Medifast recipe for Sugar Free Syrups?

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I need some help. I looked locally for the various Sugar-free syrups and can only find 3 flavors. So I went online and found a few websites that seem to carry all the flavors. But the shipping cost is really extremely high and the order was for only 2 lbs weight and compared to other things I've ordered at that weight, I just can't see how they charge $33.00 to ship! I really want more variety than what I can get locally, but my budget won't handle that kind of shipping cost..

Has anyone found an online store that has reasonable shipping cost for the Davinci, Torani, Artista syrups??.


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This website has Davinci syrups Sugar free at $5.72 a bottle.

Hope that this helps..

Comment #1

Cost Plus World Market have a wide variety of Torani sugar free suryps. I bought Black Cherry, Amond Roca, English Toffee, and White ChocolateI have also gotten carmel (very yummy in the banana shake) and raspberry...

Comment #2

I checked My website that I posted above , and to ship 3 bottles.

Eggnog, Gingerbread and Peanut Butter.

Product cost was $17.16.

And for flat shipping cost was $12.75.

For a grand total of $29.91.

The more bottles I added the cheaper everything came out...

Just thought I would add that !..

Comment #3

TJ Maxx carries the Davicini and Arista brands. You can also go to www. for Torani syrups. A lot of people use for Davinic syrups, too...

Comment #4

Sometimes you can find them at Sam's Club as well..

I buy mine at

But keep in mind they are glass and they are heavy, so shipping is not going to be cheap with anybody unless you find them locally...

Comment #5

THANKS all of you for the suggestions, you're the best!.

I'll start exploring all these options today!!.

And I'll keep checking back to see if any more suggestions get added...

Comment #6

Personally, I skip the SF syrups and use the Capella Coffee flavor drops. The flavors are truer, they offer a Medifast discount (code is Medi10fast) and the flavor drops have free shipping. You can get a 6-bottle mini-variety pack for $19.95, less a 10% discount. They also are offering pre-order to Medifast customers for exciting new flavors that ship the end of this month (like Choc PB!). Type "pre-order" in the search box and it will bring up all the custom flavors you can pre-order. Like I said, I prefer these because the tastes are more true, plus they don't add any extra sweetness (to me, Medifast food is already sweet enough)..

Comment #7

I threw out all my Capella flavor drops, they were a disappointment and went back to order more Davinci each his own..

Comment #8

I get my SF syrups from The Cappuccino Connection. Their shipping is $5.95: "All online orders are shipped through UPS Ground service for $5.95. No matter what size your order is you only pay $5.95 for shipping. We ship to any location within the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska.We ship directly from Collingdale, Pennsylvania.".

I have been very, very pleased with their service and products and I haven't found cheaper shipping anywhere else. Hope that helps...

Comment #9

Thanks for this website ....from now on my Davinci syrup will be ordered here...

Comment #10

Thanks for the info on Cappuccino ConneCtion. Going to check that out. If they can ship for 5.95, that's exactly what I'm looking for and good customer service. Great combination!.

I placed an order for the Capella Drops almost 2 weeks ago. I'm on backorder right now! So need something until they get more in stock!.

I'm right over the border from PA, so if I order today from Cappuccino Connection, hope to get them this week! YEAH!.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I greatly appreciate them. (((BIG HUG)))..

Comment #11

I highly recommend $4.95 shipping for any sized order. And I have been very pleased with their service and with the variety of products. They carry the entire DaVinci line. Unfortunately, due to weather issues, they are not processing orders for DaVinci syrups right now. My last order arrived frozen solid.

They immediately credited me for the entire order, of course. But until the cold, cold weather eases up they will not ship DaVinci. Do give them a try when it warms up a bit..


Comment #12

Probably should have mentioned also - carries LOTS of stuff besides sugar free syrup. Get your Walden Farms dips and spreads, Splenda bulk and packets, and other stuff here at the same time as the syrup. And still pay only $4.95 per order...

Comment #13

I put this in my favorites... they have so much too look at that I will need a day to go through all the goodies they got to see what is ok on MF... Thanx for the site...

Comment #14

Ditto on the Cappuccino Connection. My first order from them arrived today in perfect condition. I ordered four bottles and the shipping was $5.95. The bottles were extremely well protected in a special cardboard wine-bottle protector within the box. I got the Coconut, Peach, Peppermint Paddy and English Toffee. Had the Coconut in my Medifast vanilla shake and it was yummy!..

Comment #15

I do wish the SF syrups would come in plastic bottles. I think the Target brand is, but only saw two flavors..


Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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