Surgery after weight loss with Nutrisystem?

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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone on here has lost so much weight that they decided to have surgery after losing the weight to take care of some of the extra skin. If anyone wants to share their experience with this please do. I am just curious really since I am getting closer and closer to reaching my goal....What do you guys think?..

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Your question was: Surgery after weight loss with Nutrisystem?.

I believe it is recommended to wait at least a year after losing weight to see how much of the skin tones on it's own and/or through exercise...

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I'm wondering if maybe that is a benefit of losing slowly. So many people that have weight loss surgery lose really fast and I wonder if that is maybe part of the reason they have surgery ???..

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I think that is a benefit of losing slowly. My stomach has done alot better than I thought it would at going back to where is should be lol but my arms though, I really don't like the hanging skin I have now. So I am really only thinking about my arms for the most part. Especially since I love wearing tank tops and things like that. Everything else I can cover well lol..

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Everybody's different, really. Some people's skin is more elastic than others. Mine was not elastic at all! I'm currently losing weight that I regained after being on some medication that encouraged weight gain, but before I gained this weight back, I did have surgery. I had previously lost 100+ pounds, and I had a lot of skin. I had a full body lift, and they removed over 8 pounds of skin! This was not weight that was lost quickly, by any means. It was lost the old fashioned way, with diet and exercise and hard work! I'm glad that I did it, but certainly remorseful that I'm having to lose a lot of it again! Good luck to you, no matter what your decision...

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I had a friend who had surgery on her arms (we met on a plastic surgery bulletin board, actually), and she regretted it. While you may get rid of skin, you will have scars. Of course, everybody scars differently, too. You might be lucky. She was not so lucky, and if you want to have the surgery on your arms to wear tank tops, the scars will be visible, too. Sorry not to be more encouraging about that!..

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Yeah, Thats what I keep thinking about. But for me the hanging skin is really bad. I almost feel like the scars, even if they are pretty bad, would still be better than the skin...I still have plenty of time to think about it though. I know some people who have very minimal scars and some that have pretty bad scars. I think some doctors put the scars underneath your arm and some put them in the back of your arms. Does anyone know anything about that? Or maybe which they think is better?..

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