Terrible cravings during Medifast

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I am having TERRIBLE cravings right now. Why? I've done so well staying OP. I can't figure if I'm PMSing or if I'm over tired. I've had my water and all my Medifast meals and my L&G already. I've had 82 carbs for the day and a little over 800 cals. Geesh, I just want to sink my teeth into something decadent! LOL! Guess I'll go grab that Diet Dr.

Any of you ever have this problem when you're tired?..

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Yes, and I succumbed. It was horrible. 2 and 1/2 months in of 100% OP and then bam I lost all control in a way I never have - even when I was heavier. I have always had a problem with healthy choices and portion control but I would never have described myself as a binge eater. I never just ate mindlessly for the sake of eating even when I felt full but twice in the last week I have lost it and found myself "eating angry." I'm eating and eating and eating and I'm full and I'm still eating. I'm eating peanut butter and peanut butter crakers and popcorn and ice cream and hot dog buns toasted with butter.

The whole time I have been OP I have been so thankful for the rigidity of Medifast that has helped me avoid having to make "real food" choices all day long. The structure was my savior but now I think my body is telling me that it needs me to get brave and start making those choices. I need fruit. I need dairy. I need grains.

So I am back up on the horse, have lost the 3 lbs I gained during the "insanity" and I am going to start T&M in 2 weeks whether I am totally to goal or not - If I am "good" (100% OP) I will be close regardless. Know you are not alone in your struggles. Sometimes it is just hard but I am so thankful for the progress I have made, the things I have learned about myself and the knowledge that even if I mess up sometimes I CAN make this happen. You can too!.


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Cccookies- We all mess up! I have learned I am an emotional eater, so when I am tired, sad, discouraged, or even happy, I used to grab for the food.

Learn from your mishap and move on. Stay away from those triggers that make you want the food, or be aware of them and have a game plan, like save your pickles as a snack, or your jello cup..

PMS'ing is one of the worst times for me! I feel like chewing my foot off! Be aware and have a game plan, if you have to have something, have extra veggies or a small amount of FF protien, the extra protien will help during TOM..

Good luck on your Medifast journey!..

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Beaubee, I know what you mean about appreciating the rigidity of MF, but I too think I need "real" food! I see myself making good/healthy choices, exercising even more, and still losing weight without MF. (At least I HOPE SO! But it SCARES ME TO DEATH RIGHT NOW to try and do it without MF!) I'm afraid that the strictness of this program is going to make me lose all sensibility and eat out of control. So far, the only cheating I've done in close to 6 weeks is maybe an extra pickle spear, more than 3 pieces of sugar free gum, or a bite of lean turkey lunch meat outside of my L & G. Nothing drastic, but lately I feel I've been fighting off a monster, and soon I will succumb to the pressures!.

I've watched the rest of my family eat Dairy Queen, I make lunch daily for my boys without even licking a spoon, I drive everyone else through the drive through smelling the french fries all the way home without taking one nibble, I've passed up b-day cake, I've brought my own L & G to a family cookout, the list goes on & on, but at some point I need make these choices without MF...will I be as successful in the "real world"?.

It takes a strong person to get back OP! Good job! ~ Keep us posted and let us know how things go for you in T&M!..

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Well, it's 10:58 and time for bed. I made it without going off plan!!! Thank heavens for Dr. Pepper!! I don't even care that it has caffein! At least it wasn't that huge chocolate muffin or the krimpets!! Whew! I think tomorrow I'll just have to have a bar for a snack so I feel like I've had a "treat." Hope everyone has a nice evening. Night all. Thanks for being here to talk...

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Yay Ccookies! You did it!!! So many days I sail through and feel strong and in control. A few days I have not but I feel so proud of myself when I make it! On those days I go to bed and wake up the next day thinking, "Yay, I get to eat my oatmeal!Yummy!".

Schilson, I am terrified of T&M but I am so, so hoping that if I can choose something really yummy and filling that satisfies my hunger but is also healthy then I can fight cravings more easily. Weighing COB against french fries is HARD. Weighing nonfat yogurt with fresh blueberries sprinkled with wheat germ and a couple of TBspoons of granola against french fries? Not nearly as hard. Medifast hot cocoa (and I love the cocoa) vs fettucini alfredo? HARD. Dense brown rice ricecake with hummus, turkey and sprouts vs fetticini alfredo? Not so hard. But now I'm just making myself hungry..

At least that is my hope. We shall see...I have a lot of faith, a ton of optimism, and willpower to spare. Plus I am shallow and vain and I LOVE the way I look wearing a size 6 way more than when I was in 12 (or 18s at my heaviest). I know we can do it together!.

Keep the faith everyone!.


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Yes!!!! Sometimes I get strong cravings. It drives me crazy!!! I don't have to be tired to get them, they can happen anytime, lol. I do like you do and grab a diet soda or maybe some extra protein. It seems to help. I try to keep busy doing something else for a little while, and eventually the craving vanishes. Yay!!!!!..

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My first week was difficult. But I said to myself looking at the junk food in front of me. I know I can go ahead and have it, no one can tell me I can't, but how will I feel after eating it. I know I would scarf it down without having the pleasure of enjoying that food item. And when it's all gone, I am upset at myself.

When I want a treat, I have diet soda.

Just walk away from that temptation. I am glad you did. Tomorrow is another day...

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In the early days, I would head off to bed if I was having cravings! (At night, anyway...) If I didn't go to bed, I would just sit there and obssess over food. I still occasionally do this, but it is not usually necessary. I did go off-plan several times right around week 9, and the scale stood still. I finally got mad enough to get back OP, saw an almost immediate drop, and realized that Medifast works for me, but only if I am 100% OP. So when I am having a daytime craving, I think about the weight drop that I will see within a couple of days. I am also a daily weigher.

If I were weighing weekly, I could see myself saying on a Tuesday, "Well, I can eat these cookies right now, and I don't weigh until Monday, so I will be OP all week, and never see the difference on the scale.".

Oh, the head games that we play!.

Also, check out The Beck Diet Solution, which will give you cognitive behavioral strategies for dealing with cravings. It is a very popular book around these parts...

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Congratulations cccookies! Everytime you make a choice not to give in to the cravings you have a victory and the opportunity to learn something about yourself and how you will handle choices for the rest of your life!.

Pat yourself on the back!..

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