Staying on Nutrisystem and cooking for a family?

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I'm thinking seriously about Nutrisystem. But I'm married and have a 14 yo son and 11 yo stepdaughter. I cook dinner for them every night; family meals are a big priority in our family..

Seriously, for those of you cooking for a family ... how does this really work, in real life, for you? How does it feel to have to meal plan and shop and prepare and cook meals that you never eat?.

I know eventually I could be cooking meals we could all eat, but realistically I think in the beginning and for a while I would be eating Nutrisystem food and cooking other food for my family..

I'm also curious about how eating in restaurants really works for people on NS...

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Your question was: Staying on Nutrisystem and cooking for a family?.

I have two one-year-olds and a seven-year-old, and I do make meals for them that I don't eat. But it's a small price to pay to get the weight off and be healthier for them in the long run! There are a lot of fruit and vegetable add-ins on NS, and there's no reason that they can't eat what you make for yourself in that regard. I find that the kids are eating healthier snacks, etc., because I'm buying less of the junk to have in the house. Having lots of fruits and veggies in the house makes it easier for everyone to make healthy choices. As for eating out, I probably eat out about once a week or so, and you just have to make healthy choices. So plan ahead - choose restaurants that have good options.

And I typically adjust the rest of my food for the day to account for the meal out - for example, I may save an extra protein serving for dinner, same with my fat serving. Bottom line, if you take the time to plan, you can do this even with a family and your family will be happy to have you around longer when you achieve your healthy body! Good luck...

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The only thing you really have to cook differently is the entree. You can make them an entree and a carb. Everybody can and should have a salad and vegetables and then you have your Nutrisystem entree..

I found it an excellent way to get the entire family eating healthier...

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I second binky's observation. Like the others above, I cook a meal for the family that resembles the Nutrisystem entre I choose for the night. Then we all eat the same veggies and salad. My husband lost weight along with me, just by changing proportions to more veggies, less meat.

I just continued cooking meals, but substitute my Nutrisystem entre for the entre the rest of the family is having. But it is always in a similar catagory..

Congratulations on starting the plan! It works!..

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Don't know your family so I don't know if this will work for you but it does for me. When making something that is reheatable, make a double batchsuch as spaghetti sauce, lasagna, certain casseroles, chili or even burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Once your family has had their dinner, freeze the other portion for another meal. When you do this several times you will find that you have several meals ready to defrost and servespaghetti sauce just needs freshly cooked pasta, hamburgers and hot dogs, the fixings, etc. You can just add a big salad and/or veggies and be ready. Not only does this help you with your temptations, it also frees up some time to spend with your family outside of the kitchen! I don't worry about matching my entree to what else is served because that is not a big deal to mebut if that is important, there are lots of things that will work. With a little planning, you can do this and you will be so glad you did!..

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