Medifast recipe for Stawberry Shake?

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This is my 2nd day and I'm working on trying different Medifast foods. So I LOVED the dutch chocolate shake, minestrone soup, and oatmeal rasin bar (only had one, no worries, lol). And both the maple and brown sugar and apple cinnamon oatmeals were GREAT. But I'm not sure what to do with the cream of chicken. And I'm trying to force myself to finish this awful strawberry creme shake as we speak...yuck. Any suggestions?..

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I feel that way about the orange shakes too. Today I mixed it in a pudding with 8 oz. of water and made a double pudding that way. I divided it into two meals which I ate today. It was pretty good, not something I'd buy again, but I didn't dislike it either. Are there any combos you can think of that you might like? Maybe a Medifast fruit punch or cranberry mango drink mixed with the shake and divided to make two meals?.

You may find your taste buds change over time. Originally I thought the broccoli soup was disgusting, but now I find myself reaching for it, since I get tired of sweet choices and I'm running low on choices just now. I really don't like the minestrone soup and had to really fix it up with Italian seasoning and ground beef and Medifast Fast Soup in order to eat it. WE are all different...

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I mix all the fruit flavored shakes with 8 oz of diet Sprite instead of water. My vanilla gets mixed with a can of diet cream soda. Dutch chocolate gets 8 oz of decaf coffee. With these modifications, I look forward to my shakes now..

Experiment and you will find a combination that works for you too...

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I mix my strawberry shake with a can of either black cherry or red resberry diet rite soda.Mix in the blender with a bunch of ice, and it is great. I add dried minced onion and parmesan cheese to the cream of chicken soup to kick it up a little.I think after you experiment with seasonings and such to adjust to your taste, the food will taste better to you. and oh my goodness - you are the first person I have seen you LIKED the minestrone!..

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Thanks so much for the advice...gonna try a cherry coke zero next time..

So funny about the minestrone soup!! But hey I guess we're all different..

Any advice for the chilli. Not really a fan...

Comment #4

I love the orange and the strawberry shakes, but I make them the night before and let them chill overnight. Helps get rid of that nasty powdery taste. Then I put them in the freezer long enough for them to get a little slushy and whirl the heck out of them in the magic bullet. They almost taste like a real shake!!!!..

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I like to cut my chicken breast up in small pieces and while I have it browning it in a skillet, I mix my cream of chicken soup with 4 ounces of fat free chicken broth and 4 ounces of plain water. I shake it togehter real good and pour it over the browned chicken. I let it come to a boil and thicken a little but not a lot because it gets some type of a wierd film or skim over the top that makes balls in the soup if you let it cook too long. It really has a great flavor and it is VERY quick!..

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I make all my shakes in the blender with 8 oz water and lots of ice. Whips them up nice and frosty. They taste really good that way...

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Question: When you mix the shakes with soda (pop) do you have problems with the "fizz"? I guess I'm just thinking that when you shake a bottle of soda, it sure fizzes up...

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I do my best to stay away from carbonation (in fact, the only time I drink anything carbonated is when I add 2 oz of diet tonic water to my rasberry tea if I have leg cramps).

So I add tropicana sugar free fruit punch and a little Capellas coconut to my strawberry shakes add some ice and you can pretend it's a strawberry colada. For the orange shake, I do the same except add the tropicana sugar free orangeade. Vanilla shakes, I add the tropicana sugar free cherry lime-ade, or in my opinion the vanilla shakes are best hot with some SF cinnamon almost a Starbucks Steamer..

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I LOVE the orange shakes just the way they are so I order them every month. Haven't ordered strawberry since I didn't like them when they were in the variety pack, HOWEVER... someone on here mentioned that the strawberry shake is really good when mixed with the chocolate shake. Sounded really good to me, so I ordered a box of strawberry in my last order (supposed to get here today)...

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Farrell, will you please let us know what you think of the choc/straw shake combo? I tried the vanilla for the first time today (today's my first Medifast day!), and I am underwhelmed. I even tried some rasperry syrup, ice and's in the freezer right now and I'm going to pretend it's ice cream in a minute here...I think I'm dreading it....


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I always mix my shakes in two's strawberry/banana, banana/chocolate, and chocolate/strawberry. Then add a couple cappella drops in either chocolate, rasberry or banana depending on which I make. I splt them into two shakers and put them in the fridge for at least an hour. I find fridging them in advance helps the thickness. This way two meals are made and they taste so much better...

Comment #12

I want to second Muzaree's question. I read about using diet pepsi in another post a few days ago so I tried it this morning and it fizzed up out the glass before I could even stir it. Lost the entire packet of chocolate shake all over the counter ...

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I mix the Crystal Light individual packets in whatever drink doesn't have an appealing taste to me. It's strong enough that it pretty much masks the taste. That's good because I got a box of the Rasberry Tea and oh my, is that awful..

For the chili, I add extra water, chili powder (a LOTlike almost a tablespoon), and a bouillon cube. I also let it either stand for a couple hours before I heat it or I heat it, let it cool a bit (15-20 min), and then heat it again..


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When adding pop to your shakes....

What I do is add exactly 8 oz of diet soda into the large cup of my Magic Bullet. I add the shake powder and then I blend..

When I unscrew the blade part, the fizz comes up to right under the rim of the cup with no spillage..

Anything more than 8 oz and my counter ends up having part of my meal...

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HI!... today I had my first banana shake....

1 banana shake.

1/4 teaspoon banana extract.

1/4 teaspoon butter extract.

6 0z water.

8 ice cubes.

MAN IT WAS GREAT!!... I bought lots of extracts this weekend... the flavored syrups are too sweet for me in the drinks... ill save them for cookies n muffins!.....

Comment #16

I mix shakes as well, choc with van..and van with the orange is great...

Sometimes at work I just can not reach for a shake at that 3 hour level... so I drink two packets....

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I made the best shake this weekend ... 1/2 choco pudding 1/2 dutch choco shake.. 1 tsp peanut butter (count as snack) little water, ice.. magic bullet it.. YUM-O it is so thick and creamy I couldn't believe it!..

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Wow nan.. I love pb and cho.. i'm gonna try that one!..

Comment #19

Let me know what you think.. it was soooo good, I think the pb really made it creamy..

Comment #20

After reading all the post I did mix my last packet of that nasty strawberry together with dutch chocolate and really liked it. Wish I would haave know about this a month ago!..

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