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My first question is: The Burn from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Alright folks,.

Is it safe to have a bevy when on a course of oral aas steroids?.



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Your question was: The Burn from VitaminShoppe?.

I've done it and had no ill effects, if it's a one off or once in a blue moon I can't see it being a problem..

How sore is a course on your liver? Nobody can answer that..

Alcoholics are drinking to excess every day and live for years, one night on the p1ss while on a course is not going to be as damaging as that..

Live a little, life needs balance...

Comment #1

When people get alcohol poisoning from say drinking too much in one night!.

Could this possibly be intensified if on a course of steroids... i.e. liver more prone to the problem!.

Im no expert in this field, but just out of curiosity!..

Comment #2

Firstly I think what Jam is taking could have a great relevance to this, is it orals or injectables?.

Secondly I don't think one night of having a social drink will do any significant damage if your on a course or not. The liver is the most resiliant organ in the body and can regenerate even from sever cirrhocis which is most commonly caused by alcohol abuse...

Comment #3

Id imagine a couple of brews/glasses of wine is no biggie..

But often when you go out... do you really stick to just a couple? Never the case is it. Liver failure happens to be a very big killer in this country, trust me id know as I have lost someone to it. But with the ingetion of steroids, it can only exacerbate such a problem. I suggest using a supplement like milk thistle or liv52 to help detoxify (steroid or boozing or even both).

Most damage done to the liver funnily enough is on the binge drinkers (those who just do 1-2 lash outs a week), those who drink say a glasss of red wine every day of the year will be surprisingly healthy... just look at the french paradox (high fat ingestion yet low LDL (low density lipo-protein)[bad cholesterol] cholesterol levels due to anti oxidant properties of red wine (its because of the skins of the red grapes). You do get some other cholesterol lowering effect from white wine/spirits/beers, but no where near to the same extent..

And yes the liver out of all the organs does have the best recovery rates, but realistically do you see yourself properley detoxing for say three months?.

So rethink how you booze me thinks?..

Comment #4

If you are using orals it's less of a good idea, again it will depend upon how much you are taking but oral steroids do stress the liver more than injectables do and coupled with booze the stress will be more..

I still don't see it being detrimental to your long term health though...

Comment #5

I don't drink a drop on cycle. livers getting a doing anyway, so thats not my prinicipal issue.

Personally, I cannot understand why anyone would want to. now I know a great many bbs are as careful with booze etc as they are with their cycles and training. however...

I can only comment on what I have seen - it seems to me that those folk I know who are on gear AND drink are often the same pals who seem to lose the plot when we are out and end up in brawls (for very little reason). I think alchohol can amplify the effects of test and this can be hard to manage. of course, some people are predisposed to be absolute arseholes anyway, booze or no, gear or no. I hope I am not too big an arsehole ever, but I prefer to avoid unnecessary risks...

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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