There is a vitamin that used to sell at VitaminShoppe called Exudron Excel (or someting like that). ?

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My first question is: There is a vitamin that used to sell at VitaminShoppe called Exudron Excel (or someting like that). ?

My next question is: 500 mg. TEST E a week for 15 weeks.

400 mg. Deca a week for 15 weeks.

40 mg. d-bol e.d. for 5 weeks.

I am 3 1/2 weeks in and I have a little more strength in certain areas. Seems like normal size natural gains so I am not sure if it is the gear. What I can tell for sure is that I am horny as hell all the time. Like 500% more than usuall. Not trying to sound rude, just looking for some feedback...

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Your question was: There is a vitamin that used to sell at VitaminShoppe called Exudron Excel (or someting like that). ?

Dude, look in the PCT sticky on here regards PCT you can the work it out as it's well easy.. 3 1/2 weeks is nothing yet wait till your 5 weeks in and the gains will start to show... Been horny is good sign that the test is working... you sould add more into the cycle if you wanted.....

Comment #1

I wouldnt wanna rely on nolva clomid for pct as youve added decca in too-its very suppressive..

You really shoulda looked into this prior to starting your cycle bud..

Get some hcg too....

Someone more knowledgeable might add to that..

There are reasons people start with one compound or two,but defo not 3 first time round..

Good luck with youre cycle dude...

Comment #2

After doing a test cyp and dianobol cycle (9 weeks and 4 weeks) I was horny as hell all the way through it btw I would have tackled a barbers floor lol!..

Comment #3

15 weeks is way too long in my opinion, you've a very good chance of a significant shutdown at the end of this..

I'd be starting nolvadex after 4 weeks in, running nolvadex at the end is pointless when gyno has started during the course...

Comment #4

I guess I will end the cycle at 12 weeks then. I have gotten alot of mixed suggestions. I was told on another forum to go 15 weeks because the test e takes a long time to kick in. As well I was told to start taking clomid and nolva 5 days after the last shot and continue every day for 2 weeks then reduce dosage and continue for the last 2 weeks. I read that long sticky about pct and I guess I just dont get alot of it. I already know what you are thinking. "you should have planned better before you started" and I agree, however, I am almost 5 weeks in and I need some advice please??..

Comment #5

I`d be wary of advice saying run it longer..

I`m no gear expert but mr.extreme tells you how it is usually..

If you dont get many repsonses pm a mod..

If you cant send pm`s yet post more lol..

Comment #6

I am almost five weeks in on this cycle. I have had minimal spurts of strength gains. I am still really horny. I am hoping that the test e starts to do it's thing. how long does it usually take for deca to start kicking in...

Comment #7

U should have had some big gud effects by now! after the two week mark I can normally tell if it's real or not, mite be ya gear wouldent like to say 12 weeks max and sort ya pct asap. full affects of deca I think 3-4 weeks but by week 5 ya strenth should be up and getting higher every workout along with abit of bloat which should settle by week 6 ish and should stay strong around the 3 week mark from ya last shot...

Comment #8

Yeah, I am starting to lose faith. Maybe just low dosed. I have some sciroxx pentadex 300 test blend on hand. Is it ok to stop what I am doing and start fresh with the sciroxx? If so how much would you recommend weekly and in how many injections per week?..

Comment #9

Pentadex 300 id wait for ya next course that stuff takes the 3-4 week mark also finnish wat you got get clean start from scratch, starting it now would put you well over the 12 week mark so just leave for now, see if you get anything from wat you got, for ya pentadex I think anything from 250-1000mg per week will do...

Comment #10

Are you sure you didnt buy viagra instead lol lol..

Comment #11

It definately feels like it. At least I got something out of it. GRRRR!!!!!..

Comment #12

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