...another one I turn into a shake. Sigh. Hopefully soon buying a MediKini will light up my life. Love B..

Comment #28

I can't believe people on here are complaining about the food. Isn't that what got us here in the first place.?? If your goal is to enjoy food then you will never keep off the pounds. To me , I don't care if it tastes like cardboard if it is causing me to lose weight and is healthy besides. Some of us need to divorce ourselves from the "LOVE" of food...

Comment #29

Well, Spoiled, then are you going to continue to eat the Medifast food for the rest of your life? Cause I'm not. What I am planning to do is tolerate this and, along the way, learn how to cook and eat healthy REAL food so that when I go back to a normal life the choices I make are the right ones. That was a little harsh no offense. People here have different tastes and some like things that others don't. I don't plan on going to a 5 star restaurant in Paris and ordering Medifast CHILI for dinner. But I DO plan on studying the menu, asking the waiter for help, and choosing leaner meats, healthier prepared sauce and veggies, etc. so I don't have to come back here...

Comment #30

Bettina- I looked at Kroger (my grocery) for the Better than Bouillon you had mentioned, but I can't seem to find it. What does it come in?/ Look like?? Thanks (I'm assuming it would be with the other bouillons)..

Comment #31

Hi Betty,.

I don't know if there is an official version. But Nutrition Support suggested that I use 2 L&G meals with 4 Medifast meals shortly after I got on the program. (I had gained four pounds the first week I was on the programwhat a shock! And I had only cheated once with 2 extra dill spears.) Anyway, they said that it might help and it seems to. I don't do it every day (because doggone it, the Medifast food is easy).


Comment #32

Hmmmm as for the Better Than Buillon, I am shocked it's not at Kroger. They own Ralph's where I shop and I find it there. I just got my order from I like to order from them because of the flavors. Also, this time, I ordered the larger size jars and they are great...

Comment #33

Ker68 Got it. Yeah I like the 5 and 1 personally. Just sort of takes the figuring meals out of the loop...

Comment #34

Just today I decided to play with the danged tomato soup because next to Campbells Chicken Noodle, the Tomato was my favorite..

So I opened several packets and dumped them in the pan on the stove...I added a large can of chopped tomatos and I cup of skim milk.....simmered awhile..added pepper and salt.....hey it is not Campbell's but it beats the ....out of plain tomato. ( plus I had some packets available to try)..

Comment #35

Not going to happen in my case. Food is one of the great simple pleasures in life and I have a passion for it's taste, aromas, and preparation. I am talking about good foodgreat stuff that tantalizes the senses and sings to the soul. I am not talking about MickyD's or Taco Bell.

Great food used to be looked upon as a wonderful experiencepreparing it, serving it, and enjoying it. I know my Italian family still takes HOURS to go through a really great meal. It's not a pig out sessionit is a LONG TIME of talking and laughing and enjoying tastes of all kinds of superbly prepared dishes. And we have lost that in this country with our hectic schedules.

The obesity rate is outragous in this country and what I hear now is that people should NOT enjoy food or look to food as an enjoyable experience. Well that is sad. I know I gained my weight as a casualty of today's fast pace when I started eating out (fast food included) most nights of the week and got used to the HUGE portions that are usually served. With all the running around that I did with never a free moment it seemed, one would think that I would be burning off all those calories, but not so when most of your activity consisted of getting in and out of your car..

So, whereas my goal here is not to enjoy food, I will not give up my passion for the culinary exquisite. Nope. My goal here is to lose this weight and re-learn how to eat properly and in correct proportion. And if I try to make my Medifast meals as tasty and esthetically pleasing as I can with a little SF syrup here or some BTB thereso be it...

Comment #36

Not all of us are here becaue we obsess over and are consumed with food 24/7. There is nothing wrong with enjoying food. It's in our very nature to do so. Anything necessary for survival is wired into our DNA to be enjoyable. You can't change your genes! Maybe the size of your jeans...but not your genesI love to cook, to eat, to feed others. I also have eaten healthy my entire life.

I was lucky to have parents who gave me an excellent foundation on that.

It's when I became less active and started to induldge "just this once" a little too often that my troubles began. I never stopped eating healthy but just had too many extras. Enjoying food is part of life and it would be a sad world if we all ate nutritionally complete pseudo food blocks everyday.

We're all here on Medifast for different reasons so if some of us like to cook, experiment, to play with the boundaries, and just generally drive Nutrition Support crazy then who is anyone else to judge us for that? And really, we're just trying to ensure that there will always be jobs for the fab folks in tech and nutrition supportEveryone just needs to chill and be happy!..

Comment #37

On the tomato soup, I do it a lot like Nancilynn, but I spray a saucepan with a good shot of Mazola Pure butter flavor (it's like Pam w/o the silicone) and saute some onions, then add 2 tablespoons of skim milk, the water, basil, and a 1/2 teaspoon of white wine (yeah, I know, off program but it's only a drop) along with some a 2 tablespoons of the crushed tomatoes. It's not Martha Stewart, but it's not bad. I'm not crazy about the food but I think if it like medicine-pills in little packets...

