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Happy 4th to everyone!.

Today is my third day into MF, and even though I saw the scale said I was down 4lbs yesterday, I am really struggling. I am sticking to the plan and trying to stay really positive, but I'm feeling cruddy. I've had horrible headaches, and random anxiety where I can't sit still, and I feel like I'm starving. On top of that I came to visit my family with my daughter for the holiday and they're all "you can just indulge while you're here, and when you get home get back to it..." after only a couple days it's not exactly what I want to do. I want to be able to go home after the holiday and feel so much stronger knowing I avoided all the temptation and pressure. My husband has been very supportive but after seeing how irritated and ill I was feeling he's joined up with the rest of them.

And someone to tell me I'll start feeling better soon. It's only food, how does it have such power over our lives? I can't wait to take it's power away!.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday!.

Danielle g...

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Another day and you will be through the worst and start feeling great. If you choose to start over, you have to go through it all over again! And believe me, those 4 pounds will be back before you know it!.

Have you tried some pickles or bullion? They really help during this time with the hunger pains and headache..

Best wishes to you!!..

Comment #1

Hi Danielle,.

No - stick to your guns and stay in ketosis! You can do this!!!.

Even at a BBQ you can eat, just have your lean and green when everyone else digs in. You can still have your burger and salad and some veggies. I had to go through this on the 1st (Canada Day) and I had only been 1 day OP..

4lbs is a great weight loss so far - think where you can take this just by being strong. Food will always be there, when you finish the plan and hit goal you can eat that stuff. Just remember "Nothing tastes as good as being thin and healthy feels"..

I'm on Day 5 and it does get easier - savour your meals eat slowly and eat your free pickles if you get hungry.

You can do it sweetie.



Comment #2

Yes stick to it!!! Once you go off, it may be hard to get back on and you will experience the symptoms all over again. The first 3 days are the hardest. I am on my 2nd week and I am feeling great! And believe me, I have cheated on every diet I have ever been on, had NO self control for YEARS, (like repeatedly going through my kids halloween candy eating the majority of it- not proud!) I literally snuck food to eat in hiding because I was ashamed. But now, I am so in control. I am amazed at what Medifast has done for me.

What I am having today is some grilled turkey burgers with some fat free cheese on top. Not sure of what I'm having for the green yet! The strangest thing for me is that after the initial "going into ketosis", I literally don't have cravings. This is so weird for me because I always used to have cravings- ESPECIALLY on a diet. Just keep on, you'll be glad you did!!..

Comment #3

Danielle....YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!.

I'm on Day 3 and felt queasy this morning after my Medifast scrambled eggs. So I didn't fight it! I took advantage of the holiday and laid down for an hour and dozed. I just now finished my hot choc and feel better in the tummy but a little light headed still.

I have been having a bad 24 hrs. as my new horse is injured and will be out of commission for 3-6 mos. The first thought in my head apropos to Medifast was "Why bother now?".

I instantly banished that thought and began constructing a comprehensive exercise program to take up my summer. Fight the deconstructive thoughts and people with counter offensives....

As to your hubby. Find a quiet moment and calmly re-enlist him. Confess your unhappy day and then stress your immediate success to him and your need for him to stand by your long term commitment. Ask him to coach you through tough days. That gives him armour against being swayed by other's opinion!.

Hang tough! You can do this. I can do this. Take it an hour at a time for today. Strike a blow against defeat for all of us who are going through this!..

Comment #4

Gotta love family..

Hang in can still sit down and enjoy the BBQ with your family, just not everything that they are enjoying......try a burger patty (no bun), put it in between iceberg lettuce leaves w/cucumbers and tomatoes, and there's your burger...

Comment #5


I just read your MyPage and saw the quote you had by anais nin. It was great! Then I read your part of the message. Reread it for yourself and see if you can't get back to that state of mind. You don't want to choose the "state of death"; you want to make your own choices..

You can do this and you will feel so great at the end...

Comment #6

Stick with it. Give yourself a few more days and you'll be feeling better. I think you are going through the worst of it today. Keep up the good work! 4 pounds down is great!..

Comment #7

You can do this!! I have been where you are. Believe me when I tell you you will feel worse in the long run if you give in now! Set your calendar on your cell phone to remind you to eat. Every 2-2 1/2 hrs. Don't miss it! It will help you so much to keep to a schedule. Go get a salmon kabob to toss on the grill and have a salad of raw spinach and romaine with wishbone spray dressing of your choice (2 1/2 cups is a lot and there are a few veggies on the kabob!)You will feel like you are eating a feast!!! Keep a water bottle in your hand and a snack of zesty dill pickle on the ready. You will do great!!!!..

Comment #8

I've been doing Medifast for 11 months and just went to my only son's wedding and spent 4 days off plan. A conscious choice and the first time since I started last year. Getting back into ketosis is painful and takes a real dedication ... many people here believe it's a slippery slope ... and I understand why. The cravings are difficult but I can tell you from my experience over a long time that it is MUCH easier to STAY on plan than to go off and KEEP going through what you have been through the last few days..

Good Luck to you ....


Comment #9

Welcome to MF!.

Hang in there! That crappy feeling will go away. Once you hit ketosis, it will be much better for you. Resist those temptations, because if you indulge, it will extend your crappy feeling a bit longer. Hope you get through everything OK. Good luck to you on your Medifast journey!..

Comment #10

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