Staying on Nutrisystem plan during weekends?

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I am starting on week four and honestly feel that I am getting way off track. The first week went great. I lost 5.5lbs and I felt totally motivated. Week 2 I did well but I went to Dallas for the weekend and messed up big time. The first night I ate at TGI Fridays and had a chicken salad with light dressing. The next day went to the a Pappadeaux Seafood resturant for lunch and totally blew it.

Long story short, when I weighed myself at the end of week 2 I had gained 4lbs in one weekend..

I spent week 3 trying to fix the damage and successfully lost the 4lbs but, to me the 4lbs meant nothing since I was simply trying to play catch up. Today is the start of week 4 and I found myself eating extra(instead of my usual 6 almonds for my fat I ate a handful and I had a cup of sugar free jello chocolate mouse). I know the extras don't seem like much but, obviously it can add up. I excercise 4-5 days a week and even went as far as working out 6 days last week.

I just need some encouragement because I feel I started off so good and I am backpedaling My main concern about being on NurtriSystem is that I am not conditioning myself on how to eat when I go out and weekends seem to be my worse enemy right know since I am on the weekends off plan...

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Your question was: Staying on Nutrisystem plan during weekends?.

@PamSB-What is the the Mindset Makeover and where can I get it. If was supposed to be in the first shipment I didn't get.

@Legessi125-A big thanks. I really needed some encouraging words...

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Newstart: You can access the Mindset Makeover under the MY ACCOUNT tab above..

Also, calling and talking to helpful Weightloss Counselor at 1-800-321-8446, Option 4, might help. They are there 24/7 and it is part of what we pay for. Use it!.

Best to you!..

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Newstart, you did good to post. It shows you really do want to be successful..

I would not of done well if I hadn't went at this 100%, meaning no restaurants till I was in the groove with portions and making the right choices. It is a lifestyle change and one you have to work at. It might mean a few missed social events, but this is more important..

There are reasons you started this program. I keep mine foremost in my mind. This is not a first rodeo, what makes it different is the proven by those who have went before us fact: we can retrain habits so the good ones become engrained. It's work and you have to do the work. I bet you can..

I don't know how much you have to lose but I'd say you were off to a great start. Not every week brings large drops. Sometimes you do it all right and you gain, but if you stay on plan, those lbs will drop. I am living proof.

Go at this exactly as written, ask for help on the food tips and from members for support, just as you did. Gauge progress over time, meaning look back in 3 months, 6 months. You will see how far you have come, no regrets. STOP THE CHEATS, friend...

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My recommendation: AVOID flexing and going out until you have run the basic program for a long time. Then, you will be more confident and better able to handle danger situations. but for now, STAY AWAY. And if that means giving up social occasions, it is only temporary...

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If you HAVE to go out, PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!..

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Some Flex Plan users, instead of flexing the WHOLE weekend, which I can bet be very daunting when you are first starting out...only flex one meal a day for the week.....

Maybe that will help you stay in control or like Poly said, learn the system as it is 100% til you got it, then maybe start slowly incorporating the flex routine. Good Luck!..

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The next step is up to you!!.

You can do it if you really want it!!!..

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First congrats for not giving up completely and coming to the boards is wonderful. Have you checked out the Restaurant Guides? Under "tips & recipes" are dining out guides..

I took my Mom out for Mothers Day during my 3rd week and I made a list of all the restaurants in the area and what I should eat. Also check out she has eating out tips.

Don't beat yourself over what is in the past, you came back here and your get a big hug and kudos for that!..

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@PamSB-What is the the Mindset Makeover and where can I get it. If was supposed to be in the first shipment I didn't get.

@Legessi125-A big thanks. I really needed some encouraging words...

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