Comment #38

Hang in there! You can do it... I feel your pain... When I started I couldnt stomach any of the food. I have been on the program for 42 days and have lost a total of 27 pounds. I only do the shakes. I have five shakes, throughout the day every 2 hours starting at 9am.

I sometimes put one packet of splenda in it. Between 5 and 6pm I have my one lean and green.

It's tough to get used to at first, but if you stick to it you will see results...Believe me it does get easier....

Good Luck!..

Comment #39

I haven't tried making the pudding into shakes. How do you make them??.

I like the chocolate shake - with some sugar free chocolate syrup added , four ice cubes and into the magic bullet. Pretty good..

I love all the ideas on this board. As a food lover I think I will always love food, even the medifast food - which I do look forward to eating (haven't broken that habit just yet)..

Comment #40

Hi Lisa...I make the pudding into shakes just like you would make a shake. I use 8 oz. of water, some ice, some sf Davinci and/or some flavor drops and whir it in the Magic Bullet. I think the taste of the vanilla pudding is so much better than vanilla shake. Try it!..

Comment #41

I tasted my second meal (it was cream of chicken) and absolutely hated it. I thought I spent al this money for nothing. Then I thought of my options-gain 10 pounds over the holidays? Go back to Weight Watchers? I felt like this was my last chance and I was tired of all my poor excuses. I was going to suck it up and do this no matter what. Even if I had to take it all like medicine. And I found a little salt and pepper goes a long way, cooking it in a pan and taking it to work the next day really helps, not to mention all the great ideas everyone on here has.

There is no way I'm going to quit, and neither should you...

Comment #42

I must agree the food is a bit hard to get used to.Doesn't stop any of my cravings. For instance my dad come home tonight with these amazing steaks fries and fried chicken and started heating it up while I'm drink my shake! I had to go upstairs but the smell is coming under my mean! But then I remember how i've lost 9 pounds. I had the tomato soup yesterday and I put some garilc powder, oregano, and onion powder and salt and pepper in it and I thought it tastes great! I wish I had gotten a box intstead of just the one free packet. I wish I had read these sooner though and I would have tried some peanut butter in my shake that sounds great!! I think I might only be able to do this diet for a month though, I really want to be able to have all the good food I look forward to at christmas. I'm sure I will limit myself but it only comes once a year and I think I should have waited to start the diet. I feel like I think about food more than I did when I wasn't on a diet, and I'm definitely more hungry.

Plus I just turned 21 not to long ago and now I can't go out with my friends because I'll want to get a drink! IT'S SOO HARD!! So all in all I feel your pain! I'll hang in there if you do..

Comment #43

The not drinking is the hardest, plus the "Wednesday treats" we're going to have at work until Christmas. I plan to cheat on my son's birthday (the 21st) and on Christmas day itself, but that's better than a whole month of festivites. And as soon as you recover from that, it's Super Bowl. But I find I'm barely hungry at all, I could easily do just the 5 Medifast meals w/o the lean and green-eating that's when I am tempted to eat more...

Comment #44

I like the food fine as is.....with a little splenda here, a little cinnamon there......etc. I have some things I hate, like the chili and minestrone and all the soups but the cream soups..

I love all the bars. The shakes I can do without. The cold and hot drinks are great.

I've tried making the recipes, and I think they are all flops. The cookies are like limp amoeba from a Star Trek episode.

I eat everything as is with a little flavoring or none. And you lose so fast, I can do anything for as little time as it takes..

It's not gourmet eating, but then, neither is my cooking. I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time with it. I would encourage you to give it a month. At least you'd use up your supply, and by then perhaps your tastes would change enough to do the program until you can lose your weight.

Good luck to you whether you stay or choose something else...

Comment #45


I quit this week for a day or two. Not because of the food though. I was miserable not being here, and ate pizza and pasta and felt pretty dumb. I committed to this and I have lost 48 lbs. in under four months. I went off plan a few times.

I got back on and kept losing. I have tried a lot of diets and this is working best for me. The food, well it needs help but that said it really isn't the worst thing in the world. In fact, I have grown to like most if not all of it. AND your taste buds will change.

And if you do that then you will be in a great place to make staying on plan your New Year's Resolution. It really does get easier. And there are SOOO many people here who are willing to share recipes and help with the food. Hope you stay with us...

Comment #46

Yes...I do miss my little (it's really an little cordial glass) 3oz of Merlot in the evening while DH has his beer. However...I did try to have it last night with friends and my blog to see the results!.

I hope you fair better with your "drinking" and peace...lynnann.

Ps....BettinaV..I did miss you while you were on your sabbatical...glad you're back with us...hope you enjoyed your pizza.....

Comment #47

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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