The Rules for Cheating on Medifast

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Do you cheat for one meal or one day or one wknd?.

Do you log the cheat meals in?.

How do get back on track?.

Do you use a cleansing tea afterwards?.

Do you notice a great increase in your weightloss when you get back on plan the next wk?.

If you exercise will that balance out your cheating?.

12am...I had one cup of Absolute on the rocks and 2am I had a cup of the bush beans..How do I get back on track???..

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OKAY, so those are cheats but they are little blips in the screen. Remember to keep it in perspective. You don't have to do anything special after a cheat. Just get back on the plan like those two blips never happened. Forgive yourself and try to learn from it. What caused you to have the drink and the beans? What can you do in the future to not repeat this? Were you out with friends-then have a seltzer with a twist of lemon/lime.

Log EVERYTHING in under additional food so you are being honest! You'll do fine...

Comment #1

I am going to answer your questions with how I deal with those little cheats..

Do you cheat for one meal or one day or one wknd? I fI cheat it is usually one little thing I just can't live without..

Do you log the cheat meals in? I log everything in. If I don't the only person I am kidding is myself..

How do get back on track? I just continue the day as if the cheat never happened. You should still get you 5&1 in, if the cheat was at 2am then I would just start the next day as day 1 and hope that whatever I ahd was not enough to knock me out of ketosis..

Do you use a cleansing tea afterwards? I haven't and I doubt they are recomended..

Do you notice a great increase in your weightloss when you get back on plan the next wk? No, for me the cheat usually leads to a stall then the next week I get back on my regular losing schedule..

If you exercise will that balance out your cheating? I have tried to exercise to balance it out but I haven't found it to work..

One question you didn't ask is....Do you forgive yourself or punish yourself? I just let it go. I am human, if I weren't I wouldn't be in this situation.....let it go, learn from it...

Comment #2


I could not have said it any better and I AGREE. Do it and drink lots of water and move on. DO NOT KEEP GOING. A meal, afternoon or day turns into weeks and could be a lifetime. Stop right now........

Bush beans are good aren't they?? lol..

Comment #3

Hi Harlemfox,.

I have to say I think the people that already posted have great ideas so I won't say the same things again..

But I'll add: I don't think there are rules for cheating. In fact, I at least, started having problems with eating because there were SO many rigid rules about eating in my family of origin. So, when anyone starts mentioning the rules for eating (or cheating), I get alarmed because they are NOT helpful to me. I've found it better to think about the choices I have and the decisions I make about eating. Some of us have given up the word "cheating" and think about on plan and off plan..

I would be interested in what you (or others too) think about this idea.

Thanks for posting thisit made me think..


Comment #4


I agree with you wholeheartedly. I believe (even though I had forgotten until this and another "cheating" post) that my main goal in this program is to become conscious about eating (and the rest of my life) and the choices I make.

Thanks for helping me...

Comment #5

I have binged 4 times in the last week. not proud of it, but it happened. finally heard about HALT. do not let yourself get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired. this explaines every binge I made. it also tells me to watch my emotions and when I get this way, (we are all human) to have a Medifast snack or a meal instead of binging.

Which I did. otherwise after 4 binges so close together, I would have quit the program. I am still working the plan as best I can without binges. I am here to learn the 'bad' things that I am doing with food as well as to lose weight. the more I can learn about why I binge, the better my maintaince and the rest of my life will be...

Comment #6

Thanks Manafood for HALT. I'll add boredom. Wobbling on and off the Medifast path seems to be my method of learning how to make better food and drink choices as I haul all my baggage through the rest of my life.

Some days I think I'll trade the Hunger Panic Bag (OK it's really a steamer trunk) for something else, but then I do enjoy finding new places to hide it.

Despite years of experience, you'd think I wouldn't be so surprised when lost luggage reappears and blindsides me at the most inappropriate moments...

Comment #7

OH my, what a good metaphor plus it cracks me up!!! Thanks..


Comment #8

Thank you all for the support...And sharing your own experiences...Today I'm back on track...Hopefully I will make IT through xmas! Doing a little socializing but I plan to do my 5 Medifast meals b4 I go and the L&G at the party! Vege's and Turkey....

Pawp1Great advice! I will let you guys know my results on Tuesday's weighin....

This_is_THE_time Thanks for the inspiration to move on....


Comment #9

I so empathize with you all. I was an emotional binger........binging when hungry, angry, lonely and tired..

I am grateful for Medifast and for the great book they released not long after I started the diet in July which has totally changed my thinking and my approach to eating..

I've learned so much about myself during this diet and it has helped me keep on the path.

Good luck to you all as you continue your weight loss journey in which you learn to change your lives for the better..

The one thing I've learned for myself is that I don't need to gratify every hunger pain or craving to be happy or satisfied. I only need to eat when it's time to eat. I've learned to use the clock and not my stomach to tell me when to eat. And if I can't stand it before it's time, I drink a bottle of water or a can of diet soda or a cup of coffee with a little creamer to tie me over. It's such a feeling of control that I never had before. I tell my stomach when it's going to eat, it doesn't tell me what to do..

