The Best and Worst Medifast foods

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I have been on this program for going on three months now and since I have tried every Medifast item available, I thought it would be fun to list my least and most favorite Medifast meal for the Newbies. Some of the Medifast items I ordered from to get just one unit so I would not waste a whole box if I did not like it (just a hint).

My favorite is Cream of Tom soup, I have it every day for lunch with Multi grain snack least is the Chai...ugh!.

How about you?..

Comments (192)

My least favorite is any kind of oatmeal and my favorite is the scrambled eggs. I do enjoy everything except the oatmeal...

Comment #1

My fav is the hot chocolate. My least fav is the minestrone, GAG ME!!!!!..

Comment #2

Least - minestrone and chili - ishka!!! Favorite - eggs and chocolate shake with instant coffee......mmmmmmmmmm...

Comment #3

My favorite is the Chai - I sometimes have it 3 times a day!.

Least favorite is any kind of oatmeal. But then I don't like regular oatmeal either, so that isn't a big surpise...

Comment #4

Favorites: Cocoa and Mango.

Least: Minestrone and Orange Shake..

Comment #5

Faves: cranberry mango, tomato soup, eggs, stew, chocolate bars, banana pudding.

Not: minestrone, vanilla shakes, chili, brocoli soup..

Comment #6

Favorites: Chocolate Bar, Hot Cocoa.

Least Faves: all the Oatmeals, Cream of Broccoli, Tropical Punch..

Comment #7

Normally hate oatmeal of any kind, BUT love the muffins made with it, portable too! Love the eggs and chicken noodle soup..

Hate the fruit flavored shakes, I'll use them to make muffins, Chai latte (icky), chili and minestrone...

Comment #8

My least would be cream of brocolli, I hate brocolli. I use it for crackers instead..

My Most favorite is the Banana Pudding made into a shake. YUMMI..

Also like the Medifast cran-mango drink...

Comment #9


How do you fix your tomato soup? I love tomato soup, but I can't seem to get it fixed right or something. It tastes chalky to me. Thanks for the help!.


Comment #10


Just the way it states on the box...we have both cold and hot water available in our break room and I mix it with a little of hot water and form a paste to get rid of the lumps then finish with the rest of the water. I find it both filling and yummy on a cold winter day for lunch...

Comment #11

Favs: Hot cocoa, scrambled eggs, blueberry oatmeal.

Hates: Any of the teas, cream soups, the new bars..

Comment #12


All of the oatmeals, chocolate bars, dutch chocolate shakes.

Least favorites: all of the soups!..

Comment #13

My fav is definately the hot cocoa!! My least fav is without a doubt, the chili!! I havent tried the minestrone, or the chai, but I dont like those things regularly so figured I wouldnt like them from Medifast either!.

Interesting the range of answers this one got!!..

Comment #14

My Favs: the Tropical Punch and the Scrambled Eggs.

Least: the Chai and the Chili <<<shudder>>>..

Comment #15

My favorites are the hot cocoa and the cappuccino.

My least favorites are all the new bars..

Comment #16

Least fave is Minestrone *GAG* followed by chili..

Faves are Hot Cocoa, the chicken soups and the oatmeals...except blueberry..

Comment #17

Still on my first shipment, but so far I like the Dutch Chocolate Shakes and the Hot Cocoa and the apple oatmeal and maple oatmeal. Least faves are the chicken noodle soup and I really hate the Chai...any suggestions on how to make it taste better?..

Comment #18

My favorite are the bars - I like the Chocolate Mint. Chai and Hot Chocolate are good. The oatmeal make into pancakes have been my savior with my not usually liking oatmeal..

Least favorite? The puddings - they were sent as my "free" fifth week - but I don't like pudding anyway!! I'm barely tolerating the veg beef soup - all the others are ok..

I hate to throw Medifast food away because I paid for it. Puddings are better mixed with shakes and then I make two meals..

I just ordered 3 more weeks - stuff I know I like!!!..

