Tell me about the last 20 lbs during Medifast

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I'm 17 pounds from goal and am starting to fight the feelings of being "done". I've blogged about it and I know that realistically 17 pounds will make a big difference in how I look. I thought maybe another thing that could help would be to ask you veterans or "at goal" folks what the difference the last 20 pounds made. Maybe that would help me..

I won't quit, but any bit of encouragement is helpful. I'm a size 12 now...I'm guessing I'll be an 8 or a 10 at goal (my goal is 170, not 160 as it says below, since my body is much smaller at this weight than I anticipated...hence the "I'm done" feelings)..


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Interesting discussion post Emily. I'm VERY curious what people are going to say!..

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Well, I believe only you can know when you really are "done.".

Right now, I'm going for the last 20 pounds a second time. The first time I lost with Medifast I passed my original goal, made a new one, but then decided to transition before losing the last 5 pounds. I was so happy to be "normal" (still am) that I never finished the job. I do sorta regret that, because for one thing, it would have given me more cushion when life threw me some diversions from healthy eating..

I've mostly kept it off for two years. But recently I gained back 15 pounds, and now have decided to lower my goal and to stick with it all the way until I get there..

I'm going to go by size more than scale weight this time, because I am also lifting weights and building muscle. As you say, your body can end up smaller than you thought it would be. I'm going for a loose size 8 (I'm a tight 10 now)..

Finally, I guess the real answer depends on your motivation for losing weight. At this point for me it seems like the last 15 pounds are more about looks than health. That can make it harder to stay motivated. But I finally had to admit to myself that I want to look really good too, not just settle for "normal.".

Well, I don't know if these ramblings help any, but there's my two cents!..

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[quote=gatita]Finally, I guess the real answer depends on your motivation for losing weight. At this point for me it seems like the last 15 pounds are more about looks than health. That can make it harder to stay motivated. QUOTE].

I actually think that's exactly my problem! I'm no longer obese, I no longer have a waist higher than 35", and I feel great..

Bring on the vanity I suppose...I DO want to look good! Thanks Gadita!..

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I'm far from my goal, but if I were in your shoes, I'd go for the goal. I'd hate to live in wonder to never know what goal felt like. Plus, what girl doesn't have some vanity in herself to want to look good? Stay motivated, you made it this far, you might as well finish it!..

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Howdy, Em!.

I thought I'd pop on. I kinda went through the same time after I gained that nasty Prednisone weight. My friends said that I was too thin at goal and I looked better with that extra 10 pounds that I hadn't lost yet. I stayed there for the summer, kind of "trying on" that weight. After 2 months, I decided ' NOPE! I WANT that goal. I think it's mental as much as anything.

Like folks have said, you're the only on who can make that decision. But we'd hate to see you stop before you're completing satisfied. Coming back isn't easy... <..

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Em - The last 20 lbs made a HUGE difference in how I looked! I know that it's tough when you get close to goal. You just want it to be OVER! But, like Chris said, if you aren't completely happy with how you look and feel, it's easier to just stay on the program until you are than to try and come back sometime down the road to take the rest off..

You're the only one that can make this decision. Just make sure that it's one you can live with and be happy with...

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Thanks De and Chris!.

I actually just re-lowered my goal so it's now 30 pounds to get there, lol. If I start to feel too skinny, I'll know I'm done...

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I am just starting, but I have been much thinner so I think I can comment..

When I was 130 I felt FAT. I refer to those clothes as my "fat clothes." Really, I had NO idea what fat meant back then..

Now, at 130 I WAS overweight. I am 4'11" and the highest weight in my range (on that chart thingie) is 124 and I felt my best at 110-115..

I have a strong feeling that when I get to 130 I will struggle with this "I am done" too because it is just so far from where I am right now. But I know I will feel fantastic if I can get under 120. I have to tell myself that feeling better is just not good enough. I want to feel fantastic!.


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All these comments are great! I was just thinking myself that when I used to weigh 160 I was fat in my mind. Now I feel so thin at 160. People say I should stop, but I am not going to!!! I set out to be in a size 8 and that is what I am going to do. I have a lot of clothes I bought in an 8 in anticipation! I have a trunk show every once in a while to see what I will be wearing when it gets a little colder out! I could go to a 6, but I think it would be too hard to keep that size. So I am trying to be realistic. Keep going! What is another month in the scheme of things! Diane..