My life has been one big emotional roller coaster ride and has kept me obese because I gave into the urges to binge. But NO MORE!!!!!!!!! That's what I've learned that's changing my life. I have ultimate responsibility for what I do and what I look like. I have no one to blame but myself. Thanks to Medifast, I've learned that and have taken the responsibility for me...

Comment #10

I like the HALT concept, I see that could come in handy for me.

Good luck and very glad you are back on track!! Remember the support online here is awesome, just check in on the boards if you feel like binging, someone is usually here to help!.

Happy Holidays!..

Comment #11

I am going to try to not have any rules for cheating. I have had really good success on this program, the best!!!!!!!!! With something that works this well, I just am motivated to NOT screw it up. I am having a cranberry crystal lite when I get bored and want to put something in my mouth...

Comment #12

I'll go back to what Pam (Pawp1) replied. I record everything. It all counts if it goes into my mouth. I am in maintenance now and still proceed with this plan. It has kept me on track with the holidays since my choices are greater now.

During the weight loss phase if I ate off plan it slowed my weight loss. What this demonstrated to me was that in order to have the greatest success I needed to stick to plan. I lost 52 pounds in 20 weeks. I took one week off plan (counted in the 20) while on vacation. My weight went up that week, but my weight loss returned once I got back on plan. I had a few other off plan transgressions, usually an alcoholic beverage.

I stopped these transgressions when I came to the conclusion that I could stay on plan if I chose to stay on plan.

I've been at goal for almost 7 weeks now. I still monitor my intake and use this as a guide for healthy eating. I have found I don't do well with starches so I generally stay clear of these. When I consume starches I find I have the munchies the remainder of the day and have to deal with those feelings. It's not worth the frustration. I can choose L&G legal choices and be satisfied.

I hope this helps...

Comment #13

I can only tell you what works for me...I made up a rule...they call it the Prez 5 sec rule..feel bad for like 5 sec.....then move on.that was so yesterday...jump back on track and keep going..I think there are many who hit a bump in the road...the key is not to let it rule you..Some have hit the bump and said I blew it and keep eating off plan...then it is harder to get started again...You can only blow this if you turn you back on yourself and keep doing no no's....Hope this helped....Later Prez..

Comment #14

I've only really cheated this past week, and I gained even though I was exercising..

I didn't log my cheats out of pure laziness but I make a note in the journal entry section..

How do you get back on track? Just decide you're going to cut it out and then do it! When I got on the scale and saw a gain for the first time ever that was enough for me to get back to the basics.

If you find yourself cheating DON'T make it an excuse to keep going because you've already blown it... keep going with your day as if you've been perfect. You'll only make it worse if you make a weekend out of it...

Comment #15

HAHA a little late in the game I guess, I didn't see this was from before Christmas...... but maybe it will still be helpful to someone out there..

Comment #16

Ditto on everything above. You are human. Use the experience and how it made you feel, and forgive yourself. And don't let it be a license for 'cheating' the rest of the day. Get right back on track!..

Comment #17

TOM is an abbreviation for "time of month" which is used by many as a euphemism for your menstrual period..

- Siobhan..

Comment #18

#1 rule for cheating if you do it you are cheating!..

Comment #19

This discussion was put to bed last year...with good reason..

As a thought though...since starting MF, I have always logged in everything I consume (including supplements). I preferred FitDay to MFs old system, but I like the new system here so I'm back logging over here again.

Logging everything in gives you a really good picture of how quickly things add up. It gave me a whole lot of insight into portion control and being careful when adding things on..

Oh yeah...when I took a few months break from Medifast for health reasons, I continued to log everything in and I found out that 1200 calories a day is MAINTENANCE for me. Didn't thrill me too much but it really did solidify the fact that I can NEVER go back to my old eating habits (which were many more calories than that)..

So, my suggestion is to log everything in (using whatever tool works best for you). And if you do eat off plan, it can be a useful learning tool to see how easily diet damage can be done. For me, even logging in an off plan item I am thinking about AHEAD of time makes me reconsider and stay on plan. Most days...

Comment #20

Don't cheat and you won't have to worry about it. We all fall off the wagon occassionally, but don't make a habit of it. You are doing this for your health and well being ... do you really need to cheat that much that you ask what are the rules? Just remember why you are here, the only rule about cheating is don't. Good luck...

Comment #21


I love the concept of "on plan or off plan" vs. "cheating". Thinking of it as cheating feels like I am steeped in failure, but thinking of it as on plan or off plan feels like a CHOICE. I feel very empowered by this concept...I can be on plan, or I can be off plan. Whichever I am at any given moment, I am there because I choose it. I feel much more aware and CONCIOUS of my eating choices now. Thanks Karen for such a freeing thought!..

Comment #22

Okay, I know that this is an old thread but I had to laugh because I was making the kids Bush's baked Beans earlier, which I would never think to eat ( I just didn't grow up with beans...) and I was all drooling over the beans! Maybe it was the token sliver of bacon per can... ha ha!..

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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