Staying on Nutrisystem during social events?

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We are having a pre-fireworks dinner with my best friend, her husband and children tomorrow evening at a pizza place. They have all of the typical pizza place, calzones, salad, subs, Italian dinners, etc.....

I think I am going to eat everything else at home and just indulge in a big salad at dinner, BUT if I do choose to cheat, what would you eat?..

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Your question was: Staying on Nutrisystem during social events?.

I would have my dinner at lunch and then take a Lunch Bar (or Zone Perfect bar, if I didn't have a NutriSystem bar), my own dressing, make a humongous salad and use boiled eggs or some bacon bits as protein, and take my Dessert Bar. I'd munch all evening, drink lots of water, indulge in a Diet Soda, and have fun (enjoying the event and people while not having to worry at all about whether I was eating poorly)...

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If I didn't have my Nutrisystem dinner at home and ordered from a pizza place, I would order either one slice of whole wheat veggie pizza or a salad with grilled chicken or shrimp. I would plan ahead by checking the menu and nutritional value on line.

If you get a sub, only eat half the bread. No mayo, no oil or dressing.

If you get a salad, dressing on the side or bring your own.

I just looked at nutritional value of Papa Gino's menu. A slice of pepperoni pizza will have about 350 calories; 150 fat calories. A typical pasta dish is over 1000 calories. A turkey sub is 410 calories (but that includes mayo and all the bread.) The salads are all over 500 calories, but again, that includes dressing. Caesar dressing is almost 100% fat!..

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You would bring your own salad to the restaurant?? I draw the line there. I'd do basically the same thing as Pam except for that...

Comment #3

I read that as Pam assuming there will be a salad bar at the restaurant to make the gigantic salad, and bringing her own dressing...

Comment #4

I would have an acceptable salad, and take a Nutrisystem bar...

Comment #5

Maybe. Not a lot of pizza places here have salad bars. None that I know of, actually. But this IS Texas. Not exactly the land of the salads...

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If you get to make your own salad, then it's easy. Salad bar, your own dressing (or no dressing)..

No croutons, cheese, bacon, pasta salad, rice salad etc. Stick to veggies and protein...

Comment #7

Lol Beef bars? Most of the pizza places around here, that have sit-down dining, have salad bars. Must be a regional thing. Pam's in CA, I think...the gas stations there probably have salad bars.

If she really did mean bring your own salad, I agree, no way...

Comment #8

Prepare yourself to eat all night. A large salad w/your own dressing. Then, a Nutrisystem lunch bar with a diet soda. Then, a cup of decaf coffee. Then, a Nutrisystem dessert bar. Then, a stick of gum.

I wouldn't go for pizza or a hoagie or anything like that.

Good luck!.


Comment #9

Thank you, Deb. I much prefer looking at my adorable dogs though...

Comment #10

Sorry for the confusion...I wouldn't TAKE my own salad, but I always take my own dressing. I'm used to pizza places having salad bars, yes. If not a salad bar, I would order a salad, no croutons, no cheese, no dressing, extra veggies, and (if possible), grilled chicken as a protein..

I take a lot of things to restaurants, but never a salad.....

Comment #11

P.S. I've told this story before about a funny restaurant experience:.

I took a NutriSystem Roast Beef and Vegetables dinner box to a restaurant once, talked to the waitress before the rest of the party arrived and asked her if I gave that to her, would she microwave it for 1:30 and put it on a plate with a double order of steamed vegetables and serve it with the other dinners. She said she would (I've never had anyone turn me down), but to give it to her when she took the other orders. She took the orders, I ordered a side salad (no croutons, no cheese, no dressing) and quietly handed her the box. The gentleman next to me watched the whole thing, but didn't say a word. When she served the dinner and my plate was HUGE with the veggies and all, the man next to me got these really wide eyes and said "ALL of that was in that LITTLE box?"..

Comment #12

LOL That's funny Pam!.

I have taken the burger and the "just add water" meals to restaurants. Back many moons, it was "legal" to have 1/2 a small baked potato, so I would have that and a salad. Now it's veggies and a salad..

I really miss the cheese and melba toast. That was great for restaurant excursions...and yes, now I'm really showing my age. lol..

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What would I do? There is nothing at a pizza place I'd order except the salad. So I'd go with option A eat your Nutrisystem stuff at home and have a big ole salad at the pizza joint...

Comment #14

Wow. That is brave. I'd never ask them to nuke something for me! But at most restaurants, there are choices you can order from the menu that will work. Pizza places are a dangerous excursion for healthy eaters!..

Comment #15

I've never asked them to microwave a meal, but I've taken Nutrisystem meals to restaurants and ordered steamed veggies and a salad..


Comment #16

You guys are gutsier than I am! I'll find something on the menu, or special-order it to make it work for me. Although I have been known to get a veggie pizza without cheese. Or with very little..

And I'm FROM California - lived there nearly all my life - but not too many pizza places that I went to had salad bars. Weird. Then again, I didn't go OUT for pizza all that often. That's what delivery is for...

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I was over 100 pounds overweight. I knew that I had to do something or risk serious health consequences. I cannot go back at 61 years old and put that weight back on. Taking food to a restaurant is a small price to pay to stay thin. I don't do it always, I do order from the menu when possible, but some places just don't "fit" the healthy eating mode. So, I take my food if that is the only choice. Never thought of it as being "gutsy"...only think "I cannot go back to 100 pounds overweight."..

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