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The difference between weighing 145 and 125 for me is between wearing a size 8 and a size 2/4. I'm 5'3", so 20 pounds makes a huge difference...

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This is a good discussion - I have been struggling with the last 20 pounds for 6 months now and my motivation .... I am trying to remember how great it felt to lose that first 20 pounds .... 20 pounds is a lot of weight and it will make a big difference, even if we feel "normal" now .... my BMI is overweight so I do need to lose the next 20 ..... 2 months and it would be gone ... just need to "stick with it"..

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For me, the last 20 pounds made all the difference. It seemed like the last 10 took forever. And I decided to go 5 lbs below my original goal and "try on" that weight. I am so glad I did. I am now using my original goal (140) as my "threshold" weight to go back on 5&1. So far so good!.

Best of luck to you Em!..

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I also have 17 lbs to go, and I'm getting so many "you look great, you don't need to lose anymore!" I'm sticking to my goal, no more, no less. 130 is a weight I haven't seen since.... hmmm.... freshman year in college? Almost 30 years ago! I want to try 130 on, drive it around, and see how it feels. BMI charts are the best indicator of your left and right limits on the scale. For me, 130 is right in the middle! Even @ 147, I feel fantastic! But, I'm curious more than anything.... what will 130 look like on me?? It's exciting!! Here's wishing success to your journey and GOAL!..

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Great post, wonderful responses. Thanks for posting. I have been having a hard time staying motivated for these last 20 lbs., too. My weight has been up and down! I just want to be "done" and be able to buy more than a few new clothes. I am sick and tired of only having a few things to wear in each size. <sigh> Gotta take a deep breath and keep going.....

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Just now seeing this post......for me the last 20 pounds made a huge difference, mostly physical as well. I was also still in the overweight BMI range but felt awesome. I'm 5'1" and I was in a size 8-10. I knew for my height and body frame that I still needed to lose those last 20 lbs. My goal was at 135 which is in the high range for my height. I did it and lost 15 lbs.

Since I am short......I am now in the middle of my weight range at 120 lbs.......and a normal BMI. I am happy with this weight and maintaining it has been doable. Good luck to you!!!..

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I can relate to so much of this. I'm on my last 20 lbs. I'm in a size 12 now and 170 lbs so I'm thinking I'll end up in an 8 at 150 lbs. I'm 5'8"..

So why is it the last time I wore a size 8 I weighed 125lbs it was about 20 years ago? Maybe it's because back then I had a butt. LOL.

I was thinking a size 12 would be great when I started but I'm still in overweight and want to be healthy..

It's very strange how 170 felt so fat while I was gaining and now 170 as I'm losing feels thin. I agree with d2mcg1 with her 160 feeling.

Looking at a picture of myself I can see how I really looked and it's so different then what I thought I looked like in the mirror. It's so strange...

Comment #16

It's called "vanity sizing". The manufacturers started pretending that a 14 was a 12, then a 10, because it made people feel better about being overweight, and people who feel good buy more clothes. When I got out of the Marine Corps, I weighed 140-something and was a size 12 - 14 if it was fitted. Today, I'm 140 and wear an 8. It'd feel good if I didn't know it was a big lie designed to part me from my money...

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Just came across this post now, but it is so true how those last 15 or 20 pounds make the difference. It's like at the beginning when you lose those initial 20 and say, "wow, it really shows!" Kind of the same thing at the end of the journey.. they come off and you see just how much of a difference it makes...

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Dawn, we are about the same size, I am 4'9 ... and the chart says 115 max. I am going for 110 and am at 115 now. Was doing great with the last 20, but am losing my mojo the last couple of weeks. I am a daily weigher and was down to 113, so close. Am wearing a size 4 jeans, some of which are getting big.

I will be 50 in 2 weeks so I know I will never be under 105 again, yet I feel like if I stop at 115 I am settling, because the BMI is so close to OVERWEIGHT. Also, am not looking forward to returning to normal food - I feel like I'm sabatoging because I don't want to do transition/maintenance (the diet is very easy and comfortable for me). AND we leave for the Bahamas in 2 weeks. I wish someone could say something that would inspire me again!..

