Staying motivated during Nutrisystem?

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How do some of you keep motivated? I am going back to visit my parents next week and I want to stay on the program as strict as I can. But, I have a couple parties I was invited to this weekend. How do I stay motivated toward my goal? should I call the parties and say I am ill and not go? I dont think I should go because I will be drinking alcohol and that has effected my weight loss on the program. Im tired of the program working for me in the best way it can. Its all me and I need to stay on track.

How do you stay motivated??.


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Your question was: Staying motivated during Nutrisystem?.

Not sure where you are in your journey. I keep pretty busy and have had periodic gatherings and away from home all along. At first when I didn't have a lot to show for it (wk 1). I was just sooo determined to make it work this time, that I stuck to it through shear determination. Early on I didn't make it well known that I was on Nutrisystem and my immediate family doesn't keep me accountable (love me if I'm eating or not). However, the further my journey, the more weight off and now I tell everyone I'm on NS.

IT WILL WORK, it is worth the determination. Believe in yourself - you will admire the you that you encounter. And if you sway - don't let that be an excuse to go completely off plan. Pick yourself up, dust off (better yet exercise) and keep going..

Enjoy the new you..

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Thank you Trisha,.

Yes I will take my food with me on my vacation. they are supportive of me and I want to make sure that I dont take total advantage when I am out there. I will pull my book out tonight actually. I have it right next to my food in the pantry. LOL.

Thanks again!..

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Thank you Sandra,.

That is awesome motivational tips. It really helps me alot. this is my first month and my second month is getting shipped tomorrow. I have done the program before and I was successful but I need to get more in the swing of things like I was before. I have complained about these last 20 pounds for a loooong time now. Its time to take it off. I am 5 pounds lighter now and I will keep going!.

Thank you!!.


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Unless you know you can control yourself, I would skip the parties. I bet once you have several days of 100% down, that you will be capable of doing these engagements without straying or being tempted. But if you know you're likely to stray and go anyway?.

Oh...and your body is a temple and the first priority in life. Get that figure looking good!..

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I stay motivated because I would be wasting my time and money if I am spending $300 per month on Nutrisystem food and not following the program! I agree - it's a bad do you want it?.

I just met goal last week!!.

I have a memorial day barbeque this weekend. I will not feel any pressure to drink (Crystal Light is fine with me!) and I plan on eating the shrimp, scallops, a salad and veggies and maybe some chicken. Planning ahead is the key to success!.

Best wishes to you!.


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If you do go, eat a massive salad ahead of time. Eat more salad while there (bring some finger salad for the group!).

If you want a treat, have a bunch of diet soda at the party. (Some argue against it, but it is such a minor vice, way better than chickenwings or beer!)..

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If you go to the parties, (and I don't think it helps to totally avoid social events, you don't teach yourself how to live the rest of your life if you do that), skip the alcohol. That's just empty calories and will tend to make it easier to make poor food choices. Drink water or diet soda instead. No one has to know that you haven't added any alcohol to your glass.

Have a plan for when you go. If you can, find out what types of food will be at the party so you can decide ahead of time whether you can eat there or if you need to eat ahead of time, or if you need to bring a bar with you. Preplanning is the key here. If you have pysched yourself up with how you are going to handle the situation you are much more likely to stay on track and to be able to look back afterwards and feel proud of what you did...

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I just look at old photos of myself and think of how good it will feel when I finally reach that super sexy state again...

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Sorry, I just realized I only answered half your post last night... must have been too tired.

How do I stay motivated? I started Nutrisystem in Jan of '09. I read everything I could and lurked on the discussion boards. I found so much information and motivational stories and how to "tricks" that it made the Nutrisystem journey easier and more exciting to me. I slowly became more vocal on the boards myself and the more I "talked" with others, the more support I received and gave the more committed to the program I became.

And I discovered the Before and After Pictures thread. Whenever I'm a little discouraged or stressed or just need a general "pick me up" I spend some time going through some of the many posts and looking at how Nutrisystem has changed the lives of ordinary people just like me. I know that if they can do it, so can I..

Another thing that helps me to stay on track is getting involved with a challenge group. There are many different kinds here on the discussions boards. Look around and find one that interests you and fits with your schedule and needs... there are weight loss challenges, exercise challenges, support group challenges etc. Some are more structured than others, so be sure to read the introduction to the challenge to make sure it's open and to know what the requirements will be.

Take some before pictures, take your before measurements and then keep track of the changes with the pictures and these numbers. The scale doesn't always move... but these will provide you with another measure of success. And watching the inches melt off can be just as motivating (or for me) even more motivating than watching the scale move down..

I had about 5 sizes of clothing packed into my closet and I would take out something I really loved in the size below what I was currently wearing and hang it up in the bathroom where I would see it every morning. Every week to 2 weeks I'd try it on. When it would fit I'd do a closet cleaning... taking out all the clothes that were too big and seeing which ones now fit so I could start wearing them and choosing my next item to hang in the bathroom. I also had a 2 piece swim suit I'd bought probably 10 to 15 years ago and never worn (didn't get back down to that size) which I kept hanging up. I'd try that on every month or so and finally I could start getting into it...

I actually took it to Cancun in Feb. for my vacation on wore it (at least 1 time). I've still more to loose before I'm really comfortable in a two piece suit but even back in February I was so much improved than the year before that it was possible for me to wear that, and shorts, and tank tops... Looking at the pictures from the 2 years also continues to motivate me.

I'm not at goal yet, but I keep working at it and will be there in due time.

NS rocks. Believe in the program, follow it, and the weight does come off...

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Thank you for your inspirational words. they help me so much. whenever I feel down and out of sync withe the program, I look over what you have done and how much you believe in the program.

Thank you for your help and kind words. You are truly a leader in life...

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Ditto! When I was losing and spending the 300 bucks a month on food, I was determined to get 100% of my money's worth! Plus, the results are more than worth it! You can do it, just set your mind to it. And when you come home victorious, you will feel even stronger!..

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It is definitely a mindset. You have to want it badly enough to see yourself as #1 and plan accordingly. You can't avoid some social events but you can manage it through planning. I haven't had a glass of wine in two months. When I think of wine when dining out reasonably, I simply ask myself if the glass of wine is worth the empty calories. The same applies to the tempting entrees! Are the few minutes of pleasure worth the time it takes to get rid of the results? Pleasure is possible through wise planning and wise choices...

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