Comment #19

O.k. it's just near the end of my first week but so far...I love the Apple cinnamon oatmeal but hate hate hate the Cream of Tomato Soup...Gag...I couldn't get it down! I'm looking forward to trying the eggs with my next order and I also love to drink a Chai before bed! Since we have such different tastes I wonder if we could buy unused food from each other. For users with Paypal accounts that might be an idea???..

Comment #20

My tastes have changed about every two months! I started out not being able to tolerate the oatmeal - now I look forward to the muffins I make with the oatmeal and pudding combination daily! I LOVED the Chili with some 'doctoring' when I first started - now I've not eaten it in two months. I'm currently hooked on the Cream of Chicken Soup made into crackers, but 4 months ago I couldn't get it near my mouth.... The one thing I have consistently loved and drink 3-4 times a day is the Chocolate RTD shakes.

And I mourn the passing of the Lemon Fantasy Bar......

Comment #21

I agree, our taste changes the longer we are on this program..

Comment #22

Favorites: Chicken and wild rice soup, chocolate mint bars.

Least: oatmeal & chili.

Wish I could get used to the oatmeal. But it just hasn't worked for me yet..

Comment #23

Favorite: Caramel Nut Bar and Chicken Noodle Soup.

Least: Orange and Strawberry Shakes..

Comment #24

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chocolate shakes, oatmeal raisin bars and oatmeal. Can't stand the chemicals that are called banana pudding...oh, the hair on my neck stands up just thinking about it!..

Comment #25

Momma Meow - I am with you on the Lemon Fantasy. I ordered 6 boxes BEFORE I realized that it said "NEW." Fortunately, I still like the lemon bars, but now it's just like instead of LOVE. (Then again, maybe it's a good thing, as I was in constant danger of eating a whole box in a day!).

Favorite is the Chicken Noodle Soup - eat it twice every day.

Least favorite - All the oatmeal (hate oeatmel anyway), Beef Stew & Minestrone..

Comment #26

Faves Chicken wild rice soup, scrambled eggs, chocolate pudding.

Least Orange shakes... the ONLY thing I haven't been able to eat on this plan..

Comment #27

I learned to like the chili with some add ins...but my very favorite is the hot cocoa and the can fix them both hot and cold....I do not care for the orange shake...had to mix it with strawberry to make 2 to use them...strong me baby asprin...yikes! I have not tried any of the new bars....the first ones I got were to good...trigger food so I leave them alone..Later Prez..

Comment #28

Favories-eggs and chili.

HATE the iced teas! Also not a fan of Strawberry shake...

Comment #29

My most favorite...tie between the oatmeal and chocolate mint bar..

My least favorite....chai tea (yuck) and "cappucino" yuck yuck..

Comment #30

So Far I like just about all of it.

Least: Right now the Cream of Brocilla(sp) gross..

Comment #31

Love the chai, raz t and cran mango, hot chocolate and all the chicken soups..

Like all shakes except the banana, the a.c and maple oatmeal,.

Puddings if they're made into ice cream.

Extreme dislike for Chili, cream of tomato and cream of broccoli.

Someone asked about tweaking the chai if you really like the strong chai flavor of a traditional chai, brew a couple of cups of straight black chai to mix in with the Medifast chai. I also like mixing the chai with strong coffee...

Comment #32

Chicken with rice soup is my favorite.

The chili and beef stew isn't bad if you make it about 4 hours early and let it "sit" in the fridge. Oatmeal is good (maple one, yum). The eggs were bad until I cooked them in a pan instead of the microwave. They are good in a pan..

I HATE the chai. Totally reeks...

Comment #33

Favorite - hot cocoa (2-3 times a day - it has worked great through the winter).

Least - cappucino/chai latte/ old bars - gave this all away to my mom...

Comment #34

I hate the latte, hot chocolate, especially because of the lumps and bumps..

I like the soups, chocolate pudding, bars, chocolate shakes, tolerate the oatmeal except blueberry is vial (but I hate blueberries). I just bought eggs and have read if cooked on the stove they are good but in micro- ugh...

Comment #35

My most favorite is the Chocolate shake (yum yum!) and the Peach oatmeal.

Least favorite: hands down the sick, twisted box of Orange shake. I thought I might throw up a few times while trying to down it, but had six more in the package, and didnt want to waste it. Read a comment somewhere that mixing it in Orange diet soda made it better. They were wrong.

