Medifast recipe for Stuffed Bread/Calzone/Hot Pocket kind of thingy?

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Very tasty. The roasted peppers really add a depth to the flavor. Wonderful even if not on MF!..

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Cool OrangeBlood! Have you been watching "Good Eats" by any chance?..

Comment #1

Not as much as I'd like. I saw the pocket sandwiches show a while ago, though!.

This started as an experiment on technique for making a stromboli. I was looking through a WW cookbook and they had stromboli in there. I wanted to see if there was a way to make it Medifast friendly..

I came to the conclusion that there's probably no way to make the batter firm enoug to stand up to rolling. So, I just folded it over part way through the cooking to try and make the pocket. It worked okay. It's overstuffed, but that can be remedied easily...

Comment #2

Wow! I miss my Lean Pockets... have to try this...

Comment #3

I'm going to try to do up a half batch. I may also add some of the Yves Veggie Pepperoni. Yum!..

Comment #4

Yep. That's what I found out too. I'm planning to give the toaster pastry one a try and see if I can make it into Medifast friendly. I've been recording Good Eats on DVR and just watched the pocket sandwich show a few days ago. That guy is nuts! Even if the show doesn't apply to MF, I still learn a lot and he's entertaining...

Comment #5

Orangeblood again, I'm drooling all over the keyboard. Great job!.

I have a question in terms of using FF cheese... do you guys ever find the texture or taste to be rather... I don't know, rubbery? I have been trying to incorporate the cheese into some recipes because I've missed cheese terribly, but the overall taste is really unsatisfying to me...

Comment #6

FF cheese is definitely different. But, hey, we are on a diet after all!.

I like the mozzarella because most of the effect is the stringiness of the cheese...which is preserved even though it's FF. Having flavors from other foods becomes the dominant flavor rather than cheese and you still get the ewey gooey goodness that is mozzarella cheese..

Try different brands of FF cheese. Try the soy cheeses. There's a bunch of stuff to try, eventually you'll find one that's your favorite of them all and stick with it. Personally, I like Kraft Fat Free Mozzarella most, followed by the Soya Kaas Jalapeno (soy based "cheese")...

Comment #7

Haha, when I was a vegetarian the one thing that people warned me against the most was the soy cheese. I don't know why? I never did try it, though. I'm using Polly-O FF cheese right now... But I guess you're right, I do need to go and experiment some more..

How about lower fat cheeses? Like 2% milk or something? Is that Medifast friendly?..

Comment #8

Hats off, one more time, Orangeblood you are wonderful!!!!!!..

Comment #9

Orangeblood, I want to make this right now..

Question??? Since I don't have the medifast eggs yet, can I use 1 or 2 egg whites instead? If so, how would I convert this receipe?.

And would it still be 2 meals or just one nice meal with a little bit of my lean from L&G?..

Comment #10

I am drooling too! Can you incorporate that into this Medifast 5/1?!!! If so, pleeeeez let us know exactly what to do! I'm afraid to deviate from the plan and I'm afraid my daily food intake is boring. I don't really mind because I know I'm losing weight, but it would be nice to get brave once in a while and try something like that.

And BTW, you do freakin' rock dude!..

Comment #11

I dunno how it would work, I haven't tried it. Before MF, I was never really a baker...only things I'd ever baked came in a box with "add water" as half the directions. So, I don't know..

Try it. I'd say you need to cut back on the liquid by about half since the egg whites won't need hydrating..

See what happens. Might even come out better, who knows...

Comment #12

Nnaannccyy - This makes 2 Medifast meals plus the entire Green (1.5 cups cooked veggies) and 2 ounces of Lean (cheese)..

So, if you do it and cut it in half to make a single meal, that's one Medifast meal plus half your veggies plus 1 oz of lean..

You could certainly cut back on the veggies, if you like, so that it's not so overstuffed and that would leave you with more veggies that you could have later in a L&G...

Comment #13

You absolutely ROCK! I have tried several of your recipes and boy did your pita bread make the difference for me on Super Sunday. I made it into two thin circles and topped them off with sugar free tomato sauce, 1 oz of FF Cheddar Cheese, 1 oz of turkey, 1 TBL of onion and 2 sliced black olives. It was better than Pizza - cause it wasn't loaded down with 7000 calories! I deducted the turkey and cheese from my L&G meal later in the evening and went to bed thinking up new ways to use the receipe.

Now today I am seeing this one. I would like to send my husband to you for cooking training!!!..

Comment #14

Looks and sounds absolutley scrumtious !.

YUMMY !!!.

Thanks Orangeblood..

All your recipes are so great !..

Comment #15

Hmm,hmmm...You have done it again!! I am so hungry now...and already eat up all my food for today...guess what is at the top of tomorrow's list, lol?!..

Comment #16

Orangeblood, Can you use egg beaters instead of the pkg of Medifast eggs? I ghave not ordered the Medifast eggs yet and would like to make some of your recipes...

Comment #17

Topdesigner - I don't know. I've never used egg beaters for anything at all. I haven't even tried using egg whites for anything Medifast related. I say give it a shot and see what happens!..

Comment #18

I am making this with half the veggies for lunch and afternoon snack today! Thanks!!..

Comment #19

OB, if we both weren't already married, I'd marry you...for your food!! This was sssoooo good, it was like cheating!! Thanks so much for being you, and sharing with us!! I know you will be successful in your weight loss and after, cuz if you can make diet food taste this good, you will be able to maintain without feeling deprived!! Big kudos to you!!..

Comment #20

I agree! I have already nominated OB for sainthood although he swears he wouldnt qualify.

I just tasted the calzone I made for lunch to die for! Wrapped it up tightly in foil and it's good to go, too...

Comment #21

I am eating my second half right now at work, hee hee.... I made it with chopped roasted chiles because that's what I had, and I swear the "crust" tastes just like... CORNBREAD!.

Thanks for another amazing winner!!!..

Comment #22

Wow! I got to make this!!!.

Thanks OB!.

Got the recipe printed out to add to my Medifast cookbook...

Comment #23

I made 2 over the weekend....VERY GOOD!.

I will now be making these daily...i dont even care if I eat less during my L&G...these things rock!..

Comment #24

OMG, this is literally the best thing I've eaten since I've started MF!!!!! Orangeblood - you are truly amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this. What a yummy recipe! I didn't have any cream of chicken soup so had to use cream of broccoli, but if it was supposed to taste different I don't care! I can't believe the crust is actually crispy! I truly expected to have some gooey soggy outer part, but this absolutely tastes like REAL bread! I'm in pretend-bread heaven!..

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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