Surgery after weight loss with Medifast?

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Im just wondering is anyone planning on surgery after their weight loss. I my self am gonna have a breast reduction, as being a size h already I'm not gonna ever get to a normal size even after weight loss.( and I'm 5'2). Im praying my stomach will go back into shape other wise ill prb get a tummy tuck at same time as the breast reduction. So my dr says when I get 10-15 lbs within goal I get my breast reduction and instant 10 lbs gone yay! by the way I'm in ONEDERLAND YES!! Angela..

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Hi Angela,.

I did it after maintaining for a year after weight loss. I had very assymetrical breasts (2 different sizes). I had a reduction on one side, lifted both, and now they are size C "twins". I also had a circumferential body lift (same as a tummy tuck, but goes around getting the excess skin all the way around). There are long posts about these surgeries, and lots of links to more info (and others who've done post-weight loss surgery) in the link in my siggie, below. See the thing there about breast lift/body lift? If you click on that, it will take you to that lengthy thread, if you'd like to read more about it.

That must be tough, having H cups and being only 5'2". Do you have back and shoulder pain? This type of reduction is very often covered by insurance because of the pain, etc. Have you looked into that? Insurance companies determine if it's covered under your plan based on how much mass is expected to be removed. You said 10 lbs would be gone with a sounds like you are probably a great candidate to look into insurance covering yours for you!.

Years ago when my little sister was just in her mid-20's, she had a reduction. I don't even know what size her breasts were, but they were very large, she had the dents in her shoulders already from the straps, etc. Hers was covered by insurance. It was wonderful for her. She wanted to go down to a C if possible, but they ended up being a D, still a normal size and soooooo much better for her. It changed everything.

She used to hunch and wear huge shirts to try to cover up.

Good luck with everything!!..

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Congrats on your loss Angela- I think about having some work done too. But I'm sure my DH won't want to pay for it! LOL! I am about the same as you in the chest department too...

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I won't be having any surgery. But it sure would be nice to get the "girls" pointing NORTH again. lol..

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I also had full abdominal lift in February. I just had an arm and breast lift about 3 weeks ago. I have lost a total of 130 pounds and since I had never been small EVER... there was a lot of excess skin. You can read about my surgery through my blog!.

Good luck and continued success!..

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I have had two breast reductions. One after having my first child and then the other after my third child becasue they grew back with the pregnancies. It is amazing but I was still able to produce some milk and breast feed my fourth child. But if you have not had children yet and plan to I would wait till I finished having children in hindsight..

The first time I had a reduction I was 115 pounds and I asked for a size C. The second time I had just had a baby three months earlier and was 160 pounds and I asked for a B cup for fear they would grow back again - here's where the regret is...I wish I had lost all of the weight before I had the second surgery, becasue now that I have lost 63 pounds I am a size A...I lost almost all of my breasts with the weight loss..

Moral of the story is I would recommend losing all of the weight you want to lose before having the surgery so when you ask for the size you want you'll get what you expected. Good luck. I was having remorse about having had the last reduction so I went to my surgeons office and asked to see my before picture...I didn't even remember how big I was (a size F) so after seeing the picture I m still really glad I had it done..

The good news is that now that I am a size 4 petite, shirts and blazers fit me perfectly...if my breasts were bigger I would probably have to wear a bigger size to button them and the shirts would be too big in the shoulders. That was the challenging thing about being 115 pounds and a size F bra...eventhough I should have been wearing size 4 I couldn't becasue of the breasts. Sorry for rambling...hope this helps...

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