I even added ice, nothing helped.

It tasted like a care bear went number 2 in my mouth. sorry for the analogy..

Comment #36

This is was such an interesting read! I've been wondering what everyone else thought about the food. I'm secretly picking up suggestions for my second order.

Likes: chocolate pudding, any of the bars, & any of the oatmeals.

Hates: strawberry shake (big EWWWW!)..

Comment #37

So far, I like everything...except the cream of broccoli soup (I make the cracker recipe with them & put peanut butter & SF jelly on it! I love my pb&j sandwiches!)...and because I've never had Chai before...and most everyone hates it...I'm too afraid to try it! I'll most likely figure out a recipe to use them up!.

For those that don't like the fruit flavored shakes, I've got a recipe that will could possibly work for the drinks, but I haven't tried:.

I discovered this little trick because I'm not a big fan of the orange or strawberry shakes by themselves...but this idea makes them both a desired deliscious dessert!.

Take one packet of the orange or strawberry stuff, 1/2-3/4 c water, a couple ice cubes (I use 2 of the regular sized ones), and one of the 'on the go' packets of crystal light (they're 5 calories each, I only use half per shake b/c it's plenty of taste for me...try a few different flavors: fruit punch, lemonade, strawberry, raspberry...even mix a little bit of each together!) Now blend it up. The consistancy should be close to yogurt...sick it in your freezer for a little while, eat your dinner, come back later & you've got yourself a nice sorbet/Italian ice dessert! It makes a lot...and you can eat the whole thing because it's still just using one Medifast shake!.

You will love it! I promise! I know I'm enjoying my strawberry one tonight!..

Comment #38

Favorites: strawberry & orange shakes (apparently I'm the odd-ball on this one, but I think I miss fruit so much that this I'm not a big chocolate fan); also really, really like the chai.

Ick: broccoli soup (and I love broccoli, but gack! even as crackers...blech) and the chili..

Comment #39

Favorites: Oatmeal, Chicken & Wild Rice, Minestrone (add Ms Dash and it's AWESOME), Banana Pudding, Chai Latte, Cream of Tomato and Cream of Broccoli. Wow that's a lot of favorites haha!.

Hate: Fruit & Nut Bars, Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Shakes, Chicken Noodle.

I am glad Medifast makes so many different items now cause we all sure have different tastes!..

Comment #40

So far my least favorite is the peanut butter bars, I about yaked with those! The peach tea and tomato soup.

I do like the chicken noodle soup, chocolate shake and banana pudding...

Comment #41

Most Favorite would be the original Caramel Nut bars. Had to stop ordering them; they were TOOOOO good..

Least Favorite: Mine *gag* strone.


Comment #42


Chicken noodle soup, cappucino, maple oatmeal and dutch chocolate shakes.

Least Favorite:.

Cream of anything soup....

Orange shake.

CHAI! Yukk!.

To each their own!..

Comment #43

Hi all, where can I find the cracker recipe for the soups? (sorry if this is obvious news, i'm new here!)..

Comment #44

Favorites: Caramel nut bars, mango made up with Crystal Light, chicken and wild rice soup.

Gaggers: Minestrone, beef vegetable soup, strawberry shakes.


Comment #45

Soraya22, you can order the crackers on the Medifast site under the snacks. They are very good with the soups....esp the cream of Tomato (my personal fav ).

I like most everything except the beef stew (my husband loves this) and the Chai (ugh!!!). I only like the oatmeals made into muffins or cookies...but will eat those everyday!!!..

Comment #46

Favs: All the soups, make most into OB pita bread. Love the Chai!!!!Spicey. Hate The Oatmeals, taste gross no matter how I cook it and what I make out of it, Tried them all with every recipe,, Nasty after taste...... Love all the shakes, Hate the cocoa, what a gross after taste that one has....Yes I put add ins to make it better!! No way, nor with the chocolate puddings, ick ick!!! Funny how diverse all our tastes are, Thank goodness there is so much to chose from!!!..

Comment #47

Favs: Chocolate Pudding (made into ice cream); any of the oatmeals (made into muffins).

