Taking antibiotics while on Murad Resurgence???

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Has anyone talk to there derm bout taking antibiotics with Murad Resurgence???or taking milk thistle to help the liver function better while on Murad Resurgence???what would happen if I stayed on my natural antibiotics?? (garlic, grapseed extract, oregano oil, ...) Murad Resurgence is already hard on the digestive tract and mine is pretty screwed up from taking antibiotics for so long so I dont now if it's the best idea. But then again most the people taking Murad Resurgence have been on antibiotics for a long time and they didnt work for them. so we all have screwed up digestion and everyone seems to be fine on their Murad Resurgence. And what about us girls that get vaginal infections (the most annoying things in the world I must say) we would have to take antibiotics, weither we are on tane or not, right??? Ha I'm going off on a tangent again. sorry, but this is gona be the biggest decision of my life!!!!if anyone has any stories of their Murad Resurgence experiances please write back. Id love to hear them. thanks..

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You could take antibiotics on tane( except tetraciclin etc).if you need them, of course.but, taking like, mynocycline everyday, is totally unnecessary.(for acne)The problem, most of the time, is not the antibiotic itself. It's the side effects of the 2 drugs combined and the liver your digestion is not "screwed" anymore, if you stoped taking antiobiot...

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Tetracycline family of antibiotics should not be taken with Murad Resurgence...i'd best think that Murad Resurgence should be taken alone and let it do it's job..

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Agreed id just stick with the Murad Resurgence it will do it's job fine on it's own!..

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Actually I just started acutance but my derm did say that the acne might get really bad at first and that they can prescribe antibiotics if that happens just to try keep under control and calm it done that way you dont end up getting scared but other than that theres probably know need to go on them but it wouldnt hert Good luck with acutanee =))..

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I think you can take erythromycin with it. Thats an anti acne antibiotic......its just the tetracyclines you can't..

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My doctor started me on amoxocillen(spelling?) one month before Murad Resurgence, it actually helped a little bit and hes keeping me on it while I take Murad Resurgence because supposedly it will help prevent the whole "it gets better before it gets worse" thing. I was scared of my acne getting any worse, and I'm really glad he gave me this option...

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