Taking Biotin 2500,and VitaminShoppe Vitamin Nourshair, can you grow hair unwanted areas, such as fa?

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My first question is: Taking Biotin 2500,and VitaminShoppe Vitamin Nourshair, can you grow hair unwanted areas, such as fa?.

My next question is: Hi all,.

Ive been thinking about taking these for a while now and want to give it a go,ive tried searching but not all the answers I need are there in plain english and in 1 thread!.

So what I want to know is advantages,disadvantages what if any side effects are there?.

When and how much should I be taking?.

Im 24 5 ft 6 and weigh 10stone I train daily at home and eat and stick to my diet..

So any advie much appreciated!..

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Your question was: Taking Biotin 2500,and VitaminShoppe Vitamin Nourshair, can you grow hair unwanted areas, such as fa?.

Thanks guys,i mainly want to put more muscle on my arms,my chest is quite well built,my arms seem to take more training on though,however they have grown from when I first started doing weights,Ive been training for about a year now seriously also before then too but on and off...

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Let us know how your cycle turns out.

What are you taking for PCT and or Gyno..

Comment #2

This is what I want to ask where do I start?i have no idea a complete new comer to this..

Comment #3

Take about 20mg-30mg ed for about 4 weeks..

If doses are low you shouldnt get many if any sides. Drink lots of water and eat well..

PCT:clomid etc should be fine if any sides appear...

Comment #4

At the risk of sounding like a pr*ck, if you weigh 140lbs at five feet 6 inches and 24 years old, I think it's pathetic that you are even considering taking steroids. try training and eating...

Comment #5

IMHO someone should write a little article for situations like this....


You know you're not ready to take steroids when....

#You have no idea what PCT is.

#You had the bright idea of taking steroids but don't really know which ones are good to take.

#You bought some gear cheap and don't know what to do with it.

#Your training regime over the past 2 years includes the words 'intermittant' or 'on and off'.

#Your not really making any gains and it's all seeing a bit too much like hard work.

#Your core reason to take steroids is to fill out a new t-shirt which you bought in the sale and now the shop won't take it back.

#You've 'heard' you can gain an inch on your arms in a month.

#Any of your posts result in a hillarious comment from Bodyworks (just teasing big man!).

Etc etc etc.

(Well a less tongue in cheek version of the above).

Untill then theres always the actual steroids sticky... New Members Read This Before Posting..

Comment #6

Hey can you give me some adivce I dont feel like I fall into too many of you catogories apart from not knowing what to take and what PCT to take. Any advice bro?..

Comment #7

If your going to inject something into your body. Wouldn't you feel safer doing the research yourself. Looking at as many sources as you can asnd comparing what is said. So that you have a full understanding. Then "clarify" what your planning on doing...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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