Gags: Chai Latte (I can barely even type it); any of the cream soups (have to make bread out of them)..

Comment #48

Love: Chocolate bar, chocolate mint bar, all hot drinks (cocoa, chai, capp.).

Hate: *shudder* strawberry shake *shudder*, any of the "extruded" bars (just can't get past the texture).

Learned to like: chili (make in morning let sit in insulated thermos ALL morning, add chili powder, sprinkle of parm. cheese, etc.), all cold drinks are decent with crystal lite 2 go packets added (still iffy on the nasty cran-mango one...).

Amazing the different tastes we all have!!! Good thing there are so many choices with MF!..

Comment #49

Funny, but my favorite so far is the Chai Latte and my least favorite is the Cream of Tomato. Just the opposite of "spoiled", who started this thread..

But, I really can tolerate all of them ok. There are just certain things that I probably won't order again...

Comment #50

Favorite: scrambled eggs - with some hot sauce, ay carramba!.

Most de-sgusting: vanilla shake and all the bars..

It is nice to have the variety!..

Comment #51

Favorite: Mint Chocolate Bars!.

Least Fave: Peach oatmeal (grosss)..

Comment #52

Favorite: Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal, Vanilla pudding, Swiss mocha shake, fruit punch.

Gag-o-rama: Any and all soups (except I like cream of soup crackers). BTW- it totally sucks hating the soups, I miss soup!..

Comment #53

Hey thank you for the recipe link! I would love more info on other recipes! I don't have a lot of time to cook right now, but in a couple of weeks I will and i'm looking for ward to it. thank you!.


Comment #54

LUVVVVV! The hot chocolate. I make it cold and then heat it over the stove. Once off the stove, I mix in a dash of cinnamon and vanilla extract. Yummie..

I HATE!!!!! the cream of broccoli and the minestrone soup...

Comment #55

Favorite: Banana anything...Hot Cocoa...oatmeal muffins.

Least: Cream of Chicken Soup, Cappuccino.......

Comment #56

Best so far: Choc peanut bar.

Least: chili and broc soup...ugh!!!.

I also like the fruit and nut granola bar....yummy. It helps me drink a lot of water too!..

Comment #57

My favorite would be the vanilla shakes. I can make any flavor depending on what I put in them and when I whip them up with ice they are like a vanilla milkshake. My least favorite are the Mocha shakes. I've added stuff to them and I still don't like them...

Comment #58

OK newbie here (first week done and only 4.6 pounds lost though ) What is the recipe for the muffins and bread? Where can I find it!..

Comment #59

My favorites:.

Hot Cocoa.

Chai Latte.

Dutch Chocolate Shake.

Oatmeal Raisin Bar.

Mint Chocolate Chip Bar.

Beef Stew.

Tomato Soup.


Chocolate Pudding.

(and more, believe it or not!).

Least favorites:.

Peach Oatmeal.

Peach Tea.

(and I actually like Peach...just not these products)..

Comment #60

My favorite is definitely the bars. I really watch what I do, so I stay at or below the 85 carb mark. they are like having a great candy bar everyday..

My least is the vege beef and the orange shakes...

Comment #61

First of all, Brittaing, 4.6lbs is 4.6lbs! Be happy! Stick with it and it will come off! You can find the bread and cookie recipes by going to the "MMmmmm recipe" forum, and typing Bread or Cookie or whatever under Search..


Dutch Chocolate Shake.

Carmel Nut Bar.

Beef Vegetable Soup.


Cream Soups (I used to hate them, then learned to make them into bread and now love them!).

Chai Latte.

Chocolate Pudding.

Vanilla Pudding.

Least Favorite:.

Blueberry Oatmeal..

Comment #62

Favorite is the eggs, plain and used to make cookies and muffins. Least favorite would be any shake as an actual plain old shake. (Can't stand milk!) Will never, ever, never order the Peach Tea again. It was hard to even bake them into anything I could eat.

Early on some of the vets at the site suggested I try some of the things I didn't like at first later on as my "taste" would change. This was good advice that I found to be true but even then I'm not going for the Peach Tea again!..