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I love this thread. I got down to 157 and felt happy but have wanted for so long to get to 138. I got comfortable at 157 and started going back to my old bad eating habits. I managed to put on 10 pounds...I refuse to change my ticker...and get back down and continue until I get to my goal. I think we start to feel comfortable. When people saw me they thought I looked so thin but I know what I could look like. They were just used to seeing me FAT! I finally have my head together and I don't want to stop until I get to goal..

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In am down to the 17 lbs and it's tough for me. I have stalled in weight twice this month, this week being one of them and I am OP...I am going to persevere though I want to make my goal..

Comment #21

Thanks to all of you for your input. I'm only about 1/2 way (almost) to goal, but I will keep this all in mind and make sure I complete what I have started!..

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I'm getting close to being at my last 20 lbs. I hate to say this, but I am SCARED! I want to reach my goal but am so afraid that I will not be able to maintain that I keep moving my goal lower. I'm currently in a size 10 which I haven't been this size since high school & feel great, want to look better. My husband & mother both are worried that I am going to get too skinny (is that even possible?) if I lose another 25 lbs. Does anyone else have this fear?..

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You know, my goal had originally been 135 and I quit at 155. I was never truly [i]happy[i] with that choice, but I felt good enough (was a size 12 also) that I was just frustrated about the slow loss at that point and whether it was worth it..

You know what else, I was noticing wrinkles I never noticed when I was heavy, and parts that used to not sag were very, very saggy. While that last 15 lbs might make me look better IN clothes, I wasn't so sure about the WITHOUT part..

However, I was never, ever content. I actually think that I sabotaged myself and allowed myself to gain 10 lbs from Thanksgiving through New Years just to force myself to take it seriously enough to get "back on track.".

This time, the desire is fresh again for me, and I plan to go all the way (even pushed back my goal by 5 lbs so that I won't feel so close so quickly)..

However, this time I'm also focusing WAY more on building muscle and strengthening so I don't look QUITE so droopy...

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For me, when I got to the last 20 lbs, I thought I looked great and felt "normal". But I have to say there is a HUGE difference between those weights. In fact, I am now just about 5 under my goal weight and there is a noticeable difference with just that 5 lbs..

The "you look great" feedback is wonderful to hear but can also be a danger message. Of course you look great as compared to your old self. But you can also look and feel a lot better if, in fact, you lose the last 20..

(just make sure your goal weight is realistic and sustainable )..

Comment #25

The last 20 pounds made a HUGE difference for me, too (a size 8 to a size 2). And I was TERRIFIED to go into maintenance and gain it all back. I'm so glad I sucked it up and just plowed through until I got to goal. And maintenance was not as terrifying once I got there. YOU CAN DO IT!..

Comment #26

Thanks to all of you for this great advice!!.

I too was thinking about calling it quits @ 130 pounds. I don't even know if 115 pounds is the right goal for me; I've never weighed that. I just picked it as a fantasy weight..

I am also afraid of how hard it will be to get to 115, and if that is a maintainable weight..

But, after reading through these posts of people who can say "done" and "done", I know it is doable and I'm definitely going for 115!!..

Comment #27

I'm close to my original goal (130) but I've dropped that to 125. At 125 I'll see how I feel, and maybe keep going until 120. But I'm fairly certain I'll stop at 125 - I don't want my boobs to disappear entirely! I'm at 136 now (from a starting weight of 190 mid-August 2009)..

(ha ha ha, being in ketosis is like running to the drugstore - "I'm already here for aspirin so I might as well pick up shampoo and I think we need kleenex too...")..

Comment #28

Hi Ladies,.

This are some great posts to read because I have about 30 lbs to lose. After baby #2, I lost 20 lbs on my own and got down to about 150 lbs but at that point always sabotage myself. Once I get back to 160 I feel uncomfortable and that is when I joined Medifast after doing WW for many years. I can't imagine being at 130 because I haven't been there since I was depressed in the late 90's and got down to 134 because I wasn't eating (very unhealthy). Well as I get happy my weight comes back on which I know is somewhat opposite of other folks. Two things I think about is socializing with my friends and alcohol not being part of that anymore and once I do get to 130 lbs will I sabotage myself again. Again, I am almost completing week 2 with Medifast but a few things I think about as I am on plan...

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