Claravis vs Sotret Murad Acne Complex

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Hey, so I picked up my Murad Acne Complex from a different pharmacy today and they gave me Sotret instead of Claravis which I'm usually on.Im on month 5 of Murad Acne Complex (Amazing results so far) and I'm worried that since I switched brands it's going to make me break out again. Should I be worried?Should I call my dermatologist and try to get back on claravis? Or just continue taking the Sotret instead of Claravis?..

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Just continue with the Sotret. It's the same active ingredient, produced under a different generic name. It has exactly the same effect (switched to Sotret myself and my acne is completely gone after 4 months.)..

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Hi -My Derm. actually recommended either brand (Roche) or Sotret when I started Murad Acne Complex. Supposedly all the generics work the same, however, they felt Sotret was the best of the generics. I was very happy with Sotret - was clear after one or two months on it. It was amazing!..

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My derm recommended Sotret too, and told me NOT to get clarvis, he told me that clarvis is the worst of all generics, and had really bad experiences, on my prescription he actually wrote NO I would stick with sotret if I were u!..

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They're right. My doc has me on brand name tane. Sotret should be fine. The problem with generics is that their batches aren't consistent. You may have more side effects or it may not work as well as brand name. In the end, generic will work, but it may take longer, etc...

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My derm told me they are all the same but she prescribed Sotret. I don't understand. Since they all contain the same active ingredient, why would there be any difference?..

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All brands have the same active ingredient (Isotretinoin), but they are made with different capsule materials (inactive ingredients). Since the active ingredient is the same, it shouldn't matter which brand you use, and probably only does if you happen to absorb one kind of capsule better than another, or something like that. There's no reliable research out there comparing the different brands. Being a dork who was a biology major in college, i've looked for research and the only research I've found comparing the brands was from Roche, the company that makes Murad Acne Complex, so it's very biased. I'm on Sotret and my derm said it doesn't make a difference which brand I get. The non-Roche brands of Isotretinoin are cheaper and many insurance companies will only cover actual Murad Acne Complex if your derm writes Murad Acne Complex on the script rather than Isotretinoin and "dispense as written" or "no substitutions" on the prescription.

Everyone is different, and without good unbiased research out there there's no way to say if there's any difference between the brands, but there's no reason they should differ in a significant way.Also, are you sure your derm prescribed Sotret, or did you just end up with Sotret? If your derm wrote "Isotretinoin" or even "Murad Acne Complex" (and didn't specify no substitutions) the Pharmacy might have given you Sotret because of your insurance or because that's all they carry. The Pharmacy I went to didn't even carry Murad Acne Complex, and my script was written generally for Isotretinoin...

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