Comment #63

I'm glad I have several months on this plan...cause it will take me that long to choke down the 90% of the variety pack that I got the first week.....

Hate: Oatmeals, Soups, Pudding (unless made into ice cream), Vanilla Shake.

Love: Chocolate Mint Bars, Eggs and the majority of shakes...

Comment #64

Fav of all Favs:.

New,Improved w/little crispy things- CHOC MINT BARS rock! 1 a day for me. Look forward to my bar ALL DAY! 2nd place, the New Stew is awesome esp. if you add 1/2 beef boullion..

Putrid: Peach oatmeal tastes like perfume! Minestrone soup is nasty too!..

Comment #65

Most: Beef Stew, Apple Oatmeal (with added cinnamon only).

Least: Minestrone.

You are welcome to read my BLOG:..

Comment #66

Thanks Toria for the encouragement! Lost another pound yesterday. I'm trying to stay motivated...guess I'm just hoping for faster results! I have never been at this high of weight before but put on the pounds after an injury while deployed to Iraq. So, now I'm battling and without doing exercise it is hard! If I can find the time to try new recipes I think that will help. I didn't have a bar yesterday either so not sure if that was a help..

My Favorites: White Cheddar soy crisps! yummy!; most shakes (not the orange -yuk); chicken and wild rice soup.

Least favorite: Some of the oatmeals - they just smell awful! I don't do the cappacino or chai latte;..

Comment #67


Comment #68

Favorites : hot cocoa, banana pudding, white cheddar crisps.

Haven't decided : chili.

Hated : chicken & wild rice..

Comment #69

My favorites are:.

Dutch Chocolate Shake.

French Vanilla.

Stawberry Cream.

Orange Cream.

Chicke Noodle Soup.

Apple Cinn. Oatmeal.

Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal.


Tropical Punch.

Vanilla Pudding.

In my next order i'm ordering the hot cocoa, and raspberry tea, which I hope I enjoy. I refuse to buy any of the bars and snacks...

Comment #70

My favorites are the apple cinnamon oatmeal, (which I sometimes eat 2 or 3 times a day) chai tea (made with coffee instead of water so it isn't so sweet) hot chocolate made with coffee instead of water and chocolate mint bars. My least favorites are the strawberry and orange shakes, which I am using up by making cookies with them mixed with the peach oatmeal that I don't especially like either...

Comment #71

Like: Chocolate Shakes and Chocolate Diabetic Bar.

Hate: Tropical Punch..

Comment #72

Im pretty new, only on my 6th day.. everything is tolerable buuut so far I like the chicken w/wild rice soup & the bars are SOOO GOOD! the shakes are good, I like the orange creme one blended with some water & 4 ice cubes.

I REALLY cannot stand ANY of the puddings..UGHHHH they are horrid!! I have to take a drink of water with each bite to get it down. gag!..

Comment #73


Maybe you should turn the puddings into pudding shakes or try the ice cream recipe? I actually like the puddings, although I'm scared of the banana...

Comment #74

LOVE the Chicken & Wild Rice soups, in fact, all soups except Tomato. Not terrible but not delicious either! Shakes and puddings are yummy!.

Hate all the oatmeal...YUCK!..

Comment #75

Added vanilla flavoring to orange shake, and lots of ice in the MB..

MUCH better very icy and with a bit of flavoring.

Still hate the chix noodle soup & minestrone (shuddering at the thought)..

Comment #76

Loves: all the soups, except the creamy or fast ones (chicken rice tops the list followed by minestrone & the new Maryland crab).

All the shakes, except Mocha.

All the hot drinks - YUM, esp the chai.

Bars: oatmeal raisin, caramel nut, peanut butter, chocolate mint.

Hates: any of the fruity drinks.

All the oatmeals and puddings are used for cookies only..

Comment #77

Favorite - all of the oatmeals/ hot cocoa / orange & choc. shakes / puddings.

Least - chicken noodle soup.

I haven't eaten anything that I have hated, never tried the minestrone/chili at the advice of the boards (not a big fan of the usual stuff so don't see a reason to try the low everything stuff). Over the winter I darn near lived on hot cocoa and oatmeal; now with the warm sun back to the shakes...

