Stomach problems from Medifast

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OK, I love the Medifast food, like it all, but I had 2 days where I just went off program and ate toast, cereal, candy, etc and of course had a stomach ache, why do I do this? I want to lose the weight, but why would I sabotage myself?? Anyone else go through this? I lost almost 5 pounds the first week alone, and now I am scared to get on the scale Help...

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How bad do you want to be thinner and healthy? Just do it, stop playing around and do it. Every time that you go off plan you are losing $$ and time. So lets see how much did it cost you? A weeks worth of food plus 3 days to get back into ketosis. Man thats some expensive toast!.

You CAN do this, look around, read the stories, view the my pages...

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It's good that you love all the Medifast food, but that might actually have hurt you somewhat. It sounds like your first week was so easy that you didn't have to really make any sacrifices and so didn't feel like you were making a major life change. Those of us who had to "learn to love" the food, along with having to eat smaller portions more often and forcing down enough water are less willing to give up that first hard-fought success for a bowl of cereal.

For you, it seems like going back to regular food for a day probably didn't feel like much of a change. But you can tell by how you felt after, just how bad those foods are for you right now. Medifast foods are so good for you that your old foods made you sick..

Anytime you go off plan, you are sabotaging yourself, but I think the real problem is that you didn't stop after you made your initial mistake. For whatever reason, you took that first bite. Maybe you ate a piece of toast. Then your old way of thinking took over, something that most of us have had happen to us on other diets. You said, "Oh well, this day is shot. I might as well eat everything I've been wanting to eat." One mistake does not have to equal an entire day of binging.

You know that Medifast works and you can lose the weight. Let yourself succeed. Whenever you are tempted in the future, remember how you feel right now and compare it to how you felt when you lost those four pounds the first week. Don't give in; nothing you can possibly eat is worth it compared to getting healthy..

Wk 1: -12.

Wk 2: -2.

Wk 3: -4.

Wk 4: -7.

Wk 5: -6.

Wk 6: -2.

Wk 7: -2.

Wk 8: -2.

Wk 9: - 4.

Wk 10: - 4.

Wk 11: - 3.

Wk 12: - 1.

Wk 13: -1.

Wk 14: -3.

Month 1: -27.

Month 2: -14.

Month 3: -11..

Comment #2

My advice is to get back on the scale, assess the "damage" and move forward! This happens to everyone, the best thing you can do is forgive yourself and get back on plan. No one is perfect, so don't feel bad! Even if you are up a pound or two, once you're back on plan you'll be rid of those pesky pounds in no time!.

Good luck!..

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Just get back on the scale, face the music and get back to the plan! It's the only way. I've gone off plan a couple times in the past 6+ months and it has NEVER been worth it!.

Join a thread and get some daily support!.


Comment #4

JUST SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Realize you are in control of the food not the other way around- YOU CAN DO IT!!!!..

Comment #5

I know exactly how you feel! I think most of us do. I actually went off program yesterday at lunch, not so much the type of food I ate - had my L&G at lunch, but how much I ate. I almost said, ok today is gone, I'll start again tomorrow. But then I thought, "what the heck am I doing?" It's only lunchtime. I have the rest of the day to stay on program. It's hard, but definitely worth it.

Tired, sluggish, heavy, bloated, etc. Just because you fell off once, stay positive and believe in yourself!..

Comment #6

It might take many years in therapy to understand why we sabotage ourselves? Just keep on working at it. Remember that you are a work in progress-nothing is perfect!.

After 1 month of being on the program, my DH finally notice that I was losing weight yesterday and complimented me on it. Wouldn't you know that after everyone went to bed last night, I ended up cheating by eating 2 slices of cold leftover pizza. Now that is messed up! Like I said before, it might take many years before we understand why we sabotage ourselves!.

Don't give up!.


Comment #7

I'm starting week 3 and have been really working on why my feet are so full of little bullet holes... I can relate. Mostly I'm finding that it's working so well and fast I couldn't quite adjust to what losing fast will feel and look like. I got on the scale just now and I'm under 280 for the first time in a couple years. There's still ringing in my ears. It's WEIRD getting used to this.

Stuff that's working now:.

I accepted once again that I'm freaking helpless in the face of food. I have an eating disorder and I am learning to choose health over sickness. If it was as easy as "eat less and exercise" or "just do it" you and I wouldn't be here, maybe. This is a process and you are learning how - you're not an expert yet..

You ran to this community for support - fabulous - I probably cheer you loudest for that alone. No more secret eating..

I bit the bullet and chose a coach. GREAT move. It's free, it's even more incredible support, and it adds something to the feeling of commitment to myself..

I stopped trying to be the one who didn't really need the rules and started really learning the plan. Still learning, and still working on not winging it..

I like what the gal said about liking the food making it easy - I didn't get to almost 300 lbs by being a picky eater, but I do need to feel like I got "tasty" and "full" and Medifast has that down..

I'm putting my very tiny 2 cents worth in "me" terms b/c I don't know what's useful for you - this is the bit I can speak to. My heart went out to you for eating crap that hurts you, and for asking for help with it. You'll feel way, way better FAST when you get back on schedule. OH - I loved the crack about the expensive toast. Man, I want to make a t-shirt!.

Chin up! Keep writing/talking/asking for help! Liz..

Comment #8

Oh! SO FUNNY! You are too too funny, Debbie. I love this so much. Okay, we can start a fundraiser at Cafe Press, maybe, with these genius lines..

"That's some expensive toast!".

"It's only lunchtime!".

My motto this week: "Fall down seven times, get up eight!".


Comment #9

Hey there. I've been there sooooooo many times (on other diets) and then spiraled into the Abyss. SOmething that's really helping me on Medifast is something I read in "The Secret is Out"............

!!!Don't give up what you want most for something you want IN THE MOMENT!.

That moment will pass quick enough. Also, you may want to go back and read some of the info in the book. In can help to motivate you!!.

Take care,..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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