Medifast recipe for Super Bowl Food?

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So, who is cooking what?.

I want to season chicken strips (a la hotwings) and then serve them with a ff blue cheese. I am going to roast some asparagus, and I am thinking of doing a little butter spray and garlic over some multigrain crackers for something savory to munch..

Who else has some ideas?.


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Oops, when is the SuperBowl? (I'm not going to a SB party....can you tell?)..

Those sound good. I would only add some olives or dill pickles because I like those..


Comment #1

Go Bears!.

My hubster wants a bean dip loaded with cheese, hamburg and salsa with tortilla chips and chicken wings Buffalo hot style with bleu cheese and of course, some choco chip peanut butter cookies. Oh and he wants pork riblets..


So that I won't be too tempted by all of that, I plan to stay within plan and make chicken breast strips with hot sauce and ff bleu cheese dip and a few celery sticks for dipping. I will make Medifast cookies out of oatmeal and pudding with a smidge of PB added for flavor and have a spinach salad to fill me up..

In hubster's defense, he has been sooo supportive of my weight loss journey, so once in awhile he needs treats too.

Part of my journey is to make sure my goals are firm and nothing can get me to go off plan...I am always testing myself in the face of food!.

Go Bears!.


Comment #2

Go Seahawks - OOPS they lost - Go Bears!!.

Off plan for me except for shrimp. I figure 7 oz of shrimp and some (maybe alot) celery may keep me from snacking on the "poor choice" items...

Comment #3

Mmmm Jodi, I like your plan. It's pretty close to what I was planning too. DH wont be here, but my sons and daughters will be. They are all pretty supportive too, so I think all will go well. I'm gonna do chicken strips with walden farms bbq for dipping, some veggies cut up for nibbling, and oatmeal cookies too. Pudding with davinci sauce while they have their sweets.

Oh yeah...GO BEARS!!! (I keep telling my oldest son he has the distinction of being the only one of my children alive the last time da Bears were in a Superbowl!)..

Comment #4

Hungry Girl sent an e-mail out this morning about jalapeno poppers. Instead of using the Fiber 1 they recommended, I was thinking of crunching up the cheddar soy crisps for the 'breading'. They can be stuffed with a combo or either/or of fat free cream cheese/lf shredded cheese. Dip in a tiny bit of Egg Beaters, then roll in the soy crisp (MF cracker) crumbs. Spray a baking sheet and bake. I might try it. The pics looked really good!..

Comment #5

This might be a good time for the crackers made out of the soups,,broccoli and/or tomato. I add just enough water to make a thick batter,1 teasppon ground flaxseed (per packet) 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, basil-tomato Mrs. Dash, a bit of hot jalepeno hot sauce, and fresh ground pepper. I get about 14 crackers out of one packet of soup,,,drop them small,they spread out! bake at 375 for 6 minutes one side,,flip over,bake an additional 2 to 3 minutes,,watch them closely, as ovens vary. I like to dip them,,or sprinkle a very small amount of shredded cheese,,(low fat of course, and deduct from lean),maybe a it of jalepeno pepper, or olives, nuke for a short time to melt the cheese, then top each with a dab of salsa. I think you could play with the spices to get the taste you like. This way they are very savory!..

Comment #6

I have found that the best low carb breading is.....pork rinds. Yes!!! they are out of this world. Put some in a food processor for just a few quick pulses and season with garlic salt (a little). and then dread the stuffed peppers into egg beaters(less fat) or eggs and then coat them in the breading. deep fry them and drain on paper towel. Bammm.

You wouldn't want to eat them cold though. Youc can make all sorts of things with this food. It virtually has low fat and once in a whilehope this helpssend me note...

Comment #7

You will not want to be deep frying anything and I don't believe pork rinds are the way to go either. you'd be better off pan frying something in a little bit of olive oil or pam...

Comment #8

I'll be making the pita chips extra spicy with a diet friendly dip or salsa...

Comment #9

Since OB posted his pita chips, I am thinking NACHOS! I can spice the pita bread all Mexican-y with chili powder, garlic, cilantro and cumin, then top with shredded NF cheese and jalapeno slices. Woohoo! I have MISSED nachos!..

Comment #10

I like the Nachos idea with the pita chips! What if you added some ground chicken to that? It sounds good, even if you did half your lean with that it would be enough. I use 2% Mexican cheese, it's less sodium than FF.-Danielle..

Comment #11

I attempted something like tortilla chips this morning to eat during the game..

I took OrangeBlood's Pita Recipe and changed it slightly. I used two servings (about 1 tbsp) of taco seasoning in the batter along with 1/2 tsp of cayenne. I left out the crackers and I SHOULD have left out the baking powder, but I added it without thinking. Following in his footsteps for nachos, I spread it as thin as I could on a baking stone and baked it for 5 min at 375..

I turned the oven to broil and browned the tops. I then took it out, flipped it and cut the bread into triangles. I gave it another quick spray of olive oil and then sprinkled more cayenne pepper on top (I really like spicy). I put it back in the broiler until golden and then took it out to cool.

They actually are crispy enough that I will be able to dip them in a Medifast friendly dip, but if I had left out the baking powder, I think they would have been exactly like tortilla chips without the baking powder..

Yield is about 2 dozen chips good for two Medifast meals and about 8g of extra carbs..

Oh, and they taste fanstastic!..

Comment #12

Here is a great twist on poppers... halve the jalepenos and scrape out the seeds (wear plastic gloves) fill with a bit of low fat cream cheese, sprinkle with a little garlic salt and wrap with half a slice of turkey bacon. Place them in the over at 350 and bake until the bacon is cooked! They are excellent! That is the way we do jalepeno poppers here in NM! NO BREADING and DEEP FRYING!..

Comment #13

I made very crunchy chips awhile ago just from the cream soups (it's in recipes somewhere) and I will be having those with a low-fat cheese and salsa dip. And celery, my new love!..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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