Comment #78

Oh my gosh!!!! The orange and strawberry shakes are the best!!! I have been on plan for.

Almost 3 months and HATED with a pssion these twountil Melissa posted how to doctor them up. With a little crystal lite blended w/iceso yummmmmmy.

It's a good change of pace so if you had given up on themtry againit is definately worth it..

Comment #79

Restarted the program this week, but was on Medifast for 7 months last year. Have had all the products..

Favorites: oatmeals, soups, hot drinks, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate shakes, RTD's, beef stew, and Maryland Crab soup.

Least Favorites: minestrone, chili, cold drinks, puddings and all bars.


Comment #80

I hate all the oatmeals.

I love the banana pudding, chocolate bar, chicken noodle soup, vanilla ready made shake and beef vegetable stew...

Comment #81

My Fav is all the shakes :-).

Least Fav is MINSTRONE SOUP and ALL CREAM SOUPS!!!! :-(..

Comment #82

Favorites: Hot cocoa (mixed with Starbucks coffee!), all the shakes, tomato soup, eggs.

Least favorites: ALL the bars, all the oatmeal (blech!).

I know most here LOVE the bars and I have tried them all, to no avail....I can't gag them down. Or the oatmeal either, for that matter. I can occasionally make a pancake with the oatmeal and eat most of it before I start to feel sick.....oy.....

But I love all the shakes, don't mind the puddings and the hot cocoa is to die for.....!!!..

Comment #83

My very favorite thing is the chocolate mint bars.

Next would be the blueberry oatmeal.

Least Fav. would be the chicken noodle soup!!!..

Comment #84

I love cocoa, puddings, chili and orange creme shake (I eat that one frozen.).

I can't stand the bars..

Everything else is okay....

Comment #85

I love the soups, and Chai Latte the most. The shakes are the hardest for me to suck down. I make a smoothie out of them, but they are so chalky and not much as far as flavor. I ordered the Capella Flavor Drops, but they are having shipping issues they say and don't know when I will get them. Today I came across a box of Fat Free/Sugar Free jello that I had and added a little of the peach jello (dry) to my orange creme and it was good. Is that allowed? It has 0 cals, 0 carbs and 0 fat, so can I count it as a condiment? I sure hope so, I am looking forward to the lime in my vanilla shake!!..

Comment #86

Without a doubt - worst is Peach Oatmeal.

Best is mint chocolate bar..

Comment #87

I agree with peach oatmeal as the least favorite. I also have to add in the chicken noodle soup. My favorite would have to be...the L&G ...okay, okay the chocolate mint bar!..

Comment #88

My least favorite is the cream of brocolli soup and my favorite is the chai latte , I put it over ice yum..

Comment #89

Least favorite chai latte, still gagging those down in desperate times.

Favorite brown sugar & cinnamon oatmeal, flax seed added...

Comment #90

This is a fun thread:.

Faves: chicken and rice soup, cappucino, chilli (if made in crockpot and fixed with chilli powder and hot sauce).

Least fave: cream of tomato soup (cannot even look at the box)..

Comment #91

Favorite:Chicken Wild Rice Soup.

Least Favorite: Iced Tea-murky and gross!..

Comment #92

Least = Orange Cream Shake (ack! even the words make me feel ill! does anyone like this???).

Faves = Peanut Butter Bar, Chicken and Rice Soup, Chocolate shake with PB2 (love my peanut butter!)..

Comment #93

The only products I just can't stand are the Chai Latte and the Minestrone. Probably my favorites are the Chili and Chicken with Rice soup. I finally threw away the Minestrone, but will probably concock some type of oatmeal cookie with the rest of the Chai Latte...

Comment #94

Favs: beef stew, puddings, shakes.

Gagggable: oatmeal, any cream soup..

Comment #95

Favorites: Beef Stew, any bars, chocolate shakes and the Chai Tea. I notice alot of people hate the Chai - I thought it was a cold shake and made it that way the first time - loved it!! I make it like a cold shake all the time now..

Lease Favorite - Chili. Ugg! Nothing makes that better